Bike thread
Somebody posted this old video on RVF. And it got my thinking about how cool it would be to get a bike and ride around asia with your mates.

Do you guys have bikes? What's the best way to get into this? I always preferred cyclying over motorbikes but maybe this should change.

Just noticed this video was from 2015, I'm behind the curve.
lmk if you have any questions man
I’m not sure what the structure is like in Japan but my brother is working his way through his Licence in Singapore.

It’s somewhat slow as you have to get the Licence for under 200cc hold for a year, then upgrade to a Licence for 201-400cc for another year and then finally after 3 years he can get a 400cc+ bike.

That link shows you the route in Sing.

In Jakarta I have a Kawasaki Z650 which is ok given the traffic but not much good for longer trips.

We are planning to rent in KL next year and drive down to Johor.

It would prob be easiest if you do an intensive course in UK and then get an IDP so you can rent in Asia and be legal. If you can already ride you can also buy the Licence in Indo and get an IDP in Jakarta.

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