Hi all. Will be in Brussels for a couple of days. Anyone has any advice about the city and finding girls? Looking for mild types.
Not sure what you mean by 'mild'?

Its an incredibly ugly city. Really grey and sprawl-y. And its got a few awful "no go" suburbs now like Molenbeek, thanks to high crime immigration.

That aside, I've found it one of the easiest non-beach holiday destinations in Europe to get laid. Tens of thousands of early/mid 20s people from across Europe move there to work for the EU. They're away from any judgmental friends, often earning good money for the first time in their lives, and often living away from their parents for the first time in their lives. So its a bit of an NYC meets US college town vibe for a lot of girls, their first taste of "freedom" and all that entails.

They're mostly highly intelligent, upper middle class career girls so - so dress/act accordingly. Preppiness is the order of the day. Chavvy attention seeking game/dress sense won't go down well at all.

The Place du Luxembourg (Place du Lux is what everyone calls it) on a Thursday night is an area with lots of bars thats big with the early 20s staff. On a Friday night its big again but a slightly older crowd. Apart from there theres no other one real EU staff nightlife hub, but music gigs tend to be popular for Saturday nights as well. Ixelles is the most popular suburb for the staff to live in but bars come and go, its worth looking at the instagram pages for any bars there to see whats currently busy.
Thanks for your feedback
I meant MILF type not mild
my wing said its a boring city. another guy liked the backpacker vibe there so many you can hunt for girls in or around hostels.
heard its good for beer and chocolate. he left after 2days and didn't recommend it but cant confirm myself.
As zatara mentioned, sleeping with non Belgians who live/are traveling to Brussels is the easiest course of action. Besides the preppy Place du Luxembourg, there's also the Delirium pub in the city center. This place is always crowded Monday - Sunday. It's a hot spot for tourists from the rest of the EU and elsewhere but it's more of a casual vibe. It's a big place with two floors and has good ratios with plenty of girls to approach.
Belgian girls are notoriously hard. They are quite conservative and in my opinion also not very attractive. On the plus side, they do make good girlfriends and cheating is still very much frowned upon.

In terms of attractiveness of the cities to visit, I'd say Ghent is probably the best city to check out. Very beautiful old town and a student city. Antwerp has its sight as well and lots of culture. The nightlife there is a bit more upclass and arrogant, it's kind of like the Paris of Belgium. Brussels is a big mix of different vibes. I'm not really familiar with the scene there, but yes you should probably focus on the non Belgians gamewise.

Other cities which are interesting to check out if you have the time are Leuven (big student city), Hasselt (hotter girls that are more friendly, but a bit small) and Bruges for a cultural visit and some good pics.

Avoid Charleroi, it's a known shithole. Liege I'm not really sure, that's on the walloon side.
Belgian girls are not hard at all , neither they are conservative. There is no conservative society today in the west. 

Issue is that Belgium is a small country and the girls there either have their own fucking bodis from the local community or they are fucking with immigrants who have been there for some time. 

Also being the political center of EU , people are very much used to different races and nations and no foreigner is exotic.
Ive gamed and dated a little in Belgium and while the girls arent the best looking my overall experience has been positive. Spent the most time in Antwerp.

I partied one night in Brussels and was able to get a little action from a Dutch 19 year old visiting the city.

Due to work I moved my second HQ to Breda, NL and been there ever since. Don't like it though.
heard Antwerp is cool but cant confirm
I found the nightlife extremely lacking but online dating for me (as a black guy) was working well.

I think Brussels due to the variety of girls there would be the best bet for anyone.

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