Advance Level Player International Swoop Missions
Advance Level Player International Swoop Missions

What would it take to swoop a North Korean chick in North Korea?

How many American players would go undercover and honey trap a female Iranian government official in order to extract geopolitical intelligence on behalf of their respective government?

What does the social turmoil going on in Venezuela tell us about the opportunities to swoop on middle class locals?

Who here is  brave enough to venture into China and run western style doctor game?

The dark age of game discussion is upon us. Surely somebody here amongst us is willing to venture into the trenches and bring us fresh news of their unique conquests?
My buddy banged nine girls at the same time on an Indian reserve in Canada... So there’s that, if you’re interested. He was very upfront that they were not pretty.
I have my Pocahontas flag, my experience is that they’re easy and very kinky, but I’m not keen enough to brave the rez.
Venezuela, everytime I talk to girls there, I feel they are simply more honest the way they talk, similar to Cubans, they openly tell you that it is quite dangerous to come to their city even so they like to see you.

I had an engaging conversation with three different beautiful girls from different parts of Venezuela over the past two months and they constantly kept writing and even so they weren't sure I would be coming as they themselves were advising against it they still kept writing interestingly asking questions and engaging in conversation

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