Need some help quick - double date problem
So I set up a date with this hot chick on Tinder tonight and she asked me if she could bring her friend with her (because apparently she and her friend were about to go to Miami but since Trump banned all flights from Europe, this friend stays with her) and I said "yes".

Because before I've managed to pull it going there alone and getting it with both of the girls. But now she asked if I had found a friend yet to come with me?

I've been on those kinds of double dates before and that never goes well. The only guy I could bring me with is this 19-year-old kid who I like but he doesn't have much experience.

So should I just cancel it? Tell her I have a friend and later tell her that he flaked and wanted to go to a birthday party instead, or what?

What could be a good excuse now for just going there alone?
Say you'll bring another guy with you but turn up alone.
Say the other guy bailed at the last minute cause he got a sore throat.
Flirt with both girls, and go home with the one that gives you more IOIs.
If you can't split them apart, take them both back to your place for drinks and plan for a thressome.
Okay, fuck it. I will do it even though I feel a bit scared of trying this that they'll become annoyed that I didn't bring the other guy. But on the other hand, I will probably regret sometime later in life that I didn't try more chances like this.

Yeah use this media fear to your advantage. Just say your buddy freaked out and is staying inside because he thinks he has the coronavirus lol.
Report back. I want to hear how it went
Fuck. I had the worst night out of my entire life...

Before all this mess I went on a date with a really hot girl early on at the night and I could tell that she wanted to sleep with me. But I finished the date after about two hours because it became time to meet up with these other girls. Good thing is that I will see her next week.

But I had already told buddy about this before I wrote all this and at night he begged me to come, he really wanted to come so I couldn't really say no. So he came a bit later when i had already met up with the girls when I could already see both girls being pretty into me. But then he came and my sat with one of the chicks. They mentioned how they had travelled together and didn't like swiss guys (for example) because the gender dynamics where too defined for them or some shit (basically men being and women being women, they didn't like that and said how swiss people think women are sluts for sleeping around while men are stude - red flag, right). But it didn't go well for my buddy and his girl. When we changed venue and bar they suddenly flaked and disapperead from nowhere, super rude. They just sneaked out and left.

I've seen a lot in dating before so I wasn't that surprised even though my 19-year-old buddy was.
So after that, we went to a night club and I got pretty drunk and had to drink lots of water and relax for about two hours before I recovered to my proper self again. I said farewell to my buddy who went home and I decided to go to this other fancy club in the city. When I was there, I stood at the bar and this chick came up to me and started flirting. She was ugly and pretty repulsive so I did this face like "Nah". And what happened then is that she threw the drink at my face and screamed something at me. Again, super rude.

I got pretty shocked getting a cold drink thrown at my face and it was a biy humiliating. Then I asked the bartender, who saw everything, but he said he couldn't do anything (but I bet you a million dollars that if I was the chick and she was the guy that she would have been thrown out). I tried to tell her off but there were multiple guys, hipster guys with faggy long hair, that protected her and she kept on dancing in a narcissistic way. It annoyed me.

So I went and sat down at the chair and talked with two girls that approached me and said they recognized me from Tinder and got two numbers but that was it but they weren't super attractive. But I guess its a good thing if girls that I have never even matched with recognize me from Tinder...

That was it. But I feel I'm getting too old for night clubs now. Every time I've been out for the last 4 years, the ratios have been like 80-20 percent men, so why even bother playing that game? Night clubs suck balls.
(03-14-2020, 04:50 AM)No More Mr. Soy Boy Wrote: Fuck. I had the worst night out of my entire life...

Sorry that happened. 

You're playing scared though. You had a woman initially.  Just keep the first girl next time, switch locations, and try to spring her home. Do not wait til next week, offer a dinner date at your place on Sunday (she'll balk at tomorrow). 

I am absolutely fine with talking to two girls at once, but in the West it just seems like a recipe for failure if that's a planned thing without a solid wing.
A few observations - apologies because your narrative was a bit confusing

1. A lot of us have worst nights ever that are a lot worse than that. Relax.
2. Consider whether you need to lead interactions more rather than doing what the woman suggests. Have a plan, tell her what the two of you are going to do, and then do it. Lets meet for a drink or two, and then I want to get your opinion on how I decorated my apartment.
3. Its good to have multiple irons in the fire but you have to focus on one at a time. Sounds like you cut one short to attempt a second. Instead, always be isolating and escalating. Push the interaction until you get a no. Then freeze out and attempt again. If you cut the interaction short to attempt a second one, you are just spinning your wheels on both
You gotta ask for advice before you reply and want us to clean up the mess.

Next time, don't accept her bringing a friend. The chick is either trying to get a second opinion and is thus putting you through her hoops, she just wants free drinks or she has some hangup about safety. Either way, it's not worth it. Tell her "you and your friend have a good time. Let me know when you actually want to go on a date."

Sucks that your buddy further fucked up your situation, but don't trip about the other chick throwing a drink. It means you're having an emotional impact on the women. Having a woman react emotionally in a bad way is still better than her being indifferent.

You cant have a great night every time. No big deal.
Thanks for the replies guys, some really good advice there. I appreciate it.

And it was the last time for sure that I went on a double date. But it felt pretty good in a way that my younger buddy was happy that I brought him, he said learned a lot from how I handled things there and I know that I would have loved to have an older "mentor" (or whatnot) when I started dating.

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