Cheap cities to live somewhat comfortably
I didn't see a thread yet which discusses cheap cities which are livable. Of course some might say that a 3rd tier city somewhere in India or Africa would be cheap, but I am not talking about such cities and want to have this very clear since the beginning.

When talking about cheap cities, I am talking about cities where it is possible to live in a comfortable way for let's say 1000 Euros/1100 USD a month. There are certainly good cities where someone could live for 500 Euros a month as there are cities where 1000 Euros will give you a good life. I think everything above 1300 Euros/1500 USD a month is already too much, as there are even places in Germany or the US where you can live with such a budget. Safety and pollution should also be considered as well as connection with the rest of the country/world. I am sure that you will probably also find other criteria as well.

So, I will start with some cities (which I personally visited) where 1000 Euros will definitely take you far, where you can have a good life and you won't risk your head:

Krakow - PL 
Lima - PE (although rent can be problematic)
Varna - BL
Check out this website:

Keep in mind that their budgets look like they are for retirees who go out occasionally but don't party that much. If you're going to party and chase tail, you need to increase your budget. You can do it either by changing individual line items or selecting what they call an "opulent" lifestyle which basically multiples your baseline budged by 1.75. Also, things like visas and health insurance are not included.
It all depends how you want to live, if you can live like a local you can live for less than $500 a month in a lot of SEA cities or in Latin America. Also if you rent a place long term you are obviously going to be paying less than monthly.
Chiang Mai, Thailand immediately comes to mind.

(01-20-2020, 02:09 PM)Brodiaga Wrote: If you're going to party and chase tail, you need to increase your budget.

This is also very true.
These may help with comparisons.
I've done it in Kiev, Lviv and third tier Ukraine. Basically anywhere in SEA is doable on that budget, even Bangkok, you just need to have your expenses in check.

My Expenses are food, shelter, transportation, gym.

I might go out drinking and partying once or twice a month, and I prefer to go to bars not clubs, drink moderately, and in a lot of these places even including dinner for two you can spend less then $50 on a night out. If you go out a lot, obviously you're going to spend a lot.

In places like Kiev or Bangkok I rely on the metro system 95% of the time, some days I dont need to use transportation because wherever I need to go is within walking distance. Easily averages out to $5 a day. Similar for places where the main mode of transport is cheap cabs and ride apps.

Food is cheap anywhere if you're willing to adapt, and it's not like you have to eat garbage, you can still eat good and healthy, just eat more in line with what's readily available in the country. Most of the people who complain about food prices in cities like Manila or Bangkok are eating at overpriced restaurants and buying imported foods like apples, milk, cheese, deli meat etc. It's a lot cheaper to eat locally sourced meats and fish, fruits, rice obviously, these are all plentiful. It's not as easy to eat copious amounts of green veggies, but I usually just eat a 711 packaged salad every day which are actually pretty good and about $1. Ukraine was great in this respect, anything I wanted was available, good quality and cheap.

In Ukraine no matter where I went I had no problem finding a good gym with a $2 day pass. The best gym I found in Ivano Frankivsk had a $10 monthly pass. There are good gyms in Bangkok along the BTS and MRT that have a $3-$5 day pass. Cheaper in Vietnam and the Phils.

The big one is shelter. $300-400 per month is the sweet spot for me, then I can make a $1000-1200 monthly budget work. I don't pretend to be a baller, I don't need to live in the fanciest buildings, and I'm fine staying in less hyped up neighbourhoods. I've never had this cause problems with meeting girl or having easy access to whatever I need.

I budget for $1500-2000 but a lot of the time I spend around $1200 a month, sometimes a little less. There's definitely been months where I was just over $1000 and didn't sacrifice any comfort.

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