People who earn a big salary (over $150k), what do you do?
I'm sorry for posting here but I wanted to say something about my income, I'm working as a programmer and I can say that sometimes this job is kind of sometimes complicated so you need to be careful in order to work
(09-09-2020, 01:53 PM)MGFSU Wrote: Agree that "working smart" is a huge part of it. Work smart. Obsess over making something happen. Leverage your time where you can.

I have seen so many people fail, or successes come crashing down, because of consistent poor decision making.

Often, "working smart" means understanding and accepting that you aren't skilled in certain areas, and finding other people to help. I've seen ego destroy/hinder people more than anything else. People think they can do it all themselves.

The bad decision making is usually not thinking long term and investing $ back into the business.  That falls in line with what you said about outsourcing.  You don't need to be super intelligent, you need to be willing to hire those people to accomplish your goal.  Most people I know with failed businesses failed to invest money into imrpoving their business and hiring the help they needed.  They tried to skimp by doing everything themselves when they weren't qualified to do so.  At that point you just have a job without a boss.

All the people who I know with successful businesses invested their profits back into equipment, hiring expert labor, buying thing that improve the business/service/efficiency.  People with failed businesses used that $ to buy houses/cars/boats/etc
I make right around $150k year without investment income. Here is the main secret: go with mechanic strategy.

Most people don't know shit about cars, me included. When you go to a mechanic, you pay the price but have no idea what was done or, more importantly, how long it took.

I charge for certain products, but no one knows how little time I spend on each product because my product is so unique. I make $300 per order and I spend 30 minutes. I can do this because of the mechanic strategy. No one knows that I spend 30 minutes.

The next part is finding something unique. Become an expert in something, but stay the hell away from programming, SEO, all that bullshit. It's a race to the bottom. Even those making good salaries have to grind and often have large teams. I'm a team of one with only part-time help and very low expenses.

Finally, you must love what you do. I feel like I just kind of make $150k per year without doing much. But, I have. I wrote a book, do YouTube, write blog posts, get deals with partners, affiliarte prgrams, etc. but it doesn't feel that way because I mostly enjoy it.

The mechanic strategy is key. My hourly rate is $600 which allows me to work only about 2 hours per day.
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