Best places/cities in the US ?
Hey guys,

I know western countries are not popular in the manosphere for meeting women. However if you had to pick some places anyway in the US where will it be ?

When I look up places like Phoenix or San Diego I do see a lot of feminine good looking girls. What about the kind of daisy duke archetype of the attractive american women we see in movies ? (I am from Europe)

I myself went to Tampa bay when I was a 17 and I remembered seeing a lot of pretty and feminine girls there as well.

So my question : is the US has bad as it seems to be in travel and dating forums ?

Don't you think that where you live in the US plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of women ?
Good looking outgoing young guy in University with a large social circle... Naw, the US isn't too shabby.

Average middle aged single male working a 9-5 in an all american city who isn't a day game savant... Prob rough.

As for where i'd choose to live as a single dude....

New York
San Diego
Tampa bay area down to Sarasota is actually a pretty nice area. Probably best spot in FL..great quality of life.

I wouldnt move there for dating though. Obesity isnt as bad as most parts of the U.S due to beach proximity but I don't remember seeing a lot of stunners. It's also almost entirely white chicks but if you like daisy duke then those types are there I suppose.

Anywhere in the U.S is going to have shit online options (except maybe NYC?). So best be comfortable with night/daygame.
Northeast U.S. cities along the Atlantic Seaboard from Boston, MA to Washington D.C.

Boston, MA
Providence, RI
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
Washington D.C.

The megalopolis extends in a roughly straight line along a section of U.S. Route 1. As of 2010, the region contained over 50 million people, about 17% of the U.S. population on less than 2% of the nation's land area, with a population density of approximately 1,000 people per square mile (390 people/km2), compared to the U.S. average of 80.5 per square mile (31 people/km2). America's 2050 projections expect the area to grow to 58.1 million people by 2025. (Source Wikipedia)

There's an abundance of quality woman to sort through in this region of the U.S. New York City is an obvious one, while places like Providence and Baltimore less so, but can be fruitful for a player. There are also many smaller tier-2/3 cities between these major cities that have significant young professional and student populations. The Northeast corridor has the greatest concentration of Universities in the world and many people stick around after finishing school to begin their career here. While it's not all daisy dukes and sunshine in this region, there's something for everyone.
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20Nation had a poll about this:

There's also actually a number of US and US-city-specific threads in the travel section. This subject comes up surprisingly frequently.
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