Dominican republic-Pussy paradise or overrated women
I have a buddy who is a hardcore kite surfer and spent a few winters doing that in Carabrete, he loved it and had a great time with other foreigners and I imagine lots of chicas although I doubt he hooked up with any Dominicanas, I don’t think he left Carabrete much. Anyway, there’s enough of a foreigner scene there that you can limit your exposure to the locals if that’s what you want, similar to Medellin or any tourist hot spot. The Quebec Hells Angels even had (have?) a club house there.
I've heard something about the local government trying up the Sosua/Cabarete area but probably a lot of places that were closed down will just be reopened with new names or owners. My buddy was talking about some infamous beachfront brothel that got closed down, I think it was called Blackbeards or something like that.
I have lived in the DR a long time and it is easier for me to screen girls who fucks for money vs a normal . A girl that wants money usually has a few kids to feed, no job, maybe a couple of tatoos etc. vs a normal girl who lives at home with her family, goes to college and maybe works a part time job.

I just got back from Haiti. Haiti could be a pussy paradise if you like black girls but at the same time, it is a shit hole. Lots of trash, no electric, limited food selection, expensive and not safe. I have been going to haiti for the last 6 or 7 years . My last trip, I didn't feel safe. Before there are gringos, UN workers, chruch group etc. You don't see that anymore.

Here are the types of travelers that you get in the DR:

All inclusive. Nice place to relax and enjoy the beach/pools and eat/drink all day. You won't find any hot single dominicans girls there. They will be at the resort with either their family or their boyfriend.

Beach Towns with whores like Sosua and Boca Chica. Lots of cheap flights from the states, so you get lots of guys flying down to bang out the girls. These girls know the game and they are P4P. You won't find any nice normal girls in these towns.

Then you have guys that read forums like this and want to run game on dominican girls, so they go to Santo Domingo and stay in zona colonial. They get on a few apps and start trying to line up some chicas. Of course, the easy girls to line up are the barrio girls with a few kids. The girl will run two games on the guy. Short term, they want to bang for money or long term, they try to hook the guy in a fake relationship, where the gringo send her money all the time and supports her.

If I was coming to the DR, I would get away from the tourist areas. Plan on staying at least a month and then you can really enjoy the country.
First of all, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana are not really in the same country. Tourists who fly directly into PC and are immediately shuttled to a resort are not really in the DC. In fact, they are really more in Europe, as the majority are Spanish owned.

Those who remarked about the DR's safety are correct. It's sketchy as fuck. I'm a touch nihilistic, so I go a bit balls to wall when in country, which exposes one to the hazards. I recall jumping out of at least two taxis my last time there, as I could feel they weren't headed in the "right direction." With that said, the times I stayed in Zona Colonial, I always felt quite safe.  I would simply send an Uber to the girls I knew or who I had met online and videod, and bring the to Zona Colonial. There it was no problem to walk around even at night. Most streets are lit and there is some security presence.

There is such an abundance of willing women, I would recommend daygame so as not to waste time. But to be most effective, you need at least basic Spanish as English is not widely spoken. A typical basically educated woman will speak almost no English. A college educated girl may speak some English, but not necessarily.  Daygame within Zona Colonial is going to be more difficult. I would recommend one of two option, depending on your tastes:

1) UASD campus. Its the biggest university in the DR, and its an open campus. I just sat on a park bench and collected phone numbers. If you're foreign looking, especially white, most of the girls will openly notice you sitting there. When they look over, just say hola and go from there. The women are usually in pairs and packs. Get all their numbers. They don't mind. Don't belabor conversations. Once you got the digits you're golden. I stayed near this university several times and would often escalate from there with some immediate successes but more delayed gratification.  If you do decide to stay near here, don't operate after dark. It's pretty sketchy.

2) Parque Enriquillo. It is within walking distance of zona colonial. It is where all the buses come in from the countryside. Hundreds if not thousands of migrant type women roll in here everyday with basically no clue where they going. Now this is more of a vulnerability game, so if you have a big conscience this may not be for you. These girls are kinda desparate, but they are also really nice an open. Basically just chat up and woman who looks a bit bewildered and go from there. If you offer them a lunch or a place to stay, many if not most will accept. This is some gray area shit, and not for the feint of hard, but I just wanted to put an option out there.

In terms of quality, if you are into dark meat, this is the place for you. There are some lighter skinned ladies, but its not the norm, and they are typically higher so.

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