Any issues with COVID-19 gym closures
Have any members had issues with their gym closing because of COVID-19 concerns? I know a lot of schools are closing, Disneyland is closed, most sports events are being cancelled, but my local gym remains open and lots of people are still working out there.
The biggest gym chain in my country closed yesterday for two weeks so I supposed they'll close the one I go to soon too (the 2nd biggest).

But it's a good time for everyone to get more cardio training or try an outdoor gym instead.
My apartment gym in Saigon closed. Chain gym I go to still open though. Not sure how long that will last lol.
I don't think I'm planning on going to gym anytime soon, I have basic weights at home and a bench. My area hasn't had any coronavirus cases but why wait.
24 hour Fitness is still crowded and I have trouble getting machines (but this time I am happy about it). I hope they don't close. Everything else is closing.
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I just got out of boxing. The instructor says the CDC could theoretically make him close the place down...deep down I wanted to tell him to arm bar the government official. The people that own the building could "kindly" be asked to shut their doors in the name of public safety.

For those like me that are out of the loop with MSM bullshit apparently they've closed down sporting events, large events that can house over 10,000, and schools. It wouldn't surprise me if people are out of work as well.

I was also at the grocery store earlier today and all the toilet paper is gone. People are panicking big time.
I went today, kept to myself in the corner of aerobic room doing mostly body weight stuff. Probably will stop going for a while and just work out at home. But we'll see how long that lasts, I haven't really gone a week without hitting the gym in years.
Public gyms have shuttered in the state that I currently reside in. Fortunately, I invested in a very reasonably priced used treadmill & a decent set of basic dumbbells a couple years ago.
My sister in the U.S says she cant even find eggs in the store.

Staying put in Nam for the time being. No shortages here.
^ I was at Costco yesterday right at opening and they basically had everything except toilet paper. They had bleach and I bought some but it was probably gone quickly. Costco sells bleach in a 3 pack, they should break them down into single bottles and then limit them to 1 per customer.
24 hour fitness closed
My gym has now closed. I have a cardio machine and a set of dumbbells, along with a new exercise routine which doesn’t need any other gear.

There are pretty serious shortages in the stores around my home, but I have enough to get me by for the next couple of weeks until the panic subsides. The panic buying and empty shelves annoy me more than the virus itself.
Yep everything shut down near me too, even my boxing gym which rarely has more than 10 people in it at once.

Will keep doing some shadowboxing and bag workouts, combined with bodyweight exercises and outdoor cardio. Not ideal but given that its spring time a cut was on deck anyway. Also helps that it's 70 degrees outside.
I've been doing calisthenics in the park. I've also been hiking and scrambling a lot in the mountains lately (great way to isolate yourself from people too)

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