Where would you settle in the US if you could pick anywhere?
Assuming money wasn't an issue. 

I think for me it would have to be Santa Barbara, CA. 

Spring weather year round

Mountains and hills surrounding

Not crowded / traffic problems


Small town feel but still has everything I need

College town

Some tourists

Think the only thing I might be lacking is nightlife, especially in the way of Latin venues. 

Miami, FL could be an option, but man that heat and humidity is brutal.
(10-17-2017, 10:12 AM)262 Wrote: If someone held a gun to my head and forced me to live in the US, I'd then have to decide if I wanted to be a bachelor or settle down.

For the bachelor route, I've heard New York City and Miami are where it's at, perhaps more the latter if you habla espanol.

For the ball and chain route ...

Successfully doing that is already a magnitude harder than being a bachelor, even in relative "pussy paradises" like Ukraine. So in the West, I'd say it's two magnitudes harder than being a bachelor.

A niche is your best hope. Throwing out some ideas: becoming Mormon, moving to the American Redoubt (might be few if any chicks there though), or learning something like Russian or Chinese and hanging out with them in NYC or LA (though then you'd be better off moving to Russia or China, save for maybe the money).
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Santa Barbara is a great choice Dash. I would also put Nashville, TN. No state tax, reasonable cost of living, rolling hills, close to the mountains, one of the nicest tier two cosmopolitan cities, near a number of universities, a surprising number of good looking women. All in all, it is a good value.
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I like both Santa Barbara and Nashville. Santa Barbara is really family oriented, but the climate and wine is amazing. Nashville has awesome energy and night life.

Miami is obvious if you like the Latinas.

New York has every ethnicity under the sun if you like diversity. But plan to live in a closet.

Minneapolis is a super hip city if you can stand the cold.
I'd move to Las Vegas.

All the stuff to do on the Strip, though I don't particularly like nightlife. Lots of nature nearby (Red Rock, Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire). The Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon aren't very far either. Not much traffic, lax gun laws, and it doesn't get below freezing.

Los Angeles is also fairly close for a long weekend, but I don't want to live in California.

I love it out west.
Not long-term but at least for a while:


Trips to Miami, Cali, Hawaii, maybe Texas when it gets cold

Ball-out one weekend in Vegas or something

Juan day

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