How to Get Her Interested Over Text Again - Revive a Dead Interaction (Example Inclu
A lot of guys in the community struggle with what to do when a text exchange isn’t going well and the girl is brushing them off or giving one word answers. This video shows how turn those text interactions around and get the girl interested again...and ultimately set up the date. Example of me doing this included

FIRST: shift the vibe of the interaction- Before you can make plans or do anything else you have to nudge the vibe of the interaction from negative to neutral. And then positive. (Example of me doing this in the video)

a) Purposely misinterpret things she says into something more positive.

b) Strategically utilize logic to address underlying concerns & objections. The key is to phrase questions in such a way as to already know the answer beforehand (Ex from vid: “Are you always this hostile when someone gets sick & tries to reschedule”)

c) Have a very strong frame. Ideally, of a confident non chalant guy who isn’t phased by anything, but still goes for what he wants (I.e Hank Moody)

Only once the vibe is positive again, then you can go for the meet up or get into logistics. The mistake a lot of guys make is that they skip the first step and try to go for the meet up while the dynamic is still negative, which results in flaking, ghosting, and non compliance

Hope you guys find this Valuable. If you have any questions, post below and I’ll try to answer
A. Alright, sure. That works. Flirtatious reframe, always good.

B. Incredibly vague. I think I know what you're trying to say but could you flesh it out a bit more? The way I do this step (if this is what you're talking about) is assume an answer to a question so it's more like a statement instead of an honest to god question. I personally hate asking girls questions i think it gives away some of your frame but it's necessary from time to time.

(11-29-2019, 11:23 PM)finchfry157 Wrote: c) Have a very strong frame. Ideally, of a confident non chalant guy who isn’t phased by anything, but still goes for what he wants (I.e Hank Moody)
I seriously hope you don't mean the rvf forum member.

C. Is just bad advice. It's a step up from "BE YOURSELF". You're telling people to emulate alpha behaviour but then not. If you're coming from an abundance mentality or a pre-abundance mentality (IE you don't actually have a lot of girls) the strong move is to actually not give a fuck or at the very least never show that you do. And this really does work if you really do have an abundance mentality, social proof, and some clout. And if it doesn't who gives a fuck, onto the next and that's what it's really about. You put yourself in a win-win situation with an attitude like that and that's really why it's such a parroted and strong point. Some girl from Tinder won't know that you have clout and abundance though, in fact she will assume the opposite because you're on Tinder and she deals with thirsty simps all fucking day (and probably fucks some of them).

What you actually want to do is to emotionally engage with the girl. It's Tinder, it's one step away from being completely anonymous. Go ahead, engage, invest a little emotion, who cares; have fun. The girl already right swiped on you that's the female version of "WB". All you have to do is show you're a fun guy that's not judgemental and has an interesting outlook or interesting things to say. Make her laugh, fish for sexual ques, move forward when they are presented.

Legitimately handsome people giving advice on how to "game" tinder is always pretty funny. Congrats on being handsome if that's you. Any game you might be running is "don't fuck it up" game. For the rest of us there are actual strategies that need to be employed. Open, emotional hook, mimitw, plausible deniability, soothing the hamster, logistics close, then actually laying down some game when she gets to the pad and a whole mess of other shit

My conversations don't look like yours (or whoevers in the video) because I can't afford it. If I ran any text routine like the one in the video I would never get laid from Tinder. And I seriously doubt anyone that's not a hard 7-8+ would either.

If you want to make a good video and do a fun experiment for yourself go ahead and put up a fake tinder where the guy has good photos, decent style, etc but is a 5 or 6. IE an average man. You'll see the difference and strategies like the ones in the video will very quickly cease to work
Ok, lot to dissect here

B) The point I’m making is that often when the Interaction is on a bad foot, there is an underlying reason. In this particular example, I had rescheduled on her. She took it personally, thought I was flaking on her and her ego got bruised so she started acting bitchy to protect it.

I knew I had to address this and call out her behavior in a non butthurt way. I say “Do you always get this hostile when someone gets sick and tries to reschedule” because it is a a question that I already know the answer to. No normal human bieng would think “yes, I get hostile when someone gets sick”.

When I need to address underlying concerns I do it in such a way that I know exactly what response my question will have before I even ask it. For instance, if the underlying concern is he’s just going to fuck me once and disappear, I will say “when did I say anything about having sex with you”. I already know she’s gonna say “Well, I guess you didn’t”

C) I hear this “you are good looking so you don’t need Game. I’m ugly so it’s different for me” argument a lot. There is a small element of underlying truth, but it is largely BS

First off, I’m am objectively a 7-7.5 where I live (Miami). Part of that is luck, but a big part of it is earned. I got to the gym 6 days a week and eat extremely healthy. This gives me good muscle definition and skin. I have the worst genetics for hair and started loosing some in my early 20s. I started treating it very aggressively and am religious about supplements, rogaine, and derma rolling. As a result I have almost a full head of hair, where as my dad was almost bald at my age

I try to optimize every part of my SMV and put a lot of work into it, no one who is a 5, can become a 10. But every guy is capable by increasing his SMV by two points or so (get jacked, good fashion, tattoos, etc). So if you are 5, good news if you work hard you can be a 7 with enough effort & time

Looks/SMV gives you opportunities and game is what allows you to take advantage of those opportunities. I havd numerous friends who are way better looking then me, but I do way better then them. I have one buddy whose a body builder, we were night gaming in Prague and opened two chicks. Initially, they were both way more into him and low key blowing me off. He didn’t do anything majorly wrong. He was fun and cool. Yet at the end of the night, I fucked my girl and he barely got a make out with his

A good looking guy will get more matches on tinder. But once he matches the girl, the game involved in concerting the lead into a lay, will be the same shit.
Look man, I'm not saying you don't deserve what you get I'm sure you work hard, I'm sure you are thankful for whatever headstart you got whatever it was. I feel the same way. I'm not some butthurt simp all hung up on being ugly. Like you, I have much more handsome friends and it requires a whole hell of a lot less game to close for them, that's what I am saying. I also agree with you on every man can up his SMV by 2 points, hell, I'm probably even more optimistic than that. I think if you grind workouts and money you can probably even do better, probably even 3 or 4 points if you really fucking kill it(money helps). If you think i'm saying "Boohoo, you're handsome of course it's easy for you I just can't do as well as you". I'm not, I'm also not here to get into a dick measuring contest.

What I am saying is that if you're really trying to give people advice on what is and what isn't solid game. You might want to handicap yourself a bit. Because you may think what you're saying is good game; and why wouldn't you. You're getting results, results don't lie. And make no mistake, I am happy to see someone out there getting results and putting out material. It warms my cold heart to see a young player out there getting it.

This may be hard to hear but here's what's actually going on, and I only say this because the content you've put out, beyond that you may be a game god I don't know. You're barely at a dunning-kruger effect level of game and you're giving advice. You're getting success because you're smart enough to realize some basic concepts of game and you've worked hard to become handsome. All in all that's a recipe for success, and make no mistake that is a part of game. Realizing that being attractive helps and working t'word it. That's good. Actually having the balls to implement the concepts you've learned or just going out and making mistakes and learning, that's good. And you know, what you're saying may even help people. I take a small issue with you coasting on looks and giving vague advice and I take issue with it because that generally confuses people instead of helping people. And if any part of what you're doing is based on the merit of helping young men get what they want you might want to take a step back and hear what I'm saying. Brush up on the technical parts. As a handsome man laying strange girls off of Tinder should be VERY easy for you if you're not a complete socially uncalibrated weirdo. Set some higher goals for yourself and then show people.

As far as good looking guys getting more matches, correct. Good looking guys and moving the lead into lay; sorry pal. Halo effect, it's a real thing. It doesn't make you any less of the shit, it's just different. You need less game to close.

Now, if I'm full of shit. And you're sure what you're doing is at least intermediate or even advanced level game. Go ahead and handicap yourself with a fake tinder account and try your luck. Get as far as getting a girl into an uber and send her back home. Head on over to 4chan/soc/ or wherever find a 5 or 6 with good photos and get to work. Or don't. You don't need to prove anything to me, I'm some random drunkposter on a game forum. Just pointing some stuff out.
Tinder isn't "Game".

It's strictly looks + don't fuck up. In-person is the only game.

Pavlov, you should really chill out. I don't understand your hostility towards other posters.
I might have misinterpreted your initial argument, but I understand now. Ok, can you point out one or more instances where my game is technically flawed? Or the advice I’m giving is incorrect?
(11-30-2019, 07:12 PM)captain_shane Wrote: Tinder isn't "Game".

It's strictly looks + don't fuck up. In-person is the only game.

Sure, there is way less elements you can control running Tinder, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's not game at all.

She matches with many guys equal to your SMV, but she sure as hell isn't banging all of them.

Personally, most of the stuff discussed in this video I have been already applying without even thinking about it, but there is a lot of great tips that you can use and increase your chances of securing a date.

I'm fairly young, in my early twenties, so texting has been the norm for me ever since I got my first phone, and up to a certain degree I even enjoy doing that, but if you are not really used to it, there is plenty of things you can fuck up after starting a conversation. After all -- you are only one of the dudes texting her at the moment.

BTW: solid vids! I already borrowed the 'swipe right for...' opening from the other video. Great way to sexualize the conversation right from the very beginning and put you ahead of all the cucks she isn't looking for, granted the chick gives a fairly 'easy-going' vibe.
(11-30-2019, 07:12 PM)captain_shane Wrote: Tinder isn't "Game".

It's strictly looks + don't fuck up. In-person is the only game.

Pavlov, you should really chill out. I don't understand your hostility towards other posters.

You're clearly not listening or you're used to a really effeminate communication style. Accusing someone of being wrong or misguided isn't hostility. I even paid the man several compliments, which i meant. 

I'm actually going to do some more of that right now, so buckle up for some "hostility". The difference between me fucking 4 girls off of Tinder a month and someone of my SMV fucking none (which there are plenty) is the will to do it and the capability to do it, that is game. Game is all around you, broaden your mind a little bit. I would agree with you if you said "tinder game is a lesser form of game", but to dismiss any male & female interaction as "non game" is foolish and you're only limiting yourself. Hell, even some male & male interactions are game, ever heard of conmen?

(11-30-2019, 09:24 PM)finchfry157 Wrote: I might have misinterpreted your initial argument, but I understand now. Ok, can you point out one or more instances where my game is technically flawed? Or the advice I’m giving is incorrect?

I respect the fuck out of you for even asking questions like that. Respect man, for real. So many people are so ready to defend their specific style or brand of game to the death. See above. It's a really self-limiting prospect.

Let me preface;  game is a soft science. Just like psychology is a soft science. It's honestly why men have such a hard time with it, there are rarely hard and fast rules. I don't think anything that you're doing is technically flat out wrong, or beta simp shit, or anything like that 

I think A) as a tool that can be great game if applied correctly on it's merits I have no critique other than the really basic caveats of know your audience, understand timing, get where you are in her mind and the interactions timeline. And we could probably go into those caveats for hours, small things like that are the real meat and potatoes of most game discussions. I'm sure you can imagine several scenarios where flipping the script on a girl can go very very wrong. And I'm sure you've implemented this trick several times successfully. People that are struggling can probably just take it at face value and get more success than they're used to. But to really implement something like this smooth and slick every time they need to understand how to take the temperature of the interaction, profile their lead, maybe even implement some NLP (not that I'm a huge believer of the classic NLP stye myself). This can be expanded on to great effect, all in all good work this is usually a pretty fun and funny way to continue on. I think being self-entertained is probably the top 10 of things you have to be to be successful with women, people in general really.

B). Like I said I think this is just vague. I could see probably 10 things you might mean from this. I'm sorry if you explained it in your video to greater effect I couldn't make it through the whole thing. Just not my cup of tea but I'm sure that's mostly on me.

C). Again, like I said I think this is just bad advice. I interpret this as "just be successful with women". And you're actually contradicting yourself. A strong framed, nonchalant confident man usually brushes off mouthy hoes and goes next. Continuing to pursue them after disrespect IE "get what you want" actually causes you to inherently lose some of your frame. It's not a huge chunk but it definitely is a thing. A really successful man you're trying to get people to emulate would laugh a mouthy bitch like that off and go fuck one of his side pieces. The problem with "fake it till you make it" is there are true and honest signals that will betray you and it makes you look bad and shows weakness. Weakness I don't think beginner game people are ready to deal with because some hoes absolutely WILL take advantage of it. Some of this stuff is almost impossible to fake 100%. for the uninitiated and it gets people into trouble in numerous ways. I'm more of a fan of the "work with what you have" than "fake it till you make it". Or at least working t'words being that confident nonchalant man, and again this could be expanded quite a bit for a great amount of value under the guise of self improvement. 

Your audience, the people googling "how 2 fuck girls on tinder" or whatever are not going to be self-actualized people. If you're giving them instructions on how to become that, I'd hope it would be more in depth. While I'm sure that people can copy a lot of what you do it's more of a trick that works sometimes than an actual path to success and happiness. As someone that's influencing people whether you like it or not it's your responsibility for what you put out into the world. I'm not here to preach on that though.

And for the record; I don't think what you're saying is garbage water but it's got a long way to go to be that dom perignon. I don't know what your motivations are. If you want to become very good at game, you want to be youtube famous, you really want to help people, prove something, I don't know. Maybe it's all of that maybe it's none of that. If it has anything to do with self improvement and helping men all I'm saying is you may want to look through a new lense every so often, handicap yourself, and take advice from someone more competent than me. 

That's all, was just trying to flesh some of your ideas out and offer critique. Not trying to bring you down buddy.
Glad to hear man. And yes, my argument always has been that if you got laid without paying money then it was “real game”.

I see. Most people searching thorough youtube don’t care that much about putting in the time to grow. They just want to get laid more. There’s plenty of prententious content on self growth out there. Some of it good, some of it bs. That’s not my niche

The third point was straight up to give people an idea of someone whose hand they can emulate, I think hank moody from californication is perfect example. His vibe is on point and the way her interacts with women

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