Peru: debauchery in Lima and Inca ruins in Cusco
I spent a week in Peru and I wrote this report a few days or weeks after the trip. I was planning to post it on RVF, but it ended up waiting for very long in my drafts.

Day 1 (just the evening)

I arrived in Lima on Friday evening, checked in to Airbnb in Miraflores, and went to check out the area around Parque Kennedy. I thought there would be some Couchsurfing meeting in Molly's Irish pub, so I went there. 

I entered the pub, walked around, and caught a glance of a girl sitting at a table with a friend. I started a conversation by asking if they are from Couchsurfing. They were not. The prettier of the two, let's call her Maria, was very talkative and spoke good English. We chatted for a while and she told me I looked familiar. I don't remember who first mentioned Tinder. She pulled out her phone opened Tinder. I saw there a picture of myself. So, we actually had met online.

The girls decided that they want to dance and so we changed the venue. The next club played reggaeton. I kept dancing with the girls. When Maria's friend left for the restroom, I started dancing closer to her and eventually we started making out on the dance floor. Not a bad bad start - I thought - kissing a Peruvian chick a few hours after arriving in the country.

Eventually, Maria and her friend decided to go home. We said goodbye without much public display of affection. While getting to her cab, Maria said to me "text me!".

I texted her, but we never met again. She kept giving me tips for travelling in Peru after I left Lima. She wrote to me something about being busy.

Day 2 

Next day I met another chick I pipelined through Tinder before the trip. Let's call her Sara. Sara's pictures online reminded me of a chick I met in Philippines. When I met here in person she looked 2-3 points worse on the standard 10 point scale, but I didn't care.

Sara was half an hour late for the date, which is alright for a Latina. We took a taxi to Larcomar. She wanted to eat at Mangos, but it was full, so we went to some other expensive restaurant. I had ceviche, she took something else, and we had pisco sour too. The food was good.

Sara told me a funny story. She was on a Tinder date with a guy and another chick came, said she met him through Tinder too and joined them. Sara didn't like the guy, but befriended the other chick. She asked me if I had any interesting Tinder stories to share. I though of Maria, but said "no".

I don't remember how exactly we got into my Airbnb. I think I told her I wanted to have a coffee at my place, or something like that. In the last minute Sara told me she was on her period, but I didn't believe it, because I couldn't feel any pad in her panties when I was heavily touching her crotch through jeans. She insisted on a condom. I came too fast. We rested and tried again. I came too fast again. The third time I lasted longer and she finally got her orgasm.

Afterwards we went to a fountain park. In the taxi she held her hand on my crotch. We spent an hour in the park and went to our respective homes. I never saw her again and we didn't chat online either.

I decided to check out Couchsurfing. I arranged that I will go clubbing with a chick, let's call her Alejandra, and here friend (I was wondering if the friend is a guy or gal). We met after midnight at La Cachina. When I first saw Alejandra I thought she's quite hot.  I am a really bad dancer, so she tried to help. She put my hands on her hips and told me to feel how you're supposed to move. We danced until 3am in the club where we met, and then moved somewhere else. In the next club I was slowly getting physically closer to Alejandra and eventually kissed her. I was quite unsure about that move, because Alejandra was way hotter than the girls I can get in Europe or States.

Alejandra's friend found a guy too. At 6am we left and I asked her if she wanted to come to my place. She did. Just like Sara, Alejandra also said she was on her period. The difference was that I think she didn't lie.

Alejandra gave me a BJ. I was thinking about two thing when receiving it. First, can she smell Sara in the bed sheets and how does it make her feel. Second, how did she learn to suck dick so well (I probably don't need the answer).  I had trouble coming, because I shot too much of my juice into Sara, but was kind of happy to get two chicks within 24 hours.

I met Alejandra again. I think it was on day 3 before going out for beer with the Peruvian guy or maybe on day 4 before the late evening date with Lucia. We went to a Chinese restaurant and then to her place. Not much happened, just some kissing and touching. She had to fly somewhere the next day.

Day 3

I met another chick through Couchsurfing. We went to an expensive and bad restaurant in some hotel. Afterwards I invited her to my place. We made out and I felt her through clothes, but she didn't want to have sex. I didn't care, just chatted with her some more, and let her go home.

In the afternoon I decided I had enough chicks and decided to learn more about local men, so I met a random Peruvian guy thorough Couchsurfing. He studied medicine and was a solid beta dude. I liked him. We went to bars and met a bunch of other guys.

Day 4

I went sightseeing in Centro Historico and paragliding (recommended by RVF member in some datasheet).

On the chicks front I started thinking of myself like a rock star and at the same time getting desperate to make the most of my short vacation. I started mass messaging my Tinder matches asking "if they want to have some fun in the evening".

One of the matches was Lucia. She had a pretty face in pics, but didn't show much body. Lucia asked what "fun" means and I replied "drinks and sex". She was in, but there was one problem - she wrote to me that she didn't speak English (so I was chatting with Google Translate?). I wrote to Lucia that her English is not a problem and I can fuck her anyway.

We met at Eka bar. Lucia was 45 minutes late. We had a pisco sour. Her English was so bad that we couldn't hold a conversation, so I decided to show here some pictures on my phone. I though she was angry and wanted to go home, but somehow we started kissing. We had one more drink and decided to go to my place.

She was kind of resisting when I was undressing her. Once we were naked, I entered her pussy without much foreplay. I'm usually not that hard and need the girl to help me with her hand, but this time things went amazing smooth. I didn't wear a condom and ejaculated in a few seconds. Lucia told me she's not on a pill, and it's a problem. I think it wasn't really a big problem for here, because she didn't let me rest. 10 minutes after the first time she wanted more, but I needed more time. The sex was bad. When we finished she asked if I wanted her to stay. I said it was up to her, and she can stay or leave if she prefers. She got angry, said something about not being a hooker, dressed up and left.

Day 5

I flew to Cusco and immediately got altitude sickness. It was bad and Coca tea wasn't helping. I ate a roasted guinea pig. It was tasty and I highly recommend it.

Day 6

Went sightseeing some Inca ruins. I liked how well the stones were aligned. The guide said Inca did not use money and explained lots of other things, which I forgot. I enjoyed myself. 

Day 7

I took a new Tinder profile pics at Machu Picchu. Lucia messaged me asking if I was clean. I wrote that yes, and she wrote to me that she's clean too.

Day 8

Walked around Cusco. I was wondering if Inca chicks will jump at me like some people wrote on RVF. They didn't. I think my main problem was lack of motivation after all debauchery in Lima.

Post Scriptum

My logistics was perfect: AirBnB in Miraflores. It had a concierge, but he did not cockblock. It was perfectly natural that a foreigner comes to Lima to have sex with Peruvian girls.
Nice datasheet!

I have at least 1 prospect in Peru (she said she'll cook for me) that I can seal the deal but general theme I've been reading is Latinas flake and are late. Experience has taught me to find at least one other activity besides girls so just in case I don't get laid at least I had a fun vacation.

I've also been reading around that AirBnB is the way to go and not hotels. Concierge apparently can kill a lay and even if you go that route you don't want to say let's go back to my hotel.
(01-20-2020, 02:54 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: Experience has taught me to find at least one other activity besides girls so just in case I don't get laid at least I had a fun vacation.

Does that ever happen in the easier destinations like Peru or the Philippines? I thought those locations were all but assured. Do people completely strike out for a whole vacation?
I struck out in Thailand. Even TeddytheBear said he had a hard time getting laid off Tinder (he still got laid). I still had fun and would go back to the region. I've gotten matches in Philippines and if people can't get laid in that country you wouldn't be able to get laid in a whorehouse.

Latinas are supposedly flaky so I want to make sure I'm not going out of my way just to meet a certain girl. Pussy will always come to the deserving.
What factors do you think contributed to you striking out?

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