6 months I Colombia- ittinerary!?
I`m going to Colombia in January. I figure I will stay for 6 months, learning proper spanish, Salsa dancing and GAMING!!
I figure I will aim for 3 days a week minimum 3 hours daygame, 3 days a week 3 hours+ nightgame, and dating from whatever I can find online and on Tinder.
I like beaches and Sea, so would like to stay by the caribbean coast mostly. I figure I will start with 2-3 weeks in Barranquilla during the carneval, then maybe 1-2 months in Santa Marta and Taganga hitting on locals and tourists. Then 1-2 months in Cartagena , hitting on locals and tourists , then rest of the time perhaps Medellin and the mountains.

I`m not sure about this ittinerary though. I have been to all these places before, but without gaming. 
Any suggestions for alternatives to maximize my gaming results ? Is airbnb best way to live ?
6 Months in Colombia. Fuck that will be an epic trip.

Here is what I would do. I know you said you want to stay by the sea mostly but I would advise against that. I just couldn't imagine staying that long in Cartagena and Santa Marta as it is super touristy and has the ugliest women. Barranquilla has a not so pleasant beach but much better female situation. So no good option fully on the Caribbean coast.

Cartagena - 2 weeks
Santa Marta - 2 weeks
Barranquilla - 1 month
Bogota - 1 month
Medellin - 1 month
Cali - 1 month

This leaves you with 4 free weeks to go off the beaten trail. Some places like Bucaramanga, Pieriera (sp?), Manizales etc

I would forget focusing on tourists. You are in Colombia for Christs sake. You need to focus on locals, Spanish, language and dance.

If a hot Scandi girl manages to fall into your lap then great.

Yes airbnb is always option A.

Try to arrange either before arriving to each city or right when you land to take 2-4 hours each day of spanish and salsa classes. Or atleast 3 days a week.

To maximize gaming try to go out almost every night. I like to aim for a ratio of 3 dates a week and 2 nights solo.

I think this itinerary will give you the best overall Colombia exposure to different regions and types of girls.

Rolas and Costenas for example are quite different.

Have fun. Be safe.

Make a trip report thread of your adventures. Would be very entertaining and informative.
Yeah I wouldnt recommend santa marta for than a week. I would recommend checking out parque tayrona though. it's pretty awesome. I just think there are a lot of much better spots to stay for stays that long.
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Doolittle I wouldn't be so strict with your itinerary. Colombia is not a place for rigidity. It is cheap and easy to find flights/buses, and you can always find a nice AirBnb. Once you're in-country for a while, you'll find out how things go. If you bounce around too much, you will lose the advantages you have of creating a solid network.

If you're a beach guy, you'll probably have to get away from larger cities. Your gamesmanship will drop. Carnaval in Barranquilla is will be wild, but just be SURE to have no valuables on you. They will be gone.

After testing Baranquilla, I would recommend heading to Medellin for your language classes. I find it the perfect blend of climate, safety, friendliness, and gaming. Meet some expat dudes and get networking in every way you can. This will bring you far more action, especially if you're still building your confidence. DO NOT self-isolate. Give it at least a month there. It takes a while to get settled in and develop routines. These are crucial to game and life success.

If you like darker meat (as I do) go to Cali. It is much grittier, and a totally different scene that Medellin. But there are stunning negritas that pull pretty easy.

If you like cafe, bohemian type style, go to Bogota. You will find more refined and cultured girls (in their opinions).  It's also cold and wet and miserable, but some enjoy that.

You're gonna love Colombia.
If you go for gaming, base your time on size of the cities.

Bogota is the best city for gaming, because it has 8 million inhabitants from allover Colombia. Also the girls are very liberal and a bit easier than Medellin. 

1,5 months Bogota - spnning different plates
3 days Salento
3 weeks cali
3 Days Buenaventura - parque uramba
2 days pereira
3 days manizales
1 month Medellin
2 weeks Cartagena
2 days barranquilla
10 Days Santa Marta
10 Days Bucaramanga

Go also to
cerros de mavecure

Spend the rest of your time in the city you liked the most

good luck...

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