Is Philippines being invaded by sex tourists and sexpats?
(06-19-2020, 02:01 AM)WombRaider Wrote: I found this article from late April and it is discouraging (though not definite): International travel might not yet happen within the year — Puyat

This is the last thing I want to hear -- I am eager to get to Manila or Cebu. But it looks like Mexico is a much more likely choice for this year, at least for Americans, since it is already at least partially open.

MANILA, Philippines — International travel may still be unavailable within the year as the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat bared.

Puyat first brought up the possibility earlier this week during a virtual hearing of the House Committee on Tourism on the effect of the coronavirus pandemic to the tourism sector.

“Travel will not revert to normal right away. Even if the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) has been lifted, some LGUs will not yet be open to visitors from other places and international travel might not yet happen within the year pending the travel restrictions of other nations,” Puyat said.

I guess that the main redeeming aspect of that article (which I had not seen, previously) is that currently, it is more than 6 weeks old, and it seems that there has been more willingness for some places to open up in recent times, even though I agree with you that some countries might choose to take a way more cautious approach as compared with other countries, and it is not like US residents/citizens are likely to offer much if any advantage in terms of seeming to have the virus under control, but I suppose we might need to see how some of these matters might play out in the coming month or two... 

Like you mentioned, even Mexico might decide to back track on their reopening plans, if they believe that reopening is not working to their advantage..   while at the same time, there are so many countries that might prefer to attempt to get some of their tourism back in order if they feel that they are having difficulties in terms of the ongoing shut down repercussions.  

Did you have any particular location in mind in Mexico?  I had not really looked into Mexico too much, so I would probably need to do some researching in terms of my own personal preferences if I wanted to use Mexico as a travel location substitute.  

I will keep watching, and maybe I will opt for Mexico or some other country, too... even though I might have to research a bit more into these matters, just like you might having to figure out which locations might be acceptable in terms of supply lines and possible changes in safety considerations, too... with a somewhat evolving set of circumstances and factors that are being considered by various governments (including their tourism and/or business infrastructure circumstances).  I would not be very interested to go to a place in which I cannot even go outside to exercise, even though some forms of pools and gyms will be closed, but there might be some ability to have use of gyms and pools in private renting locations.. which would be my preference to be able to have access to those kinds of facilities, if possible.

(06-19-2020, 03:32 AM)istj Wrote: Philippines not open this year? Yeah good luck with that... they will get more deaths from poverty due to fucking up their economy, more than covid itself. There will come a point where they realise the deaths from increased poverty outnumber the deaths from covid.

Surely that poverty is a factor that they are weighing, but it continues to be unclear how long they will decide that it is better to open some aspects of their economy or if there might be some reasonable measures that allow them to open up certain aspects of their economy, including travel.  Your guess seems to be about as good as ours (mine and WombRaider) in terms of projecting a possible opening date, right?

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