Sub-saharan Africa and African girls
I already dropped a data sheet on Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)  and open this thread as I see an interest about Africa in general.

When I say Africa, then I'm talking about those underdeveleoped black countries south of the Sahara, and excluding island states as well as developed southern part of the continent.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. 

About me: White, late 20's, I have been to Africa more than 15 times and have a respectable collection of African flags. I gamed African girls in Europe and Asia as well. Of course I have not been to all countries on the continent, so I cannot give an expert opinion on all countries of course. Those of you who have better intel than me are welcome to chime in.
Nice thread idea. Ok, I have a question some questions. This question may help shape my future africa trip. What is the easiest country in Africa to get laid? What country(non muslim) has the hottest women? Which country was the most incredible experience?
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In terms of easiness go to Uganda. Girls like white men, and a significant amount of girls now reject their own men. Reasons for that: Girls want a light skinned child, and the men have no game and are notorious for being cheaters and liars. Most of the local dudes lack work ethic and lifestyle (it's a poor country after all). I banged several single moms who got dumped after their boyfriends ballooned them. Most girls are busted or very chubby though.

Uganda is probably the most incredible country I've ever been to. Terrible infrastructure, annoying police state, much private security armed with AK 47, horrible air pollution (I've been to China and it feels like fresh air in comparison to the air in the capital Kampala), nightmarish transportation et cetera et cetera.
But Uganda must be heaven on earth in comparison to neighboring South Sudan where a civil war is going on right now.

For the hottest girls I'd think of Ethiopia (although it's now a muslim majority country). The problem with the girls is oftentimes the language barrier (the country has never been colonised), and they tend to be conservative which means weak sexual performance - no blowjobs, no anal, only missionary.
I never even considered gamin anywhere in Afrika. Way too scared of Aids and other diseases.
Yeah HIV is definitely an issue. Official figures (Wikipedia Link) are a bit misleading.
All the action (money, cultural activities, nightlife etc) is happening in the big cities and the prevalence is even higher there than in rural areas.
Another factor is the prevalence of prostitution. Some cities turn into a big brothel after sunset and a significant part of girls in clubs and bars are hookers. I read that anything between 20% and 60% of prostitutes are infected. African men don't use condoms. First, they like raw dog as much as western men, but in addition condoms are expensive, especially relatively to their disposable incomes. I heard tons of black girls complain that their men want "live sex"

Equally bad are other infections such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and many more. You could think it's not so prevalent in the capitals, but I met several girls who got the malaria or just recovered from it. Applying anti mosquito spray is equally annoying as sleeping under a mosquito net.
I also read about typhoid outbreaks in the news while visiting, but that was mostly limited to people living in the slums.
I have made a list for countries that would be good to visit in Africa for gaming and would be "liveable" ( source: friends who went there, forums, books, own experience with girls from that country:

- Kenya
- Ethiopia
-South Africa
-Sierra leone

And by liveable i mean : places that at least have some decent accomodation. Please share your thoughts.

Accomodation is a problem on that continent. If you want good quality, you have to pay western prices (or more) for it.

Hotels rank themselves 3 stars just because they have a small refrigerator and aircon in the room, even if the hotel is rundown. Africans overpromise and underdeliver. If you want the quality of a 25$ a night hotel room in Bangkok or Jakarta in Africa, you pay double or triple for the same comfort. A stay in a 4 star hotel in Addis Ababa at 145$ a night comes to my mind. Walls were thin, the staff incompetent and the breakfast of poor quality

Kenya - I know several people who have been. Many hotels available, and apartments too.

Ethiopia - been 4 years ago. Surely changed a lot because of the economic boom. Since it's the HQ of African Union, there's a wide choice of upscale hotels. Service is poor though.

Madagascar - never been, and have no intel from friends.

Ghana - never been. Accommodation should be no big issue if you're willing to pay the price.

Guinea. On my bucket list. The country is really rundown and on last place of the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 for a good reason. Few hotels listed online, and I prepare myself for rooms with no running water at ridiculous prices.

Angola. Never been and never banged a girl from there. I read a blog of a guy who's been to every country and he said Angola was one of the hardest countries to get a visa. Due to the oil boom hotels are freaking expensive. TAP Portugal airline once recommended a central located nice hotel at 30€ a night, but I forgot which hotel name it was.

South Africa. Not exotic enough for me, so I never visited. Infrastructure and accomodation should be no issue.

Sierra Leone - never been and never met anyone who has been.
Have to admit I am not a fan of black girls in general. I have spend a month in Senegal when I was 15 but cannot say I remember girls there being attractive.

I don't know what to think of Africa. In one side, it looks like a great place for adventure and travel but on the other side many things turn me off:
-Health: you talked about HIV (in Botswana it's like 1/4 of the population between 15 and 49) or malaria to name a few, a couple years ago there was this outbreak of Ebola in Guinea also. What about food and water as well?
-Safety: That's relative and probably depends where you are but Africa doesn't seem to be the safest place. I am afraid as a French that there is still some anti-french sentiment with some population.
-Female circumcision: I don't know how it actually looks or how many have their clit cut off but that doesn't sound good to me.
-Price: Everything looks so expensive if you want to go for a minimum of comfort and safety. I remember seeing Luanda, Angola, as the most expensive city in the world for expat

I had a job offer in Gabon last year that would have actually double my salary from China but I have to turn it off simply because I was a worried about the situation there and because I love asians girls too much

About food and water:
As for me, I avoid food that has not been cooked, boilt, grilled or deepfryed. That means no salads, no vegetables, no fruit unless I am 100% sure where the raw materials come from and how it was prepared. Of course tap water is a no-go.
But it's improving. In more and more countries you find western-style supermarkets. In Abidjan for example are several malls and you can find franchises such as Casino, Carrefour and (I think I've seen one) Auchan. Most products are imported and as expensive as in France.

Anti-french sentiment:
Obviously only applies to french spoken countries. When people ask you where you from, you can just tell them you're from Denmark or Norway. Most Africans I met don't dislike french people though. Interestingly, most negative opinions came from DR Congolese (however it was the Belgians that turned Congo into the heart of darkness).

Female circumcision:
Yeah it's nasty.

Luanda, Angola is an interesting example. After the end of the civil war that lasted until 2002, oil companies explored Angola's resources. Angola had basically no manufacturing, no infrastructure, no western comfort or accomodation. The oil companies were/are ready to pay any price for some decent apartments for their engineers. I once read prices for a two bedroom apartment reached 40,000 USD a month. Meanwhile, the vast majority of citizens live at a dollar per day.
Not every country is so expensive, but as a general rule if you want western amenities you pay western prices.
Great thread idea. I'm very interested going to Africa next year. Africa is really missing on my travel list. For the adventure part and I'm a fan of black girls, that's what I like about Colombia and DR you can find any shade here. Regarding African flags, I got several from black girls I met in Europe.

But the realest flags are with boots on the ground. 20 & I have been talking about it for a few years to do African Exploration tour.

The HIV thing is something on my mind too. But I read that there's some countries where the rate is pretty low, like European levels. I believe Ethiopia. Still it's on the back of your mind.
As for HIV I stick to two rules:
- I always use condoms
- I never go down on the girl.
If you don't want to use condoms, West Africa is less risky than Eastern and Southern Africa.

What will be your recommended country for someone that want to go to Africa for the first time as a solo traveler?
My criteria: girls, decent transport infrastructure, safety
Thanks in advance
If I would go, I would choose Ethiopia. This would be purely based on what I had read in the past on Naughty Nomad.
Are there some other blogs where you can read about game experiences in Africa?
NN's intel on Ethiopia got me intrigued as well. Have to go field check that.
As you mentioned female genital mutilation, Ethiopia seems like a bad deal. My ethio girl in Addis had a clit though. Maybe it happens less in capital but more in the provinces?  Prevalence of FGM, according to Wikpedia (link)
Transportation is a total bitch in most African countries, far worse than Jakarta or Manila. You need taxi a lot (if they are even available). Some capitals now have uber and it works well but traffic is very chaotic in the bigger capitals.
As long as you stay in good neighbourhoods or the city center, safety is usually not a big deal in capitals such as Dakar, Abidjan, Addis, Kampala, Cape Town and others. Trust your gut, use common sense and use registered taxis or uber (if available) at night, and don't go to remote places you don't know. You should be fine.
As you're french, you may consider Dakar, Senegal (easy visafree access) or Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (evisa but poor flight connections).
PM me for more individual questions.

Julius and TravelHardcore,
Honestly I take the posts of NN with a grain of salt.
1) First of all, most of his visits were six, seven or even more years ago. Things change a lot and his advice is dated. (He was in Ethiopia again recently, so in this case the info might be accurate)
2) Then if you read attentively you see that he visited most countries just for two or four days, sometimes he just "discovered" this cool bar where girls were easy. In comparison to him, I've stayed more than 3 weeks in Abidjan, of which I posted an in-detail datasheet.
3) Number three. What is good for him might be bad for you. NN for example liked the beautiful girls, cheap weed, the coffee and the food, meanwhile he didn't state the nasty aspects of Addis Ababa. As for me, a girl is useless if she doesn't suck cock or lay on bed like a corpse (the ethio girls are notorious for being underperformers in bed). Also, I met a girl from online and when she showed up I found out that she smells like rubbish, as if she lives next to a wage dump.
4) NN does really warn his readers about the culture shock and health and security risks of most African countries.
5) Many venues or areas he mentions are just P4P (But I must say that prostitution is so rampant that in some cities there is not much to recommend without P4P)

If you think of which country to visit as a first, you can take into account the following criterias:
- Accessibility (price of flights, duration of transportation, cost of visa)
- Health risks and HIV
- Political stability and crime (read travel advice of your government)
- Prices
- Infrastructure

If you have two or three countries now, you can ask me (maybe I've been there) or you check info from other adventurous men.
That leads to a new topic:
Somebody on the forum ever had sex with a women with FGM? How was that experience?

I agree that you should take NN with a grain of salt. I had read his report about Tirana in Albania and I couldn't disagree more when I went there for myself and checked out the nightlife. Also, he makes short trips, which is not the same if you stay for a long longer period somewhere, which allows you to make better generalizations.
But he's the only one in the manospere who has a lot of articles about Africa. Up to 20 and THC to fill in the gap :-)

Yesterday I started digging on the internet about Africa. I found this interesting documentary about Lagos, which gives you a good idea how about the life there: There is also episode 2 and 3
I have spent a month in Dakar, couldn't say I like it. It was 15years ago and part of a humanitarian program organized by my HS, so maybe not the best situation. I will always remember this random woman in the street who told my friends and me: ".... francs trou pipi, ... francs trou caca", basically "...francs pee hole, ... fr poop hole".

Might think of going to Abidjan then thanks to your advice. It does look like the most advanced city in french speaking-Africa.
(05-11-2017, 11:14 PM)Julius Wrote: That leads to a new topic:
Somebody on the forum ever had sex with a women with FGM? How was that experience?

First at all, thanks Julius for posting the documentary. Nigerians are notorious for being scammers and criminals, especially on the continent.

I had an experience with that issue FGM, but "only" Type 1. For those who want to know what Type 1 of female genital mutilation means, here is the link (attention, it is nasty):
The sex itself with Type 1 was never different than with other non-cut girls.
From documentaries I heard that some women who have no clitoris experience intense pain during intercourse.

That anecdote on "francs trou pipi" made me laugh. Well the senegalese are definitely not thankful people. If you gave 10$ every day to a random senegalese on the street, you'd die before hearing a "thanks" from the recipient.
If you are interested either in Senegal or Ivory Coast, I'd recommend Dakar for easier access, easier transportation (city layout) and prettier girls. Abidjan is better in terms of easiness, more sophisticated locals, better infrastructure and less air pollution.
For those who ask about "Africa for newcomers", I've been to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda) 3 years ago and I'd say that qualifies as such:

- Visas on arrival for many western passports (check to see if it applies to you)
- Low language barrier for the most part. In Kenya and Uganda most people speak great English. A bit tougher in Tanzania, but educated ones speak it well. In Burundi I spoke French, so I don't know how far English will get you, I'd imagine not much. Rwanda has recently changed its national language from French to English, and it's still very much in a transitory period.
- Stuff to do. Safaris, hikes, stunning Indian ocean beaches, etc.
- Reasonable infrastructure by African standards.

Don't expect it to be super cheap, but also don't rely on the prices listed on websites. Hit the tarmac and go stay in cheaper places that are not listed anywhere. Tourist shit tends to be VERY expensive.

If you want to meet girls, I recommend a social circle approach. I couchsurfed in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) and Kampala (Uganda), screened my potential hosts so I would stay with party dudes, and I met chicks through them. Sketchy dive bars will be 100% dudes (and aren't safe) and upscale bars will cost you a fuckton. I went to a cheap nightclub in Nairobi and every girl on the dancefloor came to twerk on me but every time before I could escalate the power went off hahaha. I was with some friends and it was my first few days on the continent so I didn't wanna be left on my own so I left when they left too, there was definitely some potential.

All in all I recommend going, not that much for the chicks but for the overall cultural experience and for the wild fun. I'm writing a little memoir of my seven-week trip there now and might put it online as a free/cheap e-book at some point.
NN's reports are generally pretty good, knows where some of the best nightlife is and gives some good tips

only complaint would be that he is anti hooker yet goes to some well known hooker discos then pulls girls, doesnt pay, and talks about how easy it is to get laid....... particularly in africa

well, ya of course it is
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