Second Tier cities in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
I'm planning a trip to the mentioned cities and I would like to know from your experience which are the best second tier cities to visit.
Regarding Ukraine - Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov are all very good with big student populations.
How are these places in the winter?
(11-23-2019, 04:06 PM)Matador Wrote: I'm planning a trip to the mentioned cities and I would like to know from your experience which are the best second tier cities to visit.

Lvov/Lviv - quality is good but... you need some time there depends on your game level. I recommend atleast 1 month for an intimidate guy assuming you get laid alteast once a month In your own city/town. I wouldnt recommend lviv for a beginner guy. its not easy. girls don't like you speaking Russian. don't mention Russia. if you use google translator use Ukrainian speak. online game is not great quality is 6.5 or below. if you want 7's or above you need to hit the streets. the mall is small. theres a lot of seucirty every 50 feet in the mall. either A) approach inside the stores and be suttle don't over approach and or b) wait outside the mall near the enterence and approach women coming out or going in. I found effective. nightgame I cant comment. only guttergame in the main square don't approach girls at night on the street outside the square as if a guy sees you approach his gf he wont hesistate to punch you in the face. my experience.

kharkiv is beautiful. you need atleast 3weeks there to be honest. the train from lviv to kharkiv is 19hours. ideally id fly. but if you take the train its super cheap but make sure you take food and water. I forgot both and ended up being sick on the train. also book the seats near the table or youl end up in a very small uncomfortable seat which you sleep above the table. not nice. ideally ask before you book if possible. say you wanna be on the ground near the table. if they understand what you mean as they might not speak English but In kharkiv they all speak Russian and don't care about you speaking Russian only Ukrainians from lviv have a problem with you speaking Russian.

st Petersburg is good for tinder but again they wont be a 7 or above. if you want the hottest girls youl have to hit the streets/clubs. most girls don't speak English on the street. if so use google translator (this got me a date with a non english speaking girl) you want to have an English host as otherwise its very hard to get things like sim cards. took me 20-30mins and that's with an Russian host who speaks good English. 
st Petersburg rains a lot even in july/aug it can rain 70% of the time. take an umbrella. mall game is in pik mall. 
st Petersburg is very cheap for food. $5 for a meal with a drink and desert in some places. cheaper than Estonia surprisingly. allow yourself 3weeks here if your intimidate at game. 

any questions from the above cities mentions let me know or pm me either way.

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