Sexual endurance and sleeping with multiple girls a day
How do you guys keep up(pun intended and also no pun intended) with sleeping wirh multiple girls a day. Sexual endurance. Libido. Stamina. Erection. Energy etc and all of above

Quite a few of us have multiple girls a day especially the ones traveling to other countries.

I don't have have problem having sex once a day with one girl a day. The problem rises when I gotta perform with multiple grrls a day and my stamina. performance. Erection. Ejaculation is all depleted, can get really bad at times that it can mess with my confidence. For those of you that are used to heing with multiple girls a day. How do you do it. I get it some of you are naturally okay in these situations(genetic, healthy diet etc)
Now what are the alternatives and ways to improve for me? Sexual booster? herbs? And other supplements?.( Not Viagra and hardcore side effect filled stuff I'm not into that ) I'm talking about more nutural stuff? What about Testosterone boosters? or anything else I'm open to all input, advice and feedback

I'm young and in pretty good shape. Gym and work out is regular and I feel that helps allot but it's not enough
How many times can you fuck a day before you're not feeling it?

Get your T checked if you're under 30 and it's less than 3-5. This is a hormonal thing so it's almost completely based on health, diet, and supplements.

I'm probably in the worst shape of my life and un my late 20s i can bust out 4-5 20m-45m fuck sessions a day with the right girl(s).

I just like fucking, I like the noises the smells the dom/sub dyamic all of it. Most women are satisfied long before I want to stop. Girls i see get sore and stay sore usually.

Don't let anybody make you think you have to fuck X amount of times or last X long. Who gives a shit about that you should be happy doing what you want to do.

Now if you're lasting like 3 minutes and pretty much done Fuckin for the day after that. You got some issues you need to work out. Mentally or hormonally.

We also have a supplements thread for vitamins and stuff check it out.
You are most likely right, it probably is hormonal based, health, diet and supplement. Perhaps a combination of mental as well.

One thing that helps allot which I have tried is natural sexual booster herbs. Like yohimbe, Tong Kat and etc. combine that with working out and I feel my days go allot better with the girls. But if and when I stop those it all goes back down to shit or just mediocre

I feel my testosterone is at normal level not high or low. But I will double check.
What else do you recommend I should check on?
Be seriously, OP. Are you just here to humble brag?

Any serious player learns quickly that having multiple girls over each day takes more value from life than it adds and they start focusing on quality.

I don't think you really have this problem.
I didn't read OPs post but all I can say is quit fucking jerking off. I went off the deep end on that shit, like 8 times a day and holy fuck did I realize how much time I was wasting into shooting bullets that didn;t want to come out.

Sure, it feels good and it;s free but it;s a fucking time sink.
OP's next thread = How do you guys have sex with a 8" dick because it's nearly impossible with my 9" dick.
Not bragging what kind of brag is this to complain about health/sex issues? but some of you seem like trolls and haters(I understand if you can't and haven't been with multiple women a day it can be mind boggling to hear such a thing. But for allot of us in this forum its normal to have multiple lays a day)
If you got nothing postive to say move along man
This is a forum for men and playas to help each other out. (At least that's how it should be)

This is also eminds of the meet up thread and meet up stories. How allot of these people of the forums are just plain weirdos
Hey guys, I got a health question to ask too. Sometimes, after bench pressing 300LB (20 reps x 15 sets), I feel extra hungry that night. I usually do this part of my routine in about 7 or 8 minutes, which seems pretty typical to me. Any tips on how I can solve this health problem?
Not everything is a brag, this is suppose to be a forum of players or Atleast guys who get a lot of women. All of us should potentially be on this level.

L-arginine anc citruline helped me. Zinc abd magnesium makes Everyman a better man.

I think the OPs problem is his recovery. If he workouts out vigorously then has a lot of sex then he’s killing his body.

The other thing that’ll help ALOT is HIIT training. The lower your resting heart beat the easier it’ll be to get it up and harder.
hey guys

how do you screen investors? i got so many people wanting to invest in my idea but its just too many LOL

any tips how i can find the best guys?
Hey guyz, serious question here.

My suit wardrobe is getting out of control. Somehow my collection has grown to 55 different bespoke suits. I'm running out of space to store all of them and women at work keep complimenting my fashion sense. All of the attention is becoming really annoying.

Any tips?
I'm having a similar problem with all of my cars. 

You see, I have 11 cars and I don't know the best way to drive them all. This wasn't such a problem when I had one or two cars, but in my situation keeping up with all the cars that I now have makes things a lot more difficult.

I know that some of you guys have a shitload of cars and this isn't a problem and you've got it figured out.

Anyone have some advice?
Specifically on supplments you can try adding raw ginger to your smoothies and eat beets every day. Apparently the NO helps blood flow. Same goes for eating raw garlic, look into it.
lmk if you have any questions man
Mock Me If You Will, But This Huge Cock Has Gotten Me Out Of Some Tough Scrapes
Cosign DonFitz, L-arginine and L-Citrulline make a difference, as do Zinc and Magnesium. Yohimbe probably as well, but it is not without risks. Maca is another one you can try. Besides this, decreasing bad habits like alcohol or drug use, garbage food etc. can also have a real impact on your libido.

Nevertheless, you should not feel the need to fuck more than once a day. If you had a satisfying fuck and still have a date lined up, do something different or cancel it, it will leave the girls wondering as well. Maybe you are too focused on notches instead of having fulfilling experiences. Lose the lower quality women and don't do more than one date a day.

Ps. Posters trolling have been warned.
You will probably need to balance out the  Arginine with Lysine. If you are prone to a certain skin condition excessive Arginine can lead to some difficult problems. The Lysine will help balance things out. I will say this about supplements, we're all different and what works for you may not work for me and vice versa. I do agree on the Zinc and Magnesium, both very important from a health standpoint and often difficult to get enough from food. I do strongly believe in proper nutrition which gets ever more important as we age.

As for the OP, geez man give it a break. If this is your main problem regarding your sex life then you're doing just fine. That and give consideration to Suits first post in the thread.
Appreciate the replies, magnesium and zinc. Which products you guys recommend?
Buy them as separate pill forms? Or is there something specific. I might even do a full vitamins deficiency check to see what my body is low on

I don't mind the criticism it can be much needed.
But I didn't realize there's allot of bitch made people on here too.

@suits I did overlook you're first reply so I'll give props where its due.. What I mentioned in this thread is a binge thing , especially when you are single. having couple of quality girls is ideal and more suitable for me. My game and mindset has been upgraded to that where notch count and ons I really don't give a fuck about. But every now and then it's cool and fun to live a full playa lifestyle especially if you can do it with out any effort.

We all got issues and things we can work on hence why this thread is here. Even if i wasn't meeting multiple girls a day it's helpful to get some solid advice to improve your health and sex life

I agree, you should mske each session so fulfilling that you’ll rather just go once a day. Think of it as a meal, Ofcourse you could eat all day but somethings one big enjoyable grand meal can put you to sleep.
I like going before dinner and after with one girl, zinc, magnesium and L-citrulline help me.
(03-04-2020, 03:22 AM)28Mackn Wrote: I don't have have problem having sex once a day with one girl a day. The problem rises when I gotta perform with  multiple grrls a day...

You don't "have to" perform with multiple girls a day. If there is one you like, and she is enough, that is ok. In fact, if you feel guilty about fucking around with other girls, you can cock block yourself. Since you're doing fine with the one girl a day, it doesn't seem like you have any problem physically or with hormones etc. More likely you're mentally self-cock-blocking. Maybe think carefully about your successful, fulfilling, sexual encounters and compare with the encounters you are unsatisfied with and try to find the difference in how you feel about the women or other commitments in life that you fell these women are taking away from, or could even be some women are intimidating to you for some reason.
If you know that some experiences are more challenging, schedule those experiences as your first sexual encounter of the day, or even abstain for a day before the challenging encounter. Find a way to identify the mental block you have for these encounters, and find a way to exorcize your inner demon, the same way when you are a kid your parents opened the closet door to show you there is no monster there. And although sex is an important part of relationships, and some women are going to dump you if you don't perform, some other women may enjoy your company. Be sure to explain to the woman that it is you, and not her, if your performance was lacking. She'll instantly think you don't like her or think she is fat etc and then she will preemptively dump you since she assumes you will dump her. So you can head that off at the pass, and by talking about your problem, you may feel better and be able to perform again. However if you screw things up continuously, she will dump you, and there is no reason to try and stick with her, maybe it really is her and not you after all haha, there are other women out there who may suit you better.

(03-04-2020, 05:27 PM)28Mackn Wrote: What I mentioned in this thread is a binge thing... it's cool and fun to live a full playa lifestyle especially if you can do it with out any effort.

I think the people who are giving you shit have not ever been in the situation of juggling multiple girls and that is why they don't understand how it can be a problem. Even though everyone knows how much trouble one woman can be. I don't know why it is so hard to extrapolate the headache one woman can cause to the headache that multiple women can cause. Even if outsiders might be envious of your situation.

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