your 2020 travel plans
Hey guys looking to put together a thread on where your going or thinking about going next year. 

il start:

mid jan - Medellin

mid april - las vegas

mid may - Dublin

mid july - montreal

winter - maybe playa del carmen or sao Paulo?
Feb - going to do 10-14 days in Guatemala. Planning on spending more time in Antigua than Guatemala City. Most likely will hit up Flores as I really want to see Tikal. Might also consider a couple days in San Salvador.

May - Greece. Will definitely do a couple days in Athens to see the sights and want to check out Knossos on Crete. Likely to hit up one of the party islands as well.

Summer - will probably do a road trip from Canada to somewhere in the U.S. for a 4-5 day long weekend. Maybe Pittsburgh, Columbus, or Indy?

Fall - leaning towards going to Asia for the first time. Will depend on how long I can get away for. Thinking I'm going to need at least two weeks if I'm flying from Toronto.
March-April South Africa 
April-May Amsterdam-Berlin-Warsaw-Budapest-Prague
June-July Colombia-Peru-Brazil-Argentina
May/June I'll make a train trip through Europe, probably 3-4 weeks. I want to retrace the different routes of the Orient Express, see lots of great cities, watch European Championship football with whoever I encounter, enjoy the history and culture of all these different countries, and try to squeeze in some approaches amidst all that.

I'll use a combination of day trains and sleeper trains, and stay in either hostels or AirBnB for stopovers. I haven't entirely decided how long I'm going to stay everywhere or how many side trips I'll take from places where I'll be stopping over, but the basic itinerary will be:

Home - Paris - Venice - Triest - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Belgrade - Sofia - Istanbul - Bucharest - Budapest - Vienna - Munich - Home

It'll be a bit of a challenge in pacing. I don't like just zipping through one city and missing out on interesting places in the area around it, but I can't hang around in one place for too long either, in terms of time and cost. Anyway, I look forward to tackling all this. Sleeper trains in some places will be helpful since I can then explore a place for a day, have dinner, get on the train, and awake in the next destination. But probably more important will be to not to worry or hurry too much.
Jan/Feb: India and Sri Lanka

May: Currently planning a short vacation in Asia, not sure where to go.

July/August: 2 month trip around Europe + potentially Israel or something similar. Will probably spend most of my time around the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

October: Again another week-long holiday but again not sure where to go.

If anyone's got recommendations for places in Asia that are worth visiting for a week let me know. I've been most countries in Asia though so prefer something unique.

Hope to catch some of you guys on the road.
Well...I hope to start travelling/working next year...basically becoming a digital nomad. I have some online jobs, I have some language skills to give classes online and I know to trade a bit.

I want to visit Eastern Europe with a main focus in Poland/Ukraine/Moldova/Romania.
I want to also 'polish' my Polish skills and start learning some Russian/Ukrainian and Romanian. I know already Italian/Spanish/French so it might be fun to learn some Romanian as well. My main goal is not only to meet women, but also to check the history, as I am a history nerd, to make videos, to confront some stereotypes and to look at the real estate market in these countries. I already know Poland fairly well, but never went beyond.

2021 -> Latin America HOPEFULLY!
My plans change frequently but at the moment I hope to visit the following this year:

-Early January: Western Europe
-Late January: Turkey, maybe Lebanon
-Feb-May: Perhaps Iran if I find the time, then Latin America, if possible through the US with flight connection passing NY and Boston
-And probably some Africa as well either work-related or for fun
Rottenapple may I ask you what you do for work that allows you this flexible schedule and voyages to countries like equatorial guinea?
You may not!
Early in the new year I plan to head to Scotland and England to see where my family came from. My research shows that I'll be disappointed in the women so from there I'll head to the Phils to run through some LBFM's.
Mostly looking to travel around North America. I want to check out states out west, like Nevada, California, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado. Also looking to check out some parts of British Columbia, and possibly Mexico
Sometime between March-May
Latin America

Sometime between June-August

I promised datasheets, just got a lot on my plate at the moment!
Starting in May, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and maybe Moldova.
Favorite Countries:  Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Japan, Argentina.

Countries For Future Travel:  Norway, Sweden, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bosnia, Macedonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan.
(12-02-2019, 11:28 AM)Rottenapple Wrote: My plans change frequently but at the moment I hope to visit the following this year:

-Early January: Western Europe
-Late January: Turkey, maybe Lebanon
-Feb-May: Perhaps Iran if I find the time, then Latin America, if possible through the US with flight connection passing NY and Boston
-And probably some Africa as well either work-related or for fun

might not effect you but when I did my esta to get into America cause im English it wanted to know If ive been to iran, Syria, Iraq and a few other countries. If I did this might of effected me getting into or around America. maybe it wont effect you if your a us citizen.
Beirut sucks for daygame and online game was there in july. heard nightgame in Mar Mikhael area is good tho. also outside a restaurant called swiss butter (amazing steak)
Izmir in turkey is cool for 2weeks. also Istanbul, Antalya but not until may/june when Russian girls visit. Ankara is Turkish capital I did not know thought was istanbul.
I wanna move back to Hawaii and taking trips over to Asia by the 20th of November.
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- Freiburg (Germany) because it's near
- Vilnius (Lithuania) because it's cheap, not too warm, and the girls look hot I heard
- Lloret de Mar and (1h away) Barcelona (best party place with teens and Barcelona because I never used Tinder there)
- autumn: undecided yet
Jan - Phillipines (East Visayas and Cebu)
Feb - Bali, Kuala Lumpur
Mar - Laos
Apr - May: work in Peru
Jun - Bogota
Jul - Prague

and then...only God knows
About to pull the trigger on 24 days in Thailand.
Mid January to mid February: 14 Nights in bangkok, 10 nights split between the outer islands.
January- China to California and Arizona. Thinking of a two or three day Grand Canyon hike, if time permits. If not, I'll go skiing for a couple of days in Mammoth or Flagstaff
February- California -->Philippines-->China
April- Songkran in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Leaning toward Chiang Mai because I've already done it in BKK and Phuket.
July to December- ????? It depends on where I'm working.
In Mexico until mid Jan
In South Africa for prob a month ish Jan Feb
After Safa I don't know yet what I'll be doing till early April.
Sierra Leone and Tanzania are under consideration
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