USD alternatives?
Dollar has been weak lately. Worried that the upcoming election will lead to more chaos and economic problems. Is it possible that keeping savings in euros would be a better option short term? any other ideas?
I wouldn't keep Euros if I were you. The Euro might perform a bit better, but when new lockdowns will be announced and if there might be an escalation in Belarus for instance, I am sure that the Euro market will take a hit.
CHF might be better if you are looking for FIAT currencies only.
Hmm... CAD, AUD, gold?

Perhaps the dollar is at its low and the November election risk is priced in already.
(08-18-2020, 02:33 PM)Blake2 Wrote: Hmm... CAD, AUD, gold?

Gold just reached ATH, so I would wait a bit. There was lastly some FOMO about it. I was close to by it, but decided to wait it out for a while, same goes for silver. Bitcoin on the other hand may be high now, but you should DCA nonetheless.
There isn't one currency that's going to be better of necessarily. Best thing is to stay liquid so you can move your capital quickly.
If you're worried about USD shitting the fan, then nothing else will save you....not gold, bitcoin, or pussy.
dollar is not weak. it spiked then came back down a little. USD is king and basically every other currency including the Euro is monopoly money guy. I am not even joking when I write this it's a fact. USD is the global reserve currency. If you think Chinese toilet paper will replace it put your money there and watch it disappear.

/// not an angry rant just trying to get the point across Heart
"it spiked then came back down a little."

Yes, came to the same conclusion. Appears to be stable for now.
BUY BITCOIN. Come on man. SMH. No but seriously.
I am thinking of placing usd bets into either ars, cop or brl, all three currencies move right against the usd/eur pair. However that thought isn't on playing las vegas but rather place money into that currency, gain interest and use it as i life half a year in Latin lands anyway. Of course ars is about the last currency of the 3
I am thinking cop if it hits over 4200 I will buy long-term, same if brl hits 6 and ars, God knows when.

Use the local currency to buy real estate, farmland, build Airbnb
USD will eventually shit the fan, due to decades upon decades of insane monetary policy that has made recovery a daydream impossibility.

The above posters are right, for now. The USD will likely decline (not completely) in 2021 according to our discussions. Around a 25-45% drop due to the insane idiocy in the last 6 months.

The Yuan will not supercede the USD in 2020 or likely even the early 2030s because it simply isn't a viable alternative. There really isn't any viable alternatives.

If the USD crashes, everything will crash. Some foreign currencies have been very stable, some are monopoly money.

Eventually within most of our lifetimes however, there WILL be a successor to the USD as world reserve. That has been all but guaranteed now that the US has used SWIFT for political influence.

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