Being a better bachelor from tools, tips and tricks to changes, challenges and course corrections to detours, dangers, and distractions.
Navigating bachelorhood across the decades is an adventure and a challenge.  It would have been good to have a roadmap, but you play the hand you are dealt.  Having said that, being fortunate enough to have a mentor for almost a decade who was part of a larger group of men was both pivotal and formative.
Having role models in terms of fathers, grandfathers and uncles are great things, but having a mentor was a necessary compliment.  Experience showed that it was vital to have a non-familial role model.  In olden days this was probably part of the master-apprentice relationship.
One of the first things that was learned and proven to be true over the course of life was to be involved with groups of men with whom you have things in common such as values, goals or a common purpose, particularly where you add something of value to the group and the group does the same for you.  If you are always at the bottom of your group you needed to apply serious effort to make a contribution and if you were at the top you needed to consider new vistas for internal growth as well as looking for new circles and expanding your experiences.  You may find yourself growing apart at times, but try not to dump the people who have been a positive part of your journey.  Do not be complacent and rest on your laurels.  The best groups are where the other men are pushing (helping) you.  Metal sharping metal as it were.  It seems that groups of 3-6 are ideal, but your experience may vary.  This forum maybe a precursor to these types of thing, but in the end you must work on yourself and go meet people in the real world as you are living your life and hopefully your purpose.
The second big issue was and is trust.  Who do you trust and how do you know who you can trust?  This is the most difficult IMO.  It comes after years and decades of spending time together, growing together and going through good times and bad times while being there for the other guys when they need you, not necessarily when you need them.  This is a thorny place especially when one believes in mutually enlightened self-interest, but if you choose to be part of a group there is an element of self-sacrifice that can come out if you are fortunate, and can even extend across generations.  How much time is enough?  This is personal, but experience shows 2-5 years is entry level and then it is by decades with those having 3-5 decades being rock solid, you will be fortunate if you have one or two of these.  There have been those at the 10-15 year mark that have crapped out, so you are always attentive to the actions of others.
Third would be the need to be selective.  You will need to be selective about and with the groups or people you share your time.  You have a limited amount of time and are only in one place at any given time.  Where do you want to be and how do you want to spend your life currency of attention over time (which is discipline).   People may have things to offer, but it is a question of what do they have to offer you, what do you have to offer them and what types of things do you have in common due to life experience, activities, goals, etc.  Is it a good match worth your time and attention?
Fourth is to be sure that you make time for your friends no matter the woman or women in your life, No Matter….  Women will try to separate and distance you, even the good ones because they are by nature insecure and want you attention.  It is imperative that your women know the laws of your kingdom and that they abide by them.
Fifth is to have a sanctuary.  This can be fixed like a home, condo, a piece of land with your log cabin or perhaps mobile such as a boat or an RV.  Multiples are not bad either.  The point is a place where you can go to recharge or regroup and is more permanent.  Also be cautious who you let into your sanctuary from male to female friends, they need to prove themselves.   Rental apartments or monthly abodes are not this type of sanctuary.   If you are constantly going from place to place week after week, month after month and year after year, it can become stressful beyond your 20´s or when it stretches from one to two decades of travel.
This scratches the surface as the list goes on and on.

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Learn about food.

- Learn to hunt and fish which includes cleaning, gutting, scaling, storing and preparation.
- Prepare basic meats. Start with a barbecue then kitchen.
- Preparing beans, lentils, brown rice and use of a pressure cooker
- Cook soups and stews (pressure cooker)
- Make basic casseroles.
- Pasta dishes if you want more carbohydrates.
- Cut and prepare all types of vegetables and fruits, this can including juicing.
- Have an old fashioned recipe box (container) to keep the best recipes that you collect over the years.

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