Nughty things you've done with women you just met
One of the pillars of game is to be open with your sexuality and let the girl to be open with hers. And this means being bolder in advancing your sexual fantasies about women you meet. Of course you need to be careful/smooth so that you won't get into trouble.

As for myself, nothing that'd be a big deal yet, kino, strong eye contact with a smirk, etc. But I've always had fantasies about gaming a girl in a day situation and advancing that to (consensual) sex in a discreet public place. Like I used to have a feminine and good looking hairdresser who worked alone in a small saloon in a quiet corner. Or I recently got laser on my back and so I was alone with this aesthetician in a room for half an hour. But my game has been much less advanced than to pull that off. Not even close.

What about you guys?
Well, I did many things with women I had just met, like toilet bangs in bars and clubs for example, or gave a ride to a girl only after 5 minutes fucking her in the ass in my living room... But this was all night time. Day time situations like the ones you describe are much hard to pull, in fact I don't remember one that I had pulled myself.
Fisting high school seniors and freshman college students you met on yahoo messenger back in the middle 2000s in the front seat of your 1987 Ford Crown Victoria Station Wagon. Getting blow jobs from 50 year old bank tellers at the bank in your hometown...on old country roads. The first night you took them in your station wagon. Fisting a fat, separated wife in her living room. While her daughter was at the father's house and when the chubby woman begged you to fuck her. You looked up at the pictures on the wall and you asked her, what do you think your husband would say if he found out you were being fisted by a 25 year old?
Fisting is so gross. Why do you do it?
(Yesterday, 03:33 AM)churros Wrote: Fisting is so gross. Why do you do it?

That's probably a better question to ask your mom rather than an anonymous Internet forum.
Cant be any worse than boomers buying prostitutes in Ukraine? ;')

Waddup Suits?
I clearly remember one episode: I went on a blind date in Minsk - Belarus. I wasn't in the mood and wasn't too happy to meet some random girl in a bus stop (that's where we agreed to meet, about 200 meters away from the place I was staying). It was after lunch time and, as soon as she arrived, I was disappointed. For Belorussian standards, she was just plain. Not ugly, not fat or anything, just plain and dull looking. 

So, instead of sending her to hell, the best excuse that I could come up with was that I had forgotten to feed my dog, so I had to go home (lame, I know). Problem was that she asked if she could come with me. I said alright, although I had no dog at home. Anyway, I couldn't care less if she caught me lying. To  make a short story short, 10 minutes later I was banging her in the sofa of my living room. As soon as she arrived to the flat I said that I had no dog and that I had used that excuse to bring her to my place so that I could bang her. To my surprise, instead of leaving immediately, she said: "OK"!

I never got to know her name or, for that matter, anything about her.

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