Songs That Get You Geared Up To Play
All is fair game.  What lights your fire?

I appreciate the classics.

(Billy Idol, White Wedding, Part 1)
This song's a guilty pleasure, one way of getting in the vibe before nightgame:

Eminem's "Shake That"
For a modern classic:

Stop pretending :-)

(Metallica: Spit Out The Bone)
This is my current one.

Guns N'Roses - It's so Easy

Saturday Night Fever - Tony getting ready for 2001 Odyssey
A 5 in your bed is worth more than a 9 in your head.

Some reason this puts me in a James Bond smooth mode. Usually makes me want to get a drink, smoke a cigar and night game. OR read an excellent book and work on my business
Post Malone - Sunflower
Rapper's Delight - The Sugar Hill Gang
I am still hot for the B-52 chicks :-)

(B-52s - Legal Tender)
It may not be to everyone's taste but I don't think many other songs express precisely what we do. It's more themed towards Latinas, Miami and New York City in the USA but the point still stands.

Few things in life matches the feeling of boarding a plane, playing the song and attempting to score international poosy for shits and giggles and of course fun and pleasure.

International Love.

Damn, too many to name. This one's been my jam all year. Modern player anthem.

Cake, full concert (tough crowd), 06/18/99 - Shoreline Amphitheatre (OFFICIAL), 36-minutes:

** Note: youtube embedding is broken : - /
Nothing like a good old Hard Rock/ Heavy metal

My local goth club changed to Sunday night several years ago.. after a dj bit the dust in a horrible manner... used to be on Tuesdays.. which was perfect for the working man.. but, whatever.... Saturday is the new day of rest....

I love both... and both still make my blood pump : - )

The original:

I like Bauhaus, NIN, and Love & Rockets (blame my old punk and industrial goth days.. that never seem to leave me).  I was not aware of this take until just last week -- not sure how I feel about it yet or if I should at all.  However, I find it intriguing and might slice it into a mp4 mix in my car for an upcoming date -- for that "most interesting man in the world" vibe I bang on these days.

From the 80's, without comment.



If this playlist doesn't get you geared up then nothing else will.
Turbo Lover - Judas Priest


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