The supplements that actually work - personal experiences
Nice, I think I'll order some. Will post updates here.
Whenever you have a supplement you might be interested in, check the Examine website. It summarizes all the major studies on whether a particular supplement works. I saw some of you guys talked about lion's mane. Here's the related page:

(Yes, I have a new account and this is only my second post. But I'm in no way associated with that site. It's just an excellent resource.)

The things that I take myself that have some scientific backing are:

- Creatine (muscle growth / gym performance)
- Vitamin D (general health)
- Bacopa (memory)
- And some modafinil once in a while. That's a pharmaceutical, not a supplement, but it works well and is safe when used responsibly.
Are mushrooms actually purchasable in DC now?
(03-17-2021, 04:37 PM)churros Wrote: Are mushrooms actually purchasable in DC now?

Sold online or via phone order and delivered to DC residents

According to the seller,
"10-15 pieces will kick you into God Mode: walls might melt."
Hope this can contribute to the forum... The below have given me noticeable benefits, either in mood or physical changes/recovery. Listed in most noticeable to least.
sunflower lecithin
zinc picolinate
horny goat weed
Red ginseng
tribulus terrestris
liver tablets
vitamin D3

These supplements are ones I haven't seen any noticeable benefits
maca gelatinized powder

Most of the time I go with the recommended dose because I'd see side effects from too much zinc or tribulus. Personally I usually get dehydrated or lose more hair when it's over done. So now I use it every few months.
Strong list, I like most of those too.

I've only been taking zinc and glucosamine recently and making more of an effort to eat super clean. Feel goooood
I'm going to start blending chicken liver, freezing it in ice cubes, and then adding it to my veg smoothies
I love liver. Organs in general are spectacular. Big fan of chicken hearts.

I'm off the shake train cause my blender fucked up and i haven't bought a new one yet. Needa get on that.
Hemp gel, not a supplement but an alternative to chemical painkillers if you have muscle or ligament pain.
Not as effective as the chemical stuff but it is a good natural alternative.
Lemon balm for anxiety/ sleep. Same for Kava.

Kratom for pain. Although it does give you sorta opiate high. Use with caution.
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The peasant, with a cunning smile, tells her, ‘Take one of my eyes!’

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Not a supplement per se, but taping my mouth while sleeping has helped me sleep better and my breath is noticeably fresher in the morning when I do.

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