The Mexico Thread
(11-23-2019, 05:18 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: I've been to some of the more sketchy cities in the North like Chihuahua, Juarez, Torreon and Parral and saw a decent amount of hot girls there. The cities overall seemed pretty shit though and they are a bit dangerous. In the DF, the quality of the girls for sure was disappointing. Mexico doesn't come near Colombia for girls, probably more on the level of Peru/Ecuador.

I've never been to DF, but I am familiar with Mexicali and Nogales and the quality of women was not that bad. These women often don't have the easy visa the USA gives border town people, so are still sweet. They can be very Iberian. My theory is that since the Spanish eradicated the desert Indians on that side of the border, and there were never many, they have more Iberian heritage. I miss living in that otherwise arid place because of the women. The towns are a little dangerous and definitely run down. The USA factories pay dirt cheap, even for Mexico, and don't add much to the local economy--love globalism.
If you're American (US), I would stay the fuck out completely for many years to come, and I am a risk taker. Cops are worse (or part of) than the cartels. Total shithole country. Waste of money and time for average pussy at best 95% of the time.

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