Do "hostel lite" like I've done: bar crawls. Some hostels organize them, and even if not, they often target that demographic. Everyone is social since you're in a group with a host whose job it is to make everyone have a good time, so it's easy to make friends. It'll skew younger, but you'll often find a few cool older people too. I like them as then I alternate between talking to the younger and older people in the group.

Reminds me of one I did in Montreal a couple years ago. It was full of under-21 Americans since the drinking age in Canada is lower (18 or 19?) and they were getting drunk for the first time. Sometimes they were fun, sometimes annoying, but then there were a couple people in their 30s and 40s along so we'd hang out when the younger ones started acting too idiotic. 

I usually end up drinking too much and my game gets sloppy towards the end, but I have a good time and that's my main goal. Someone who goes there with focus of getting laid and stays somewhat sober should be able to pull it off fairly easily.

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