Classical Music Appreciation Thread
Don't know if this has been done on here, but wanted to create a thread dedicated to awesome classical songs and performances.

My contribution to the thread is Lang Lang's rendition of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto # 1 in B flat minor.I know Lang Lang is a bit of a polarizing figure in classical, but I think it's an awesome version of it.


Still haven't figured out how to get embedded vids to show correctly.

Here is the hyperlink:
"Everything I found out, I want to forget."

Classical music is a genre that few properly appreciate. Here is my favourite classical song.

(11-06-2019, 02:21 PM)Suits Wrote: Classical music is a genre that few properly appreciate. Here is my favourite classical song.

"Classical Music Appreciation Thread"
"Everything I found out, I want to forget."

One of my favourite classical music orchestra pieces. A lot of people don't "get" classical music, but I'm a big fan.

Classical music is not big on my music collection but there is a time and place where they will suit the ambiance of the situation at hand from executing major plans with Beethoven's Ode to Joy with vocals to requesting that Pachelbel - Canon in D if I were to get married, if I do.

Quote:The message you entered contained 2 videos, while only 1 videos per message are allowed. Please lower the video count in your message to meet the limit.

Alright fine the above video had better pictures in the video. Pachelbel - Canon in D:

This is my all time favourite, I listen to it on special moments in life. It is both sad and happy for me, it reflects the ambiguity of life.

Other ones I like:

And everything of Ludovico Einaudi! Somehow can't embed these videos.
A lot of people have a very liberal interpretation of the genre, I see.

This is classical

Requires a lot of patience to really take in classical.
I hope my offering of March of the Toys is considered classical. The composer Victor Herbert was certainly classically trained. In that vein another late 19th early 20th Century composer Igor Stravinsky is offered here. I too am having a hard time embedding videos.
I suggest Argentine tango from the 1927-1959 era as a compromise between true classical music and the popular music with a strong beat that most of us are used to. Tango from those years has the violins and rich harmonies of classical music, very complex rhythms, and usually a strong dance beat underneath. Read "Tango Stories: Musical Secrets" by Michael Lavocah (2012) for a guide to the best tango music of that era. Dont just grab any old music labelled tango because most of it is junk. I have a good collection of both classical and jazz, plus some popular music (salsa, r&b, etc) but tango is all I listen to anymore.

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