Barcelona Advice
I'm flying to Barcelona next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I have roughly a week and was planning on going to Zaragoza for a couple of days. I'll be going solo so I'm mainly interested in:

1. Any good bars for singles (I'm not big on clubs)
2. Any good restaurants (especially ones that are single friendly - by that I mean people eat alone )
3. Good places to go (a couple of coworkers have spoken pretty highly of the markets)
4. Any tips on not looking like a typical tourist. From what I understand days will still be pretty warm and nights will be a little cooler so I was probably going to bring some light sweaters for night time, comfortable shoes for walking during the day and some boots like chukkas for nights then jeans and maybe some chinos
5. Any advice on where to stay 
6. Places to go outside of the normal walking tours

Thanks in advance
ok then
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