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I've been taking spanish lessons online with private tutors through I have a Venezolana tutor who is much younger than I am (I'm mid 50s, she is in her early 20s) and it's kind of a weird relationship; because we talk every week - or more often - we have learned a lot about each other's lives just to have shit to discuss. Anyway, at one point I told one of her that my ex-girlfriend and I were "friends with benefits." She immediately seized on this: "Oh, 'amigos derecho' o 'amigos con beneficios.'" At that point, she got a little bit flirty with me for the first time. Interesting, I thought. 

Even though I don't have any trips to South America planned, I still pipeline; (if I stumble across a real winner, I might make a special trip). So, I started incorporating a discussion of my relationship with my ex into those conversations and it really seems to get them more interested . . . and escalates the playfulness of the conversation effortlessly. It's almost like my ex wrote me a positive review on Yelp. 

I don't think I would bring up this topic with a woman in the U.S. I was talking to via a dating app . . . I think it would be a turn-off. I guess I've never done it, so maybe I'm wrong. 

Any opinions on why that topic seems to generate interest from latinas? It could be cultural or maybe just talking to someone from another part of the world is already surreal so a little bit of fantasy is ok. Thoughts? Also, any other topics you discuss with latinas you don't think U.S. women would be ok with?
Pipelining is only helpful if you go there within the next weeks or months at best.
Try to take a trip and don't just rely on pipelining, because many Latinas are known to flake on you. When you set up a date, tell them to be there at 12, but you come around 12:30. Latinas are on average very late.
At the end of the day, sure Latinas and US women are different, but they are WOMEN and unless they are lesbians, they want to get fucked by a man. Some Latinas might be sexually more open, but I don't really think that the topic of 'friends with benefits' is an advantage or not. I experienced that being open about fetishes for instance was not an immediate turn-off for most Latinas, while US women and Western European women are reluctant to continue talking to you. But again it was just talk and didn't help me one bit.
At the end I think it is better to not talk so much. Just talk to her to get a date planned and lead her with actions once you meet her.
I'd add pipelining lets you feel out a country before you decide whether or not it's worth going. I may be wrong on this but based on what I've been getting in Colombia I would be better off spending time in other parts of LA.

To answer OP's question women are women at the end of the day. She probably wants to smell other women's pussy from you. One route you can take (that I'm currently doing as well as pipelining) is befriend her and get her to introduce you to her friends.

I'm currently pipelining for my trip months from now. Where I go depends on the quantity because as mentioned already Latinas flake. I get the occasional stunner/19year old with latinas and compared to online dating here in America my matches are better. I think it's because in America I'm competing against athletes, trust fund babies, etc. Something I've noticed is darker women seem to be into me and based on what other players have wrote they seem more insecure about their skin color. I'm not complaining as there are some attractive women I can easily hook up with and once again in America I wouldn't get a second look. I'm pressed for time but might consider taking a couple dance lessons.

I say keep going at it. Another benefit to learning Spanish besides how easy it is is it's not too hard to transition into Portuguese.
I wouldn't pipeline months out, I'd say 2 weeks out would be good. Most of them will get bored of talking or even find a boyfriend if you start talking to them 2-3 months before you plan to arrive.
Agreed with SC87, if you pipeline more than 10 days out they will either get bored with just texting, or tune out, or find a new shiny thing by then. If you pipeline too close then they will tell you they are busy, agree to meet up in a couple of days, and then postpone you because they forgot about you and made other plans....rinse and repeat. Shit can be frustrating with latinas.
If you want to practice your Spanish practice you can do that with your least favourite matches and then keep the hotties off to the side, don't even start talking to them until you are almost in the country or in the country.

Also when you are in the country and want to meet up with them on the weekend don't make plans with them earlier in the week, try and make plans like a day in advance or the same day, many times when I've made plans in advance they flake.
If you are in your 50s and a latina in her 20s wants to be fwb before she even meets you in person she is 1000% looking for money.
I don't really think you (collective you "us" all of you/us, etc.) are "pipelining" these Latinas on those websites. I know you are speaking of your Spanish tutor, which is different, but in other threads LA Cupid/COL Cupid came up--those chicks get prolly 50-100 messages per day from American/Euro/CAN dudes thinking they are pipelining. These chicks are masters of manipulation who are, most likely, talking to tens or hundreds of dudes. You should be very weary of those sites and the girls that occupy them.

Topics that generate interests from Latinas totally depends on the situation of the girl to whom you are "pipelining." I would say the most important thing, as unfortunate or unfair as it is, is the social class of the girl. Depending on the country, the people can be far into leftism/conservatism/racism/classism... It's very difficult to distinguish. Latinas, for the most part, are very jealous and possessive of their men.

Stimulating interests.... You're walking on landmines if you talk current events or politics. If you talk about art (and she's into art), you're walking on landmines because you two may not agree or you may not have an opinion at all, which is also a head shot. Religion? Hmm.. Sports? Prolly not.

You just have to play it out. Let things develop. Avoid landmines.
How far out to pipeline is probably a more interesting topic than the one I intended to start . . .

I didn't verbalize it at the time, but I had a few reasons I was pipelining ~3 months in advance:

- I used it as a way to advance my knowledge of Spanish. Kind of a free Spanish lesson.
- I made itinerary decisions based on the results of my pipelining. After getting SO much positive response from Cali, I moved that city earlier in my trip and added more time there.
- I was able to make a pretty strong connection with a woman that ended up paying dividends (in the short-term).

Strictly from the perspective of establishing contacts, I definitely spent too much time on it, but for me it wasn't wasted because I wanted to improve my Spanish (and I had extra time).

I'm pipelining now in anticipation of making another trip. I'm concentrating my time in three cities and will make my decision on which to visit based on my results (due to time constraints, it will be a one city trip). I'm still trying to improve my Spanish, so I'm not thinking about it as wasted time (again, I would consider it wasted time if I had more work commitments and didn't need the language practice).
You're overthinking it. Latinas don't need pipelining. Most Latinas will tell me when I talk to them and am out of the country, 'Ok hit me up when you are here'. They are not like Western women that need a strong mental connection, with them it is more direct and natural through a personal meet. The same goes for topics, Latinas generally are not very interested in talking about worldly events, politics, art, science whatever needs a brain. They don't know half of the shit that happens in the rest of the world anyway. Ask a Latina where Ukraine is, what she thinks about cryptos is or what conservatism means and she will give you a bland stare. The saying 'threat them like children' goes double for Latinas. Be playful, make stupid jokes, send them silly memes, get sexual... everything that is fun, nothing serious, you would just push them away.

So, match em in tinder whenever you like, start talking to them a week to 10 days before arriving, tell em let's meet up for drinks or ice cream, see how they respond and get those numbers/dates. During the dates, make jokes, laugh with other people, talk about how they look, about simple topics like ice cream flavor, dogs, reggeaton, her family, etc. while already being touchy with them (in a non-creepy way). After, invite her to your place and escalate physically. No need to get her approval by asking to kiss her or whatever, this isn't the US. Spend the time you would use for pipelining on buying a nice dress shirt or going to the gym instead.
I still think pipelining can be used to gauge how women are going to react to an extent but point taken I won't do it months in advance. It tells you where you stand with attractive women too. Also lol at treating latinas like children, I really need to plan my trip soon.

I don't think it's a bad thing for young 20 year olds to be into you for your money. At least you can get away with an age gap. In America society shames you for that (thanks a lot feminist propaganda). I'll keep stacking up my cash and dating girls in their early 20s. Whether I'll relocate to Thailand or Colombia is something I haven't figured out yet.

If it helps I use The author is comprehensive about day game, online game, and night game. He emphasizes no need to master the language and it's more important to show effort in being cultured and be outgoing.

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