Uzbekistan Info?
Looks like I'll be in Tashkent in a few months. Information online is sparse. Anyone been and can provide some suggestions? Trying to figure out the best area to stay to be near the action.

I'll write up a datasheet once I get back. I'm still pissed Roosh deleted the datasheets I posted there -- those took hours to put together!
I saved a Tashkent datasheet on mobile. I'll try to get that up soon.
Been to Uzbekistan for tourism in summer of 2018. It was moving through the cities fast (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva) so cant give any detailed infos, but out of those cities the capital seems to be the most promising for game. Also the girls were more attractive there in my opinion.

For general travel info go to Caravanistan website, its amazing for info on central asia
Credit goes to RVF user 'sportbilly' for this datasheet

Tashkent, Uzbekistan - Datasheet (1 NSFW Pic)

Apologies for the night game fans, however, I do not do night game and therefore can comment little on this

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan with a population of around 2 1/4 million people.
It is one of only two double landlocked countries in the world, the other being Lichtenstein.
The climate is "extreme continental" with extremely hot summer temperatures, as I will mention in greater

Uzbek som - official rate is 4000 per dollar, however, changing on the black market, as everybody does, got
me 8000 per dollar. The first day I arrived I changed 200 dollars and literally had a bag full of money to walk
round with.

Uzbek of course and almost everybody you will meet will also speak Russian. The level of English surprised
me, on the street, in a cafe or restaurant, the general level of English was none to very poor. Of course I met
some excellent English speakers, however, without my knowledge of Russian I think it would have been very
hard indeed for gaming at least. Clearly if you want to stay in the Hyatt all day then yes everybody will speak

Plov is the obvious national dish which is lamb often with rice and onion and carrots, extremely tasty but not
exactly health food.
Shashlik is also very popular as are the Lepeshka which are a flatish round bread which have an almost cult
status here.

A lot of choice in Tashkent, however, the majority of the places I ate in where half empty (remember the
median salary here is around 150 dollars per month), the cheaper establishments, catering for the locals,
were much fuller.
The places I can suggest are as follows 
Yolki Palki- really can recommend the steak here although do not expect an ordered medium rare to be
served anything other than well done. A steak here with some garnish and something to drink would be less
than 15 dollars equivalent.
Hi Ro- Pricey and upmarket Japanese restaurant, quality of the food was good but priced accordingly.
Hammersmith- Situated a couple of km out of the centre but really good food and some nice healthy and
tasty grilled chicken breast options for the health conscious amongst us.
Plov Samsa- Located just off the main Tashkent broadway, the choice here was limited but was always
packed full of locals enjoying bucketloads of Plov.
The Brasserie-Extremely good coffee and pastries here set back from the main road where the Alay Bazaar is

July is blistering hot here, I flew in via Uzbekistan Airways from London and it was 38c on arrival at 8.30am.
The temperature has been well over 40 everyday, most days over 45c. Despite being a dry heat, it does take
it out of you.

Tashkent has some fantastic sights to see, including-
Amir Temur Square and museum
Hotel Uzbekistan (strange kind of soviet building)
The Metro which rivals Moscow for beauty at times
Chorsu Market
TV Tower
Many tem ples and mosques
You can take a city tour from outside the Uzbekistan Hotel for 20 dollars for a couple of hours and they stop
off to let you take some photos as required.

I took a direct flight from London via Uzbekistan Airways and the flight was 7 hours approximately, main
European routes in are Turkish Airlines via Istanbul or Aeroflot via Moscow. A visa is required for UK Citizens
(approx 100 dollars) however was pretty hassle free and all can be done via postal application.
I was sat over the aisle from Uzbekistans number 1 female tennis player, and whilst I would love to say I got
the bang, I got nowhere despite trying very hard.

I have found online game to be very of little benefit in Tashkent - Tinder brings few girls to swipe for a 2M
populous city, and most you match with will ask for 100 dollars to meet. Mamba was pretty much the same
with the majority of girls there looking for a sponsor. Pipelining on VK did little for me either.
Many girls I spoke to had never even heard of Tinder.
This contrasts with Almaty (take the train there tomorrow) where I am getting plenty of online traction on
Tinder and Mamba.
By all means try online game but do not expect to get all your dates easy and online, my experience is this
will not be the general case. (One exception for me I will mention later).

There is no typical Uzbek woman or Tashkent woman, I really have met a diverse and wide range from very
religious looking modest girls to high heel booty short wearing Russian girls.
Tashkent as a whole has of course plenty of hot women, however, I could not say it was on a par with 
Moscow, Kiev or Minsk, however, the general quality on the street is good and probably just behind those
three cities in my mind.
Uzbekistan is of course very muslim and more often girls would be wearing long summery dresses rather
than mini skirts and crop tops, however, many a time I gazed at girls with white lace dresses where
essentially you could see straight through the dress - still a lot of sexy women here.

Jesus it was so hot so forcing myself to daygame in 45c heat was hard, also it was so hot that the streets are
part desserted in the middle of the day, however, in the evenings far more people are milling about.
Also remember that whilst I was all day free, most locals were working in the daytime which again limited
the opportunities.
Best daygame spots or places I found were anywhere around Broadway, and near to the Uzbekistan Hotel as
lots of foot traffic going 4 ways so if you stand im the right spot you can just keep approaching. I basically
used the do you know where this is place or can you help me to change dollars or simply can we acquaint.
Lots of very cute young girls working in the Steam Bar which I went to in the daytime, also wearing very
sexy medieval style costumes.
Shops- as it was so hot I would take refuge from the heat in shops, and usually be offered water and had
chance to check out if any of the staff were cute. The Nike store was full of hot 20 something girls as were
many of the supermarkets, most shelf stackers etc appeared to be young women.
I joined a gym and there was very few but nice hot girls there, I got the number of a 25 year old fitness
instructor who was damn fine but could not close the deal.
Just anyway on the street, would not have to be walking about long before coming accross a hottie.
I received total mixed reactions, most girls were friendly and would chat, some offered me their number
before I asked, one took me to lunch, however, some were plain rude and ignored me, though this was the
exceptiom and not the rule.

I have been here 8 days and have been laid with 3 different girls, one girl came back for seconds and
another wanted to but timed out. One of which I met and had my dick inside within less than 30 minutes of
Girl 1 was the only online lead who I actually met when I got here, we had been sexually messaging and I
took her for a drink and the next day Invited her to mine. Had her dress as a schoolgirl for me (haha carry a
cheap costume with me) and went to town on her spanking her and licking her asshole, she was 23 and was
loving it. Today is my last day and she came round for more of the same (photo attached which I took
Girl 2 I will remember forever for the speed and ease which it happened, was walking near the Hotel
Uzbekistan and one hot girl coming towards me and a fit tiny little ass going away from me in the distance. I
made the right call and chased the girl ahead, she later told me she was 28. Her Russian was worse than
mine so communication was not easy but I invited her to drink something so we walked towards a cafe
(bibigon) right next to where my flat was and I said if you fancy juice or water you can come to my place and
drink and suprisingly she said yes.
Get her some water and then teases her for sitting away from me so she sits next to me on the sofa,
proceesds to stroke my chest and then starts to undress- raw dogged her and after she said she has only
been with one guy in her life before me.
Girl 3 is questionable. 18 year old from Mamba who was asking me for 100 dollars for sex, I refused and that
was that. Anyway later in the week she asked if I was around and could she come over, I said yes and she
turns up, not very pretty but a tight 18 year old body-make a move and she does not resist and I strip her
spank her and finish in a rubber. She is about to go then asks for her 100 dollars and I get angry and said we
made no mention of money, then panicked thinking although she is unlikely to go to the police, what if she
does etc etc, so I said all I had was 30 dollars for a taxi and got shut of her.
Got many girls numbers but as most were free in the evenings did not have time to work on them or convert
them, however 2 (or, 3) girls in 8 days for me is not a bad return even if the quality could be better.

Definitely not a pussy paradise but lots of opportunities here for a good player, my advice would be to avoid
mid Summer due to the heat and do not come without Russian if you want to have great results.
Very friendly people and some nice places to visit so certainly Uzbekistan is not to be overlooked.
I take the train to Almaty tomorrow and will see what this will bring for me.
Thanks for posting the info! Looks like this is going to be a fun trip. I'll try to do up a datasheet once I return.
Midnight Cowboy:

I spend about 3 weeks solo in Tashkent in august. I’m a okay looking white guy, 30’s with minimal Russian (listened to Pimsleur Russian audio courses for a while before going there). For some reason lots of people there thought I was from Tunesia, Lebanon or something. In Europe nobody thinks this. I guess the Muslim girls wanted me to be one of their own.

I had a good time there and recommend it. But to get the most out of your trip, a decent level of Russian is required. If not you will not have half the good time you could have had.

About Tashkent

It is the biggest city in Central Asia with over 2 million people. It’s a very clean and safe city. There’s police everywhere and people are very nice. There’s kind of a Middle Eastern atmosphere which is lively and chaotic combined with an FSU vibe. I came from Kazakhstan before and the difference was very big. Kazakhstan just has a standard FSU vibe and was rather plain compared to Tashkent.

It can get very hot. 40°c is not uncommon in summer. There are fountains all over the city and all the buildings are air conditioned which make the heat bearable. The architecture is based on soviet central planning; wide lanes, big apartment buildings, lots of parks and big squares with even bigger statues. But it has some Middle Eastern influences in it’s architecture which makes it less bland than other FSU cities.

There are not many sights but there is a nice open air market (bazaar), some impressive government buildings, an amusement park in typical FSU style and thankfully there was an aqua park to chill out during the hottest hours of the day. One hour outside of the city there is a lake (Lake Charvak) which looked good from a far but nearby not so. The beach was too crowded, the stones hurt my feet and everybody just throws their garbage on the beach which makes it a very dirty place. They have jet ski’s paragliding, little boats... all for a very reasonable price.

The people are very friendly and it’s easy to meet people. Most don’t have money and many experience difficulties in life. They hide it well but you can see for example a group of girls that drink one beer with a straw all night or even no drink at all. If you want to give them a drink they sometimes don’t want it.

So they are proud and have a positive attitude and they all want to show you their best and make sure you have a good time. Hospitality is not a hollow word there. However I was not on the same wavelength as the local Uzbek guys. It’s hard to describe but it’s like they don’t have any imagination or creativity. I preferred the company or Russian or Russified Uzbek's more.

There are almost no Western tourists and the ones that go there don’t stay in Tashkent for more than a few days. Most come here as cultural tourists to visit sites along the silk route or are backpackers types that want to climb mountains and do other nature related stuff. So for us love tourists, there’s little competition and girls are not suspicious. People are very interested and you will be very exotic for the locals.

Food is cheap but good. They eat lots of meat(shaslik) and also have horse meat. I even tried dog in a Korean restaurant. Although I didn’t know it was dog before tasting it. In restaurants they always make fresh noodles and fresh bread. There is a reasonable amount of variety in fresh fruits and vegetables. So eating healthy isn’t hard there. The most famous food is plov, which is rice with horse meat and vegetables. I didn’t like it, but did like the noodles. What’s good is that most restaurants have a menu with pictures so I kind of new what I was getting. They have a special kind of smoked cheese which was good when drinking and they have some kind of fermented horse milk balls but they aren’t good.

Transportation is cheap and easy. You can wave your hand on the street and within a minute a guy will stop and drive you anywhere you want for lets say 1 or 2 dollars, after some haggling of course. Traffic is not very safe and a lot of cars don’t have seat bealts in the back. I saw 4 car accidents during my time and I saw an old lady getting run over by a car. She was still alive but it was not a nice site to see. I hope she’s okay now. So watch out when crossing a street and put your seat belt on, even if the driver doesn’t want you too. :-)

They also have a beautiful and old metro system but I didn’t understand the routes so only took it twice while being with locals. It’s wort a visit if you’re around and only costs a couple of cents.

Accommodation varies in price. There are cheap 10 dollar hostels, Airbnb is reasonably priced but there are also hotel rooms that go for 200. Nightlife is also not very expensive. The most I spend one night was 100 dollar. But that’s because I ordered 2 bottles of quality vodka, many shots and some food in the most expensive place (Katakomba) in town for me, a Russian buddy and some girls we met there. But with 20 dollars in your pocket you can have a good time with taxi rides, good quality food and drinks for an evening.

The currency got devaluated a lot and as a result the paper bills aren’t worth anything. If you change 100 dollars you get a very big stack of paper. If you change do it at the black market. Pretty much anyone can help you with this and no one tried to rip me off. And ask for 10000 or 5000 bills. If you get the 1000’s you will need a small backpack as your wallet. I had that problem and walked around with a cheap plastic bag filled with money the next days.

What is good for foreigners but very bad for locals, is that you can get dollars out of the ATM’s, than change them for black market rate which is double the official one. So you can double your money. Locals however are not allowed to have access to dollars and have to get by with their own severely devaluated money.

You are also not allowed to take away more money than you declared when you arrived. I didn’t fill out the declaration paper in a correct way and had to smuggle a couple hundred dollars over the boarder. It’s not that they will check all your bags, but it’s better to declare what you bring in to stay out of trouble.

Something funny was that all the cars were from only 2 brands apart fro the old Lada’s: Chevrolet and Daewoo, and most of the cars where white. This is because of high import taxes which protect the car factories in their country.

Also strange was that on the countryside they build the exact same type of house everywhere. So you can see a street with 200 of the same houses in the middle of nowhere on one side of the country and find exact the same on the other side of Uzbekistan.

For some reason everyone smokes in Uzbekistan. It's hard to find any guy that doesn't smoke and with girls it's about 50/50. It's very strange because in neighbouring countries almost nobody smokes.

I visited all the capitals in Central Asia, except in Turkmenistan and visited other 2nd tier cities and Tashkent wins by a gig margin over all of them. Tajikistan is too conservative, people have no money to go out but has the nicest people, Kyrgyz people are not friendly or outgoing and girls don’t look good. Astana and Almaty in Kazakhstan don’t have the same fun vibe and locals are a lot less friendly. Girls are also okay though, still less diverse.

The more Turkic people in Central Asia are always more fun, outgoing and friendly (Uzbek, Tajik). The Asian guys (Kazach, Kyrgyz) over there aren’t up for a good time and most, not all off the Asian girls like to stick to their own kind. The Russians are more friendly than in Russia and are always up for a good time.


The people are a mix of about everything from the FSU. There’s Russified Koreans, Russians, Georgians, Turkish looking people like Tajiks and the Uzbeks themselves sometimes looks vary between Turkish and Central Asian (similar to Mongols). There’s also a lot of mixing going on. I met some girls from Kazan and they were my favorites looks wise. So a very diverse place and lots of good looking, feminine, stylish girls. However most are conservative and casual hook ups are not very common.

I had 2 girls there. One Tajik and one Russian. The Russian, late 20’s fake blonde, blue eyed girl with long legs and a big rack. She was a fun loving party girl. I met her in a nightclub and her boyfriend was a bouncer in that place, So I kept it subtle while talking to her. So I got her number and set up a date later. Her English was not that good and the conversations were very basic. I met her a couple of times after and she was easy going and fun and was definitely good in bed.

The Tajik was also late 20’s and very beautiful. Black silky hair, caramel skin, small nose, light green eyes, skinny model looking body and very good and feminine style. Again, very little English. I was looking at her while drunk, sitting in a cafe. and kind of fell in love with this dark skinned, light eyes exotic barbie princess. So being all impressed I walked up to a group of girls sitting at a table. At the end of the night she invited me to her place. She had one child but her body didn’t show it and was on vacation from another Uzbek city. She just got divorced and wanted to have a good time.

This girl made me curious about Tajikistan, so I ended up there after visiting some silk route sights on the way. Unfortunately, she was an exception and most Tajik girls didn’t look as good as her (still many are good looking) and were way too conservative.

The nice thing about these girls was that they didn’t expect anything from me. They just wanted sex and a good time before returning to their normal life. They never hinted for money or a relationship. In general girls were not demanding. It’s not like they wanted to escape their country or saw me as an ATM machine.

I pipelined with Mamba but didn’t like it. It takes too long before the girls respond and the level of English is too low. So I didn’t meet anyone through this. Tinder was better and had a decent amount of English speaking girls. But after swiping a couple of times, there were no more new girls. But almost all of them swiped me back, so I had enough girls to meet.

I met 3 girls of Tinder but again, very conservative. One was 19 and said she was still a virgin. I don’t know if she was lying though, she was kind of cheeky and naughty but her parents were constantly calling her to she what she was up too. Kind of annoying when making out and she suddenly has to go home :-(. I hanged out with her a couple of times but besides some kissing and touching nothing happened. The other was a blonde Asian and I think my new fetish are blonde Asians :-) and the last one was an also good looking Tatar girl.

I did some day game approaches (not too many) and the girls were friendly, I couldn’t have a real conversation so apart from 2 numbers, nothing happened. I should have done more because this city is very good for day game in the evening when it cools down. Everybody goes outside to hang out near fountains, parks and a central street. I just found it hard to get into social mode when being alone. I also never day game in my own country.

Instead I tried to create some social circles because that’s where you can find the best quality girls. This approach had mixed results but I had some cool experiences, still I didn’t get laid because of this. All you need to do is go sit at a bar, look around and people will get curious about you.

I met one group of rich and wannabe rich Uzbek guys and they had the beautiful girls around them. They showed me their Instagram and the girls that are available for P4P. So that Dubai porty potty thing was also going on here. Still seeing them a couple of times, I got tired of them. They were too much into showing off, acted like every girl is a whore and the P4P was not really cool.

I met some guys from Kazan one night and got drunk with them. They took me to an underground strip club 30 minutes from the center and they paid for everything. I’m not cheap so I don’t mind paying but they really insisted. It’s cool to have one girl massaging my back, while another is dancing on my lap. Anyway, really laid back and friendly guys.

I met a business guy from Afghanistan in my hotel who had a girlfriend there. He was a bad wing because he was jealous when I went talking to girls. He also had another Afghan friend and seeing that guy hit on girls was pretty bad. Asking the password of a girl he met 1 minute ago to see if she wasn’t talking to other guys and stuff like that. So after a while I left and went out alone. I felt bad for those girls because that guy was kind of rapey. But they were in public so it was still safe.

I met some Russian guys that were cool. They drank too much vodka and drank it all the time, even in the morning. They did introduce me to some girls but they weren’t that good looking and I didn’t go all the way to Uzbekistan just to get the same girls I can find in my own country. Still very nice people.

To conclude, getting girls in Tashkent is not very easy if you don’t speak Russian. It takes time there and girls want a relationship, which I respect. So If you are looking for an LTR, this is a very good place, at least if you speak Russian and understand the culture somewhat. If not I wouldn’t recommend it. The easiest girls for me where the ones that are a bit older and like to go out at night. The younger ones and the ones that don’t go out, are a lot harder. A big plus was that younger girls didn’t have any hangups about an age gap.


To go to Uzbekistan, you do not only need a visa, which is easy to get, but you also need to get registered in a hotel or hostel every night. Unfortunately hotels are not girl friendly and conservative girls just don’t like to meet guys they just met in hotel rooms. You can still get a private apartment and get registered in 2 ways. The first is to buy the registration from some people, the second is to book a cheap hostel. I got some telephone numbers through Sportbilly, a member that went there before me, to get a registration. Thanks again for the numbers :-).

I called them and some other numbers I got from a guy at the desk of my hotel and after some haggling someone wanted to arrange this for 13 dollars per night. But I didn’t take the offer. I checked some hostels and for around the same price I could have a bed and registration. So after booking the hostel, I booked an Airbnb. I took the hostel because I already spent 2 days in a hotel and felt lonely. I walked around the city alone and didn’t have anything going for me yet. In a hostel there’s always some people to talk to.

So I spend around half the time in the hostel and the other in my apartment. This worked out fine, only they did started to complain after I didn’t sleep there 2 nights in a row. But it was not a big problem, as long as they got paid.

My first hotel was named Hotel Uzbekistan. I booked it because it looked like an old, very big soviet style hotel, which seemed cool at the time and also because it was right next to Amur Timur square, which is right in the city center. It was not a good place: bad breakfast, most other tourists were Indian guys on some kind of tour. I guess they were on a p4p holiday or something, they also asked me if I wanted a girl in my room, it had bad wifi and bad air conditioning. All in all a somewhat seedy place and for 75 dollars a night, you can get something better.

My hostel and apartment were a little bit further away from Amur Timur square but it was okay because the city is spread out anyway and taxi are cheap. Combined I paid about 40 dollars per night.

Where to go?

The city is spread out and day game is good anywhere in the center. There are pretty girls hanging around everywhere. In the evening lots of people go to a street the locals call Broadway. It’s a cool street next to Amur Timur square and has some carnival like activities like paying to throw a basketball through a hoop, they rent out bicycles, there’s a slide, some street food, a fountain, music through speakers and nice lightning to enhance the atmosphere. When it’s too warm a trip to the aqua park or a pool from a hotel are good options. There’s a mall but it was small. People prefer to buy their things in shops on the streets.

There aren’t many nightlife venues for a city of this size and the ratio’s are also not good. Remember that this is still a Muslim majority country.

Around Amur Timor square there is one striptease bar but they wanted to overcharge me, so I only stayed there about 10 minutes. There’s also a rock bar around the corner called Bar Dack which was good to have a drink but nothing more. There’s also a big fast food restaurant and in the evening lots of young girls hang out in front of it or go eat something. I did some approaches there and was well received.

I went to a Karaoke place during the day and they rented a private rooms for singing while on a date. I never went to a place like this and liked it. Apparently there are more of these places around the city.

There’s an area called Kiyot which has 2 clubs and a lounge bar. The first nightclub is called Aurum. I didn’t like it because all the girls were pro’s. I did go there on a weekday so maybe it’s better in the weekend. The second on is called Cinzano. This is the biggest place in town and expensive by local standards. It’s an outdoor venue. There are 2 bars, a dance floor, quiet places to sit down. The logistics were on point and the atmosphere was very good in the weekends. During the week it was quieter but still open. Still its possible that no one is there.

The lounge bar is called Brasserie and was good to sit, eat and smoke shishah. You can meet girls and they are receptive but you need to walk up to their table. Guys there really like shishah. They can just sit there all night with some other guys. But for me it’s too boring. A 2 minute taxi ride from that area takes you to a small club called SMI. I didn’t like it very much and think there was some P4P going on there but I’m not sure.

On the other side of the city near the TV tower there’s a small club called Like Bar. It was the only place with people every night. It was less upscale than Cinzano and a lot smaller. All girls I saw were already accompanied by guys, so nothing happened there for me.

The fanciest place was Katakomba. This was an outdoor club on the edge of a small lake with a very big fountain lit with pink and blue colors. It was a good place but the girls were definitely not the hottest. Cinzano was better. This was mostly an older crowd and some of the girls gave a golddiggerisch vibe. Girls also didn’t go there without the company of guys, so not an easy place to pull. Still I liked the vibe and the beautiful scenery of the place.

There’s a little bar called Elvis Bar and an Irish pub. These are the only places were I saw foreigners from Western countries besides the ones at my hostel. But those places are small and only good to get a drink.

There are other places but all off them were empty even during the weekend and I can’t remember their names. I don’t think I visited everything also. If you want to party with beautiful girls every day of the week, this is not the right place. Nightlife in Russia or Ukraine is a lot better. It has better ratio’s, more choice in venues and more naughty girls. But what you can get in Tashkent is being surrounded by beautiful, diverse looking and conservative girls that look for a relationship.

That’s it!
Thanks for that datasheet from Midnight Cowboy. I looked into some of the bars he mentioned, so here's some notes in case anyone else needs it:

Elvis, Katakomba, and Aurum all appear to be gone. Cinzzano may gone too -- couldn't find clear information on that.
For "TMI" he maybe meant "CMI" which is an after-party club. Looks like Brasserie is still around. Like Bar appears to be temporarily closed due to subway construction.

Also found Time Bar which looks to be a fancy nightclub.

What's interesting is a lot of these nightclubs/bars seem to be open 6-7 days/week, so it's possible to party there mid-week, though not sure how the turnout is.

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