The supplements that actually work - personal experiences
I thought I'd create this thread to share info on what supplements you've tried that actually have made an impact (or which have not). Feel free to list also brands or further details on components if you feel that is relevant.

Personally, I've tried a shitton of supplements already and only of a few I can state that they gave me clear results:

Strong effect:

-ZMA: Zinc Magensium Vit . B6, this one does it for me and in one day can give me clear benefits in terms of sexual health (strong boners), so I'd imagine it does all kinds of good stuff in your body.

-Apple Vinegar Cider (ACV): a noteworthy increase in energy and overall well-being after this for a couple of days, still really hard to maintain as a routine though due to the taste. Make sure the ACV has 'the mother' in it, which is where the probiotica are concentrated.

-Modafinil: nothing better for a day full of concentration and focus to finish all those pending tasks

-Niacin (Vit. B3): I take the 500mg ones and these give you a super flush throughout all your body, seems to have amazing benefits for cholesterol/tryglicerides. Also helped me with a candida infection once, so a very beneficial supplement and not too expensive. Don't buy the flush free one. 

-L-Citrulline: Improves blood flow and Nitric Oxide, clear results with the powder, no results with the pills (other brand also)

-Coconut oil: better energy, faster recovery from sports and decreased appetite

-Creatine: increased reps during exercise

-Guarana: strong energetic effect, good for mood and focus, make sure to buy a high concentration

Small/uncertain effects: 

-L-Theanine and Ashwagandha: both work and improve your mood/concentration but not in a very strong way, combined with caffeine quite good tho, worth it

-Certain probiotica: it all depends on the type, some work, other don't, some might benefit you, others might harm you, very important to do your research and thread carefully (and monitor daily)

-Glucosamine: made my legs relax very fast but after some doses they started to actually hurt, very strange

-DIM: not sure about this one, hard to evaluate since it works on your hormones but not in a direct way

No noticeable effects (could also be due to short time of trying, sort of interfering mechanism in the body, bad brand, lack of discipline on my part etc.)

-Biotin, Horny Goat Weed, L-arginine, Vit. D, Maca, Nettle root extract, Omega 3-6-9, Curcuma, Rhodiola Rosea, Spirulina, Saw palmetto, Boswelia, Cat's claw, Sarsaparilla
My experience...

Things that work:

Creatine - Definitely works. Less worn out during my workouts, but the biggest impact was on mental alertness, which probably also contributes to focus during workouts.

Fish Oil - Gives me a general sense of well-being. A lot of the research on fish oil's cardiovascular impact is dodgy, but there's strong support for it acting as a mild mood enhancer. Also may have helped me bring my blood pressure down from "borderline" to normal.

Vitamin B Complex - I don't know which vitamins to attribute results to, but these had big, though temporary, impacts on energy and libido. There is some research that indicates stress hormones deplete certain B vitamins, so what some people are calling "adrenal fatigue" might be helped by this. I'm assuming the libido effect was caused by B6 acting as a prolactin inhibitor.

ZMA - Didn't really notice any specific impact on my workouts or recovery, but it definitely contributes to deeper sleep. I tend to remember vivid dreams when I take it. Pretty sure it also contributes to bigger, thicker loads with proper hydration, if you're looking for that.

Things I've tried but am not sure about:

Vitamin D - I'm guessing this is very situational to diet and lifestyle. I take it a normal dose as a precaution through the winter because it's cheap and the science makes sense to me.

Lecithin - Research supports a number of benefits, but I have no way of knowing if it's happening.

L-Citrulline: When I tried this, there were too many other confounding variables. I think it did what it said it would do, but I'm not sure yet.

Things that didn't work:

Maca - No response.

L-Arginine - L-Citrulline is converted by the body into L-Arginine for use. L-Arginine itself has a reputation for not being used by the body, and I'm pretty sure that was the case for me.
I'm a supplement minimalist. Not in the camp of supplements are all scams and not in the camp of buy it for what ails you. Just know this business is unregulated.

If going to another country these can prepare your stomach for different types of bacteria.

Pre workout and the tablets are the real deal. Includes coffee too. I cycle about every 2-3 months for 1 week off.

Fish Oil:
Helps with joints at 3g per day. Maybe slight mood boost.

Supposedly great with sauna use. Be careful with dosage as side effects can be intense.
Modafinil works if used properly, I also noticed that at least for me it's an appetite suppressant, if I take one in the morning I won't feel hungry or sometimes won't even eat until around 5 or 6 when it's starts wearing off for me.
Fish oil... does it spike estrogen?

Some more:

Beta Alanine: Gives an energy rush and longer bursts of intense activity (more reps before fatigue).

Korean Ginseng: Clean mental focus, energetic motivation.
DMSO -- Dramatically speeds healing of soft-tissue injuries (muscle strains/pulls, bruises, tendonitis, etc.)

Not a supplement, but a tool for the medicine cabinet you won't learn about from your doctor.
I decided to stop buying supplements that are, in any case not very bio-available and just improve my diet by working certain things into it.

Zinc - Pumpkin seeds

Magnesium - Almonds

Vitamin D - Sardines

Vitamin A - Sweet potato

Vitamin C - Sweet potato

Testosterone - Ginger tea

Lentils in mince for extra protein and carbs

Turmeric in smoothie as anti-bacterial

Flax in smoothie for fibre

Hemp seeds in smoothie for protein

Beets for boners
The biggest one for me is 5-HTP. I take it before bed and sleep like a baby. Even if I don't get an ideal amount of sleep, I still feel generally more rested throughout the day. I've been on it daily for about 8-10 weeks.
I've never noticed any effect/benefit from any supplement except for vitamin D, definitely mood boosting almost nootropic effects with that.

Modafonil made me anxious and tolerance builds up too fast with it.
Ginger works as well, I need to get that in the routine. I recently made ginger tea and it wasn't bad. Ginseng is also interesting. Drinking herbal tea is one of those old beneficial customs that got lost in modernization I feel.

For modafinil I take a max. of 2 times 100mg per week. More than that and I'm sure I would get tolerant fast. Those two days (or one more often) I do feel a great improvement in productivity. Half of my datasheets are written like that ;-).

Churros if you have the time and discipline to make sure you get all those from natural foods, then all the better indeed, I have no doubt you can get great results like that.
(12-03-2019, 07:36 AM)Rottenapple Wrote: Churros if you have the time and discipline to make sure you get all those from natural foods, then all the better indeed, I have no doubt you can get great results like that.

I think about my diet like a constant work in progress. It's impossible to starting taking all these things immediately, but if you do it piece by piece and treat it like a sculpture then eventually it just becomes second nature.

For example I bring a tupperware of almonds and pumpkin seeds where ever I go, and just buy those in bulk and refill as needed.

I recently swapped out pasta for sweet potato in all pasta sauce dishes. And then red lentils just disappear into the sauce..

Beets, flax, and hemp can all go in the same smoothie. In fact I added kale to the smoothie for the first time and it wasn't half bad.

I buy sardines in bulk and eat a tin for supper every day.

And so on...
(12-03-2019, 03:31 AM)wi30 Wrote: The biggest one for me is 5-HTP. I take it before bed and sleep like a baby. Even if I don't get an ideal amount of sleep, I still feel generally more rested throughout the day. I've been on it daily for about 8-10 weeks.
I take 5-htp with GABA and experience the enhanced sleep quality as well. I think I heard about the combination from Cernovich.

I also take Magnesium and sodium to avoid night time leg and foot cramps.
ZMA I notice straight away for my sleep, harder to tell for the minor testosterone benefits

Creatine for a slight strength gain and for extra water retention. Which makes me slightly bulkier in a tshirt, but slightly puffier. So +/-s.

Caffeine, guarana, AAKG, tyrosine, taurine, citrulline mallate, and beta alanine for preworkout/pre-match - a combination of increased endurance, more energy and less muscle cramping.

BCAAs are great for hunger between meals when cutting. I've found they reduce muscle loss noticeably.

Vitamin C at 2-3g a day whenever I feel any sickness coming on, or whenever I am sick. I've found it noticeably reduces the duration of the sickness.

Fish oil and vitamin D both have loads of sound science behind them making them two pretty much required supplements for most people in Europe/the US based on diet/sunlight in winter, but its harder to notice any immediate benefit taking them.
You guys have actually motivated me to experiment a little. Most mornings as a meal replacement I do a whey smoothie with fruit, oatmeal, Amazing Grass greens powder, and creatine. Have citrulline powder coming then will try cycling in ginkgo baloba after a month.

(12-03-2019, 01:14 AM)JackinX Wrote: Fish oil... does it spike estrogen?

I've never heard this, but everyone should do their own research on anything they're concerned about. I always thought the prevailing theory was that it broadly helps the body manufacture sex hormones, including testosterone, but that there was no clear evidence.
[Image: Lgu6EDG.png?1]

[Image: RLB7zbX.png?1]
For energy I like Mate powder (Yerba Mate leaf). It contains caffein and the energy you get from it is very noticeable. Great replacement for coffee. I also noticed a clear weight loss effect. I reckon because the caffeine reduces the feeling of hunger.

Another thing I use is Astaxanthin. It's the strongest natural antioxidant. There are not that many studies about it, but generally what I have found so far sounds all very positive. I don't really feel a difference when I take it, but generally I can say that I have been feeling very good & energetic since I've started taking it.

I also take Collagen powder (fish-based) for anti-aging (smooth skin & preventing wrinkles). I do feel there's an effect. My facial skin definitely looks A LOT better compared to other people my age. But I also have to say that I generally have a healthy lifestyle (don't smoke, never sun bathe, drink a lot of water), which of course also protects skin damage.
Ones that definitely worked

Zinc- amazing in every way. Better recovery, better sex, better confidence, I can go on and on.

Vitamin D-the same as zinc but minus the recovery

Magnesium-just felt a lot better after taking it. Sleep was amazing, moods were better as well.

Lechitin-bigger way bigger loads.

Creatine- a massive almost depressing amount of strength and endurance was loss after quitting creatine. Going from 335 bench to 275 hurts. Also noticed way more injuries now that I’m off.

Possibly works

Ginseng and ginger- I feel slightly better but can’t say it’s ground breaking

L arginine- it definitely works but maybe not as much as desired

Definitely does not work

L theanine and melatonin- combined gives me anxiety, separate gives me anxiety, neither relaxes me and melatonin works more like caffeine for me. (I know I’m the odd ball but I would never use melatonin again.)

Any herbal testosterone boosters-they make me hornier but also makes me feel more emotional and weak.

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