2020 Europe Thread
(01-30-2020, 02:29 AM)Contrarian Expatriate Wrote:
(01-29-2020, 07:20 PM)timalemanha Wrote: Ukraine is done....

Could you elaborate on why Ukraine is done?  I go there each year now and I actually like it.  Granted, I started visiting in 2016 so I did not get a chance to experience the hey day you perhaps recall.

Might you be referring to the deluge of thirsty men from Turkey, the Caucasus, and the Gulf Arab states living and vacationing there now.  I am going to be going to Kharkiv and Odessa at some point soon which I imagine are not so saturated with swarthy sex tourists.

I saw one girl in Kyiv berate one of these guys with "Hotch!" which short for Hachik, an Armenian male name now used as an insult for thirsty middle Eastern men.

It's not just Middle Eastern men, plenty of Southern Euro men (especially Italians), have ruined it too with their thirst.
Living amongst them what do you mean? I will be hitting the city when the students are still in session, yes. Really why is Montenegro turning so bad can you elaborate?

In general I am preparing for my trip to Russia in the summer, so that's my main point this season in Europe. The rest is trial and error and lots of hope

But generally said in Europe I usually have great success in small to medium-sized cities so I stick to those and that's why when I'm going to Romania this spring I will be hitting smaller cities than the usual crowd goes to
(01-31-2020, 05:07 PM)El Puto Loco Wrote: Europe Thread 2020...reloaded, let's start over from here on

Gopnik...the current sub-culture in many Russian cities in the Urals or in general in poorer region reminds me very much of my life in Germany in the early to mid 80's.

You want to engage with cute younger generation girls? That is a strategy that got me some beautiful fresh tail in the past, engaging a bit with them while you are walking through the cities of dull Russia, they will recognize you and if you are cool enough...take you in. Summer 2020 I gonna be once again in the Ural Oblasts of Russia, in the past I found the most beautiful girls there and I am very much after quality these days

I'm assuming you speak Russian? 

It must be nigh on impossible to get any kind of results in the Urals with English alone.
No, my Russian is broken at best. I truly thrive in these towns there but I assume it has lots to do with my personality being open to almost any situation a girl puts in front of me.

I can somehow very well relate to their needs of the moment, not in monetary terms but simply filling the voids of their current livelihood. It's hard to explain

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