Curious to see how many here have done it and if they found it worth it or not.
Pua? Coding? Military? Gay conversion?
Not worth it. Read some books and do stuff yourself
(Yesterday, 04:22 AM)Wintermute Wrote: Pua? Coding? Military? Gay conversion?

Shit my fault lol, I meant for cold approach
(Yesterday, 02:48 AM)runningwater Wrote: Curious to see how many here have done it and if they found it worth it or not.

I did one on Parris Island, and it sucked.  They just made me march and do a lot of push ups.  But I lost weight.

I tried a weekend one in L.A., with a tall instructor in a top hat who wore eyeliner.  But he didn't look like he could do many push ups.
If you don't have friends to show you, and you really can't muster the courage to do initial approaches, or you need somebody to correct your shitty technique, then coaching might be worth it.
A guy I worked with paid £1000 to do one. From how he described it he basically just got given some reading materials in advance, a couple of group pep talks, and then went on a few nights out with a "game guru" and some other boot camp attendees.

I never saw the point. He could have learnt just as much game theory reading threads places like here or RVF. And he would improved his actual practical game just as much by just going out with friends and talking to girls in bars.

Spending that wedge of cash on a week long holiday to a party destination and gaming there every night would have been a far better (and more fun) use of it for rapid game improvement.
It's one of those things you just learn by doing
I met up with a friend once when I was in Las Vegas and he was in one of the boot camps so I tagged along. The "leader" took a bunch of guys to some nightclub and had them approach women. Most of the guys did not seem cut out for it -- I think I did more approaches and I wasn't even trying.

I don't think it's worth the money. Just get a friend to be a good wingman, or join some low-pressure activity where you'll be around women socially and get used to it (join a leisure sports team or something).

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