How to Write the Ultimate Tinder Bio to Get Her Hooked (My Personal profile included)
A lot of guys struggle with creating a Bio for Tinder or other apps. They don’t know what they should say and more often than not, write something that hurts them, rather than helps. In the video I breakdown the underlying principles of an effective profile and share my own personal bio that I successfully used for years.

Purpose of a bio
1) Screen - You want to match with girls who are more or less on the same page as you. This saves both you and the girl time. I an personally into busty latinas who have a bit of a wild side. Thus I screen for that in my bio (Example in Video)

2) Make her curious & get her to open you - A conversation where a girl messages you first is significantly more likely to lead to a positive outcome. For that reason, it’s important to have a hook or two in your bio...something that intrigues her and makes her curious about you. (Example of how I do this also in the video)

3) DHV (Demonstrate Higher Value) - This can sound like a bit of a paradox. On one hand, you don’t want to come off as if you are bragging or  trying to list your accomplishments. However, if you can slip in DHVs in a subtle, non-try hard way then you will get points. For instance, my bio DHV’s me in a few specific ways: it shows that I am funny, interesting and most importantly bold & sexually confident.

4) DLV (Demonstrate Lower Value). - Unfortunately, most bios I see don’t accomplish the first three. Instead, they DLV the person and lose matches that they might have gotten if they had just left everything blank. Common DLV examples in Bio’s I see are: Immature Guy humor that girls don’t get, over qualification, over investing,talking about things that are random/ creepy/weird, etc…(In the video I show an example of a horrible bio and then how I transformed it into a decent one)

Hope you guys find this Valuable. If you have any questions, post below and I’ll try to answer
Awesome video man, thanks for the tips. Just switched up my profile, let's see if I get more matches.
Thanks man, good luck with the profile.

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