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Sub saharan

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
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(Sub-saharan) Africa is definitely not for everybody.

Lots of men complain about Jakarta as a "shithole" but for me it is a peaceful paradise on earth in comparison to the purgatory of what most african cities have to offer.

- In Shanghai I wondered why everyone complains about bad air. For me the air was clean in comparison to the smoke you find on the black continent. Reasons for this bad air quality: Many old cars from the 1980's and 1990's as well as motorbikes without catalytic converter, open fires etc.
- Nobody is reliable and nobody keeps time.
- Every service (be it the local post office, or in a restaurant or hotel) is of low quality.
- Traffic situation so terrible that you wish you were in Bangkok rush hour.
- Malaria, dengue, occasional typhoid outbreaks, and so on.
- A decent four star hotel room that would cost not more than 50$ in SEA or 100$ in Western Europe can easily cost 200$
- Look the list is endless. I could write a book on what I witnessed. After all, this continent deserves to be overlooked.

The girls:
- Most have very short hair or they wear wigs
- HIV is a real issue
- In most countries, it's easy to bang
- Poor english in more than a dozen countries where national language is french or portuguese

I used to like Africa in the beginning because it's so remote and it's always a hell of an adventure, but now I go anywhere else. For black girls, you can also visit latin america, or you chase the black girls who study in SEA.

Disclaimer: every country is different. You cannot compare Lagos, Nigeria to Bangui, CAR. But there is definitely a pattern. I think the aforementioned points apply to most african countries.
Why the need to make another brand new thread? Why not continue that one?

Anyway here's what I had to say:

For those who ask about "Africa for newcomers", I've been to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda) 3 years ago and I'd say that qualifies as such:

- Visas on arrival for many western passports (check to see if it applies to you)
- Low language barrier for the most part. In Kenya and Uganda most people speak great English. A bit tougher in Tanzania, but educated ones speak it well. In Burundi I spoke French, so I don't know how far English will get you, I'd imagine not much. Rwanda has recently changed its national language from French to English, and it's still very much in a transitory period.
- Stuff to do. Safaris, hikes, stunning Indian ocean beaches, etc.
- Reasonable infrastructure by African standards.

Don't expect it to be super cheap, but also don't rely on the prices listed on websites. Hit the tarmac and go stay in cheaper places that are not listed anywhere. Tourist shit tends to be VERY expensive.

If you want to meet girls, I recommend a social circle approach. I couchsurfed in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) and Kampala (Uganda), screened my potential hosts so I would stay with party dudes, and I met chicks through them. Sketchy dive bars will be 100% dudes (and aren't safe) and upscale bars will cost you a fuckton. I went to a cheap nightclub in Nairobi and every girl on the dancefloor came to twerk on me but every time before I could escalate the power went off hahaha. I was with some friends and it was my first few days on the continent so I didn't wanna be left on my own so I left when they left too, there was definitely some potential.

All in all I recommend going, not that much for the chicks but for the overall cultural experience and for the wild fun. I'm writing a little memoir of my seven-week trip there now and might put it online as a free/cheap e-book at some point.
the prices, the travel time (place is biiiiiig) and the uncertainty of it all are what holds lots of guys back from visiting

of course that means the guys that do go are in a prime position
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Ok guys this isn't a new thread for Africa, it is a place to link different Africa threads to, so if we had a thread for every country in Africa we would have a jumping off point.

Think table of contents. I am working to set this up for all the regions.

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