2 weeks in Europe?!
What up brothers!

Hope you guys have been well.

I'm headed to Europe for two weeks in November but I'm getting a headache trying to figure out how to best use my time while I'm there.

I'm landing in London and leaving from Dublin. I'll be spending 3 days in Barcelona. Other than that I have nothing else on the agenda. Which countries do you guys recommend checking out for 3-4 days in between?

I'm thinking about checking out Amsterdam or Sweden. Maybe Paris but I keep hearing that shit is getting out of hand there.

In a nutshell, I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to have the best odds of hooking up in a 3 day/night period.

If you guys can help me figure this out I'd greatly appreciate it!

Take care fellas
Maybe stop in Poland. You could do Berlin, German and Poznan, Poland (they are close to eachtoher). The best place for getting easy hookups isnt in the area where you will be (its scandinavia and thats a bit out of your way). But barcelona is good for just a lot of people from a lot of countries. The areas you will be between spain and england are better for tourism than girls.
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What do you want to know about Barcelona? I was there and was not too successful but admittedly didn't put the work in I should have. Some observations:
1. English level was not the best from the locals so get your Spanish level up. Make sure to spend time speaking and make sure your accent is not too strong (I had trouble getting people to understand me but could fairly easily understand most of them)
2. The beach is a good spot if you're looking for tourist chicks
3. Hang out in Fondo or the Born area if you want to avoid tourist and go for locals. The born area had it's share of tourists though.
4. You're there for 2 days so probably get the 48 hour metro pass
5. Walk around and get lost a lot. The city isn't huge but there are tons of areas tourists don't usually go
6. The IOIs were more subtle and it took me a few days to notice, but once you pick up on the cue's it's obvious who wants you to open. The hard parts are communicating and being willing to jump in (I fucked up my foot towards the end of my trip and didn't care about approaching around the time I started noticing IOIs)

If you need I can recommend a hostel and a hotel. The hostel has outings but each night I got back after everyone had gone out which was a bummer.

Most guys I talked to weren't bullish on Barcelona for just getting laid.
you also wanna consider the time your going. if I was gonna focus on beachgame in Barcelona id go in septemeber, don't know if girls will be in bikini's near nov. you could join rsd inner circle Barcelona and ask guys who are there right now.

barceletta is the best area with beach and clubs but not cheap to book on air bnb.

if you wanna get laid in 3-4days I recommend focus on on nightgame for same night pulls. or do day and night, but def night if you wanna get laid in 3-4days. as even advanced guys might not get laid in 3-4days from daygame.

oct Is good time as the girls will be back at university. so berlin might be a good option as it has a HUGE nightlife scene.

Stockholms nightlife is limited. the best biggest club is café opera. most of the others are small and shit. stockholms great for daygame but I only went in the summer so maybe not this time of year.

you could look around what cities are near Barcelona as you could visit one near if your on a budget via bus/train.

e.g Seville, Grenada, Malaga are all next to each other.

heard Amsterdam has great nightlife.
if your from uk, you could go to berlin then get a bus to Amsterdam. again depends on your budget.

also depends if your a daygamer or nightgamer. as if your a daygamer id look for cities for good malls and bring an umbrella. as europes weather is a bit shitty this time of year.

if you want it warm tenerife might be an option as its about 23-25 degrees most days.

also malta is 21 degrees has 10 strip clubs, local girls, not many tourists.
2 weeks is not a lot.

I would visit Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam.
Have you been to Europe before?

Is this a sight seeing trip or a party / smash trip?

If it was a smash trip id do something like this

London - 3 nights

Poland - 3 nights

Lithuania - 3 nights

Finland - 3 nights

Dublin - 1 night

2 weeks there.
IMO Amsterdam is the best city in the world. Has the hottest girls I've seen- better than EE, which most guys here would probably disagree with. Unfortunately it's not easy to get laid there. It's doable but 3 days isn't much time to hook up there. Better off visiting Helsinki or Oslo for easy/hot girls (easy if you have balls). Poland is a good option if you're on more of a budget.
Isnt Amsterdam a liberal party city?

Why would it be difficult?
Yeah it is. Perhaps it's not too difficult, I just got the impression that most people go out with large groups of friends. Social circle game helps a lot, but it's very easy to make friends with Dutch people. I'm sure day game would work great, but I didn't try any. To be fair I was too fucked up most of the time to function properly. I'm planning to go back in the Spring time for at least a month and not to get as fucked up as this last time.
I didnt find Amsterdam easy either. It seems like the locals are hot, but I was in such a tourist area that it was hard to know when I was seeing a local and when I was seeing a tourist.
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From everything you described here, my pick on your place would be Amsterdam.

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