Jakarta : 2014 vs 2019
I'm in Jakarta currently. I am in shock at the decrease of the white-god-factor compared to 5 years ago. (I was in my twenties in 2014 and am still in my twenties in 2019).

2014 :
- Tinder sluts were featuring pictures of them with white guys on their instagram. It was a big DHV for them.
- Many Tinder girls would invite me to go to clubs with them and would propose to pick me up with their car.
- Locals were polite and indifferent. Many girls in malls would show interest.
- 5s and 6s were eager to meet in the condo.

2019 :
- Tinder sluts have pics of them traveling abroad and with Indonesian guys at the office. Being featured with a white guy is not "in" anymore.
- I haven't gotten a single club invite by a Tinder girl since I arrived. Many 27+ girls want me to bring them to high-end bars instead. Those girls are not even hot : 5s and 6s, middle-class girls who have traveled abroad and work in the golden triangle.
- Locals are still polite but they don't seem to respect foreigners as much as before.
- 4s and 5s living 2 hours away from the center are eager to meet to the condo. Forget it about having an upper middle-class going to your condo without a date outside.

What has *not* changed is the number of matches and the quality I get on online dating sites : After a few days of being here, I got about 600 likes on okcupid (18-30 years old), 300 likes on Tinder (18-24 years old), 100 likes on Bumble (27-35 years old).

It's just... The white god factor has decreased and most are not going to come straight to the condo anymore unless she's a war-pig or a lower-class girl. It's still possible to meet 7s (brought one home yesterday actually) but the place just feels less of a pussy paradise than before.
(11-30-2019, 05:07 AM)BoarHunter Wrote: - 4s and 5s living 2 hours away from the center are eager to meet to the condo.

So where's the problem?
Can we not do these "the current state of white god factor" updates, that shit attracts a crowd of losers who just want to complain. It killed the rvf travel section.
Yesterday I got overwhelmed with the amount of girls willing to meetup at night, I had to flake on 75% of them. Saturday is always the most random day of the week as for flakes management.

All the girls below were met with the "bait and switch" method : I plan a meeting at the mall, and 1 hour before they leave to meet me, I ask if it's ok if we watch a movie at my condominium. I've learned it works much better that way than straight up asking for a condo meeting. I think I'll stop this method from now on though and just go for coffee dates.

- 7pm : 21 years old girl came straight to my condo. She was definitely a 6 (smooth skin, gym body, plump lips) but was also definitely a slut, maybe a semi-pro in training (she just made her first tatoo 2 weeks ago and had a $800 phone). Anyway, she wasn't here for money at all and gave a nice blowjob and then we fucked.

- 9 pm : 24 years old girl, showed up with a pollution mask to "hide herself from people she could know at Thamrin Residences". When she removed the mask at my condo it was a disaster. I tried to pretend I was a virgin and she should leave and I'll pray to god. Didn't work. So I admitted she's not my type and she had to leave.

- 11.00 pm : 24 years old girl, we chatted on video call a few hours earlier and she seemed nice. TLDR : She came with an unexpected friend, both were 7+ and possibly were virgins, but nothing happened.
During the video call earlier, she asked to bring a friend with her, which I agreed. But then at 11.00 I texted that she can come to my condo instead and we'll watch a movie. We got a long and annoying exchange of at least 30 mins with 2 min delays at each text, where she finally agreed to meet me alone in front of the building. We made a deal that I will send her a taxi to pick her up, which I accepted but she made it very painful by rejecting my "taxi arrived" notice, because it was not exactly in front of starbucks where she was, but at another coffee 30m away. She said she couldn't find it and I gave her the taxi phone number, then she pretended she could not call it. I calmly said she can book the grab herself it will be easier. She said ok, continued to make the logistics annoying by doing things like saying she can't pay the taxi with Ovo (God, it's ok, I'll pay it when it arrives), and asking which thamrin residences to select on the taxi app (god, there's only one thamrin residences in the city...). Anyway, when the taxi showed up at the building, the window of the taxi revealed she had sneaked up a cute friend with her. I reprimanded her for not telling me about it, but both girls were cute and didn't seem like sluts so I accepted and paid the taxi. My girl looked very scared and most likely a virgin, her body seemed extremely tight (good indicator of virgin-ness). Her friend was bubbly, friendly, and even hotter, no idea if she was a virgin but it's possible. But from that point things got out of control for me, which made me make the wrong decisions. When we arrived at my salon, I said we will 3 of us lay on my bed to watch the movie. They didn't follow me and began to chatter between each-other in Indonesian. I tried to stay calm but I felt abused by the trick she but on me by bringing a mother-hen, and each time I said something like go to the bed she'd panic and ask her friend for approval. She finally agreed to leave the mother-hen on the couch while we went to the bed, but then she'd make calls with the mother-hen on the phone! I was very tired and had enough and asked her to pay me back the taxi and they can leave. They put a heart-breaking disappointed look on their face and I realised it was really a cunty move of me to do that. They simply left, without story. I regretted my move afterwards, and realise Indonesia can make me very entitled.
Why the focus on girls coming directly to the condo?

Have you met high quality girls this way? I sure haven't.
Yeah, gotta screen out the girls with vicious acne and bad skin that cover it up with photoshop by doing FaceTime video calls. Otherwise you get situations like that.

Your experience matches mine pretty much. 5s and 6s are still relatively EZ but 8s and higher will be a struggle.

The lighter skinned Chinito girls that are even remotely hot will definitely be harder to get. Also the girls are kind of starting to develop white girl attitudes now. Didn’t experience much hate from the local males yet like I do in other Asian countries, so that’s a plus... But that’s bound to change as western guys continually flood the place.

I’m guessing you get no extra benefit going to clubs now?

What made you decide to travel to Jakarta in your early 20s back in 2014, and what type of work are you doing there if you don’t mind me asking?
They are probably getting shamed for slutting it up by their families and realized white guys are just pumping and dumping them.
@Winston Wolfe

The girls straight to the condo were either not very good-looking (4s and 5s), or semi-pro-ish, or virgins. Actually I've got a blowjob from 2 virgins already, one who was a 21 years old student in nuclear science, I'd rate her a strong 6, she came directly to my condo. The other one was 29 and was half-chinese who had lived in my country before for studies (so we spoke in my native language). We met for a coffee where I expected her to be less good-looking than on pictures. It was the contrary she looked better than on her pictures, I would rate her a 7, she was 170cm, had firm virgin-boobs and a very good face.

@Vic Vega

I'm just in holidays here. I haven't been to clubs yet as I got a bit sick this week.
They definitely don't have white girls attitudes. They are miles away from that. This place is a paradise if you're looking for a virgin for long-term. But I think in 2014 there was a stronger white-god factor. The place is still good but I sense a decline in the consideration they have for foreigners, although Indonesians are polite and will show respect, we're not the gods of before. There is a girl who did had a bit of a cunty attitude who I met for coffee but didn't bang. She was apparently a pop singer doing gigs in events at night. She refused to come to my condo afterwards (she bailed while we were going to enter the taxi).
Honestly, I don't even like the idea of a girl coming to my place directly. The few times that I've dealt with girls that were immediately DTF, the sex was weird coming just an hour or two after meeting.

I really like taking my time to build a connection and usually prefer spend time talking in two different venues before going to my place to bang in the case of SNL.
I think I'd rather meet them close to the hotel rather than them showing up right at the door, what if they were 4's instead of 5's? Are you supposed to slam the door in their face or what?
Fuck sake another tinder thread. Well OP, you know what's going to make it even worse for your next yearly review? Posting threads like this to invite the whole internet to the party.
(12-01-2019, 12:11 PM)churros Wrote: Fuck sake another tinder thread. Well OP, you know what's going to make it even worse for your next yearly review? Posting threads like this to invite the whole internet to the party.

Unlikely. The amount of people reading here is marginal. And how many people live in Jakarta again? 20 Million? Sharing experiences is what this forum is about.
400 views in one day? yeah bro
Today was a horrible day for my mojo. I got flaked on and blue-balled all day.

I'm beginning to think Jakarta is now the worst place of SEA for easy sex with 5+ girls. It didn't use to be this way. I have a better SMV than 5 years ago, but I get shitty results now. An RVF member that I had met before in Jakarta confirmed me he got the same experience. No, I'm not interested in tan-skinned 3s and 4s coming from Depok. In 2019 in Jakarta, any decent-looking, non-virgin, non-weirdo girl in Jakarta will refuse to come straight to the condo. Contrarily to other SEA cities, you can't lure them near your place because the only buildings next to malls cost $150+ / day. Coffee-dates are the only way. Even Manila is better honestly : You get the shitty attitude from the locals but at least you get tons of lays.

- Afternoon : flake, flake and flake (all coffee-dates)

- 6pm : 24 years old. Straight to the condo (bait and switch). Had periods. Didn't even want to suck my dick.

- 8pm : 32 years old. Straight to the condo (bait and switch). Weirdo. Kissed me hard then blue-balled me. I think she's some kind of club rat. Lives in Menteng Park Residence.
You keep mentioning girls coming straight to the condo, or more specifically, girls refusing to do so, and you seem quite bitter about it. What happened to actually doing something or putting in some effort in order to get laid? What value do you offer other than "being a white guy" for them to come straight to your place and open their legs?

I agree that things have changed a bit in Jakarta, and yes it used to be easier, but yeah, things tend to change. It's life. Adapt.

You can get a very decent place in a condo building in a prime location for $30-50 per night via Airbnb in Jakarta. The $150 price you mention is not needed at all.

The girls you talk to are flaking on you, refusing to suck your dick and blue-balling you. Your words, not mine. I spend a decent amount of time in Jakarta and have not had any of that happen to me. This very year too, and not "back in 2014". Maybe you should reconsider the way you approach things here. If girls are treating you like this and its a recurring pattern then maybe, just maybe, its you who is the problem.

Jakarta is the worst place in SEA for easy sex with 5+ girls right now according to you? Yeah, that may be true if you come in there with this kind of attitude. It would be better if you spent some time figuring out how the place actually works. Maybe a good start would be to get rid of the mindset of "luring girls near your place". Instead, make them choose and want to go to your place.
Girls refusing to suck my dick and blue-balling me is not a recurring pattern, I just had a rough day and I was kinda sick the past week.

- Yesterday night I sent dick pics to my contacts to unleash the alpha beast in me

- I'm going to stop this luring bullshit, doesn't work well here compared to Manila / Jakarta / HCM

- My pipeline has already become weak :
-> Tinder only matches me with fuglies now. Bought a boost that gave me 80 new likes, 80% fuglies. Useless. Will create a new account soon with my true age (I had put 23 on this account)
-> Bumble gives barely any likes anymore. Waiting to setup dates with the last trickle of matches, then will restart an account.
-> Okcupid has also stopped giving me regular leads. Made a new Okcupid account yesterday with an older age to match with different girls. Got about 200 likes in 24h, still have to filter them.

- I wish I had not pipelined 10 days in advance on Okcupid before coming. They almost all flaked. It's much better to use the apps only when you arrive, get whatsapp, ask for meeting the next day.

- Will change condo, any recommendation besides Thamrin Residences? This place has become a family residences, not my style.

- Currently I'm bullshitting girls I'm here for work for a few months and I work at Mega Kuningan. Not 100% sure it's the best approach though (I don't want cunts who will make me date them to get sex), did you guys do the same or were you honest about being a tourist visiting for a few weeks?
I can see Jakarta is really drawing in the best of what humanity has to offer.
^ Lel.

The last placed I stayed in was near Grand Indonesia. It was supposed to be an upscale ‘luxury’ condo but even that place had a cockroach problem. Also, locals bringing their obnoxious fucking kids to the pool. I guess you really don’t have many options if you want good logistics. How much longer are you there for?

And I agree with churros, threads like these should be moved to the members only section.
Thamrin Residence sucks. My condo is super noisy due to facing the street. I can hear traffic and mosque 24/7 it's a mental torture. What's more I'm at the highest floors. Every time I must go down I lose 5 minutes. Currently there are no available rooms facing the swimming pool. Fuck that place.
OP, I think the days of SEA mega-cities rewarding you for your whiteness are in the past.

But I’ve been told that the white-god factor is alive and well in third tier Vietnam, near the Cambodia border. You may have to adjust your DHV’s to appeal to the village girls, but your efforts should be rewarded.

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