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Madagascar Mini-Datasheet
It all started in autumn of 2009; I knew my festive times in SEA were over, as other people start flocking to SEA in the masses I prepared to leave as this way I could keep the good memories intact.
It brought me to Sri Lanka, they just came out of a 30 years civil war and I was travelling around for a month in this wonderful virgin but war-torn countryside. After about a month I was set on Africa, just not sure yet where to go, I landed in Addis Ababa and immediately liked the tall and slender Ethiopian girls with their European features. I realize that is worth another datasheet. I was looking for flights to Lusaka and accidentally a flight search to Madagascar came as a result, that was interesting enough for me to hop on this flight. Done, the next day I landed in the Capital of Madagascar.
Bienvenue a Madagascar

Chances of hooking up? 5/5
Quality of girls 2/5 East coast, 4/5 west coast, 3/5 medium sized cities
Girls want soft approaches, no calculated games, just simple approaches, Africa is wonderful.
Nightgame is prostitution game, forget it mostly except in the capital, day-game is king, online game is unknown of in the coastal towns.
Antananarivo or Tananarive as locals call it or simply Tana

While Tana was quite a large city, it didn’t have the feel to it, it felt like endless small villages glued together. There is no true city center and the Avenue de L'Independance has no infrastructure to speak of. Right on arrival I encountered the very first problem I wasn’t prepared for, a ticket out…Hell no, these days I am always prepared for it, I have got numerous confirmed ticket templates and simply create my own fake ticket but back then, it was a new thing. They made me bleed; I had to buy an expensive Kenya airways full fare to Nairobi, 800 usd for a 2+ hours flight. I got over it.
The people in the capital didn’t strike me as being overwhelmingly friendly. I was running around the city for a couple of days just to see the possibilities. I saw lots of 5’s and 6’s, occasionally a 7, however I notice that girls you would stop and talk to were very eager to hold a conversation and arrange a meeting.
Brief Overview of the City Proper
The city has the typical African third world dirtiness and feels to it, however the fact that it has the impression of many villages attached to each other, it made the hunting easier. Girls themselves didn’t feel like they were living in a city and usually made appointments with you in a place close to your home or simply come right to your home. I myself don’t like Tana because of the overwhelming pollution in this altitude similar to Medellin, Colombia.
The Girls

The girls of Madagascar are truly sweet and they have got this French openness to casual sex without being sluddy. There are many different tribes in Madagascar and I guess it is a matter of taste. I myself don’t  like the Asian mix with Africa, that could be because I just left Asia after living there for 12 years, but no, it was more, the features didn’t strike me as beautiful in general. I have met foreigners who settled on the island and most of them came to the overwhelming conclusion that the west coast has it. After doing my own investigation I came to the conclusion that indeed it is the west coast all the way from the deep south to the high north. Forget English…forget French in many ways…It’s Malagasy, oh my god, I barely spoke broken French and even than the girls could not really understand me, but it made it all even more fun, because the girls were simply so available and funny to engage with. A Malagasy girl will not be as blatant and narrow-minded as an Asian girl, they would simply entertain you and speak all kinds of things. Throw in an occasional yes or no and she believes you understand her. The sex with these girls is a treasure. They are indeed very horny but there comes again the difference to the west and east coast, on the east coast, the Asian looking girls a rather reserved.
There are no ways to upload pictures into the thread so…too bad, how can we change that?
Nightlife Recommendations
Sorry, I am strictly on day-game, I prefer to see my girls in natural sunlight first before I approach. I always got quality sex from simple un-calculated day hunting.
Day Game Locations
There are no strict locations to talk of. The city is one big village and walking through alleyways, passing houses, that was my hunting strategy in Vietnam as well, turned into a goldmine.
Other Info / Recommendations
Make sure you have your ticket out. They don’t test you if you produce one but they will ask for sure. I never had a real ticket out because it is extremely hard to calculate how much time to spend there. You get 30 days visa free or 60, 90 days visa for about 50 EUR, it is worth sticking for a while and get to know the place, 30 days is not sufficient.
I bought motocross bike in Tana and made an adventurous trip through the jungle and the sea side, about 4000 km in total. On the end a had a guy in the deep south giving me the same amount I paid for originally, he knew the price but he was happy I brought the bike all the way down for him, a win-win.
I would recommend leaving the capital rather immediately and settling in Mahajanga on the west coast or Antsirabe (boring after a few days), in fact I would recommend taking taxi-brousse to the coastal city of Toliara and making your move along the coast to the north or south.
My Personal Trip Experience
I made trips out there in 2009, 2014, 2015, 2017, each time I stayed for 2-3 month so the total comes to almost a year.
In 2009 I started my true girl adventure in Morondava, a city on the mid-west coast. Back than the road wasn’t paved and a trip that nowadays takes 6 hours took us 24 hours cramped into an old Toyota minibus that almost fell apart.

A beautiful and relaxing beach town it was, my bungalow was 10,000 ariary (3 usd) per night. There was a disco in town and almost the entire village was partying there all night long. The funny thing is, the night out started at 2 AM, if you go at 10 PM or midnight, nobody there, at 2 AM it was jam-packed with beautiful Malagasy girls and guys playing constant game on them. Local guys are always approaching girls all day long, girls are used to it and respond well, they like it. The one thing I noticed right away, the girls love white meat and the guys aren’t jealous fuckers like in Asia, in fact you can befriend them in a true way.
Day hunting was basically non-existent, well sure you could walk to the beach and get your doses of day hunting but it wasn’t necessary. I am usually a day hunter but it didn’t bother me at all, the night out was just toxically addicting there. The last time I did night game was in Asia in 2004.
Toliara, Ifaty/Mangily

My next town was north of Toliara, a beach town called Ifaty/Mangily. I met a hotel owner from Switzerland there who owned bungalow in town. He left Brazil in 1998 and moved to Madagascar. An interesting character to meet, we had long conversations and I was getting a preferred rate on his bungalow for the same meager 10,000 ariary. There it really took off and just one girl after the other enjoyed sex and an after-meal. The day was spent talking with my friend and the late afternoon just walking around and meet girls. Mind you, none of the girls are P4P, I left that idea behind in 1994 in Manila.
Next destination a small village called Beheloka, holy shit, a small village in the south-west of Madagascar, I got there with my motorbike through a deep sandy track of a 110 km, it took me the entire day in the blistering sun and I arrived in the village completely exhausted, almost got a blackout.

People where extremely friendly and welcoming and the head women in town, who had the only house built from stones, rented me here attached house immediately, but not before kicking out the family that was just living in there. I felt bad about it and denied but the family that got kicked out insisted with a big smile that I should move in, so I did.
You befriend everybody there…guys, girls, women, men, chicken, pigs and dogs are all befriending you. I planned to stay for 3 days and ended up staying 40 days in that village. Every day was fun engaging with the people. The man sometime came to me and ask if I want to join them going to the next village looking for girls because they couldn’t do it in their own village. They quickly realized but I could and I did. Girls in the village a very mature in their thinking, in such poverty, they want a provider, it is not about P4P but what rottenapple also mentioned, there is a gray area. The bottom line, I got so many girls in fact the entire village of girls moved through my house in a matter of 40 days. Haha!
The Bottom Line
Madagascar is like Africa in general, I encountered the most welcoming people on this planet and girls are adventurous, eager and simply an interesting company. I know many African places are so poor that girls could be rather monotonous and dumb, not so much in Madagascar.

I could keep writing about other villages as well but it would be repetitive info. Trip wise I could write more on transport but let it settle for now.
These are the type of datasheets I like, good work man! Sounds like it was a hell of an adventure down there, Madagascar just went up my list!

Also you can post pics fairly easily but you have to upload em to any random picture host site. I had no issues for my Sao Tome sheet.
How safe would you say Madagascar is? Are muggings, etc a possibility?
thanks rottenapple, well nowadays on some remote stretches in the south and north east on the road it could be possible but than again I went through "bandit-land" as they call it. They usually don't want foreigners to travel to the south and certainly not south of Toliara, but in fact I feel it is rather all about your personality. I did the entire southern loop on the motorbike alone in absolute remoteness and I did encounter guys with machetes and riffles but they were the friendliest I could possibly meet, and the girls in those villages...haha, but I do know that other might easily be intimidated by it. In general, Africa is for the advanced traveler. Believe me you will be just fine. If you talk about muggings in the city, yes in the evenings a definite reality. I was always walking around in the evening but never for to long anyway but not because I felt it is dangerous
Tilemanha, what kind of body types can we expect in Madagascar, the typical thick african girls? Or maybe more skinny because of the european asian mixes?
The malagasy girl that I was with was slim and petite and that seems to be the overwhelming majority of girls from the north and east that have Asian blood . We went out with a few of her friends from the west part and they were definitely African features, afro kinky hair, dark skin , thicker but I didn't meet any with big booty big titty styles just bigger and thicker and less attractive to me.
(01-30-2020, 09:49 AM)Rottenapple Wrote: Tilemanha, what kind of body types can we expect in Madagascar, the typical thick african girls? Or maybe more skinny because of the european asian mixes?

No, definitely not the thick bodies, beautiful Asian and European body features, even the full-blown African is not thick except for a few here and there, generally there are the distinctive feminine bodies you would hope for.

Here are some sample pictures from my trip, it is rather a refreshing honesty mixed in with the eagerness to meet and have sex (hopefully instagrammies will not destroy the last continent on earth, but I think they won't simply because they never make it there at least not until all the conveniences are there Big Grin ).

UPDATE: that pic posting is to cumbersome, anyway, great girls are there of distinctive mixed race:

African/European & African/African(west coast is loaded with them)

African/Asian (East cost is loaded with them, that's where the Indonesian landed and settled first)

ok here is a typical from the south-west coast, south of tulear into Vezo lands (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vezo_people)

While the vezo themselves are African-Polynesian, these are the features I do like, I remember when I was in Trobriand islands for a months in 2016, they have similar features mixed, the new generation sometimes has a half white parents, there are many European mixes in the west coast.

[Image: gvncbv1.jpg]

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