How far out of step are Swoopers with the rest of society?
(05-20-2020, 07:22 PM)Dali Wrote: On the other hand, if you plan to eventually return to the US/W.EU to do the family/community thing, you will have to take a significant hit to your lifestyle if you've become accustomed to living on ~$3k/mth. And there's little worse than going from being wealthy to being poor/middle-class, even if your actual income stays the same.

I'm not totally sure how to balance the two. Perhaps it would probably involve building a location-independent income that exceeds $5k/mth, at least. At that salary, you can live pretty well in most parts of the US except for NYC/LA, and if you save up over a multi-year period living abroad, you'd have even more of a nest egg.

Well if you live in a cheaper country for 10-20 years on a 1.5-3k€ salary, you will certainly be able to make lower or higher investments from your savings depending on how risky you are and how much of a baller life you live. Anyone not completely retarded should be at least able to get some real estate that gives you an additional 300-600€ income monthly afterwards PLUS a property you own. A thing that people in the west spend equal or in most cases even more time with just to live in. If you invest your money wisely, you might even have 2 properties or additional investment incomes. Means IF you decide to return to the west, you have savings, back-up possessions plus you don't have to save as much as before anymore and will have more of your income. Anyone with some life intelligence can do that. Also depending on your job you can also up your salary with a remote job.

It's also in no way guaranteed in the west to be at 5k after 15 years of hustling, just with the difference that you have been hustling instead of living for 15 years, while the nomad lives in a warm place with nice people with mostly better food, has a higher SMV generally and bangs more and hotter chics with less effort. You always have risks in life.

Considering the topic in general: Whilst surely naive backpackers don't live our lifestyle and bang mostly backpacker chics if at all, don't forget life-smart dudes from Southern Europe, like Spanish, Italians and Balkans. Those guys are extremely thirsty for sex and whilst they might not have the skills or mental capability to systmatically fuck chics, they have Tinder and often enough the looks to get good talent. Otherwise literally all the chics abroad would be for us and local providers exclusively. But Simone and Nacho will most likely not settle for a cool party only, when they spend their shitty and low-paid jobs as Spanish/Italian teacher in Shanghai. Those guys unconsciously travel for pussy and I'm sure they are numberous. If you meet sluts and talk about guys with them, almost any of them had something with a Spanish/Italian beta who was good-looking. I am leading a friendship right now with an extremely fun, but also very slutty chic who worked on a cruise ship for a year. She showed me some pics of her dudes and told me what she did with them. From boring dinner invites from sports teachers to 'sports ticket presents' from officials, it was all included. But certainly most of them had in common, that they were from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, etc.

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