Los Angeles Data Sheet
Hey guys, so I wrote this data sheet originally at RVF, but all of the changes there I figured it is time to give it a nice update and move it over to here.

Los Angeles is a tough city to make a data sheet about, so I acknowledge it isn't perfect and would appreciate any contributions. As with many cities, the nightlife scene in LA changes a lot. A spot can be hot one day, and absolutely dead a few months later. I'll try to post general updates going forward.

The original was written in Spring 2018. This is current as of Spring 2020, right before the nightlife scene has currently been thrown into flux due to COVID-19.


About Me:
- I have been going out for several years now in LA, usually once a week or more. I am in my late 20s and consider myself average looking with most controllable variables in my favor (income, logistics, in good shape, etc). My game is solid - I am comfortable talking to girls in night venues, escalating, and closing, but not at the point where I can pull whenever I want. I usually go out with a group of friends but am comfortable rolling solo and do it from time to time. While I have a good social circle, something about cold approach excites me, and I genuinely enjoy the chase.

- Day game isn't really my thing outside of bars/brunches, and I haven't done online game for some time. If online is your thing, fire up Hinge and Bumble, Tinder is basically dead here. This datasheet will be primarily focused on nightgame.

- I've met several local guys from McQueens now-defunct forum as well as on RVF, and am happy to meet for a beer or to go out with anybody who's around, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime.

City Layout and Logistics:
LA is a sprawling city. The city itself has 4 million people, and the metro area (which includes Orange Country) has 15 million and is 4,900 square miles.. that is more than half of the size of New Jersey. The long distances are exacerbated by the traffic, when during rush hour it can take 2 hours to go 15 miles.


This map sums up the area that a visitor should think of as "Los Angeles", and it is the area that I will focus on. Note that doesn't correspond to the city name - Santa Monica is its own municipality, and the San Fernando Valley (north part of this map, usually just called "the valley") is part of LA. There are great areas that are not on this map, such as Orange County and Hermosa Beach, but that would be a separate datasheet.

The three circles are Santa Monica/Venice ("The Westside"), Hollywood/Weho, and Downtown LA (DTLA). These three regions have the most dense concentration of young people and nightlife.But, if you want to understand why logistics here are notoriously bad, take a look at the scale at the bottom right-hand corner - these areas are very far apart. Driving between any of them takes 15 minutes without traffic at best, and can be over an hour with traffic. Santa Monica to Hollywood is especially bad since there isn't a direct freeway.

As a local or a tourist, you can choose to live within one of these circles, and have solid logistics to the nightlife within that circle but bad logistics anywhere else, OR, you can live in areas in between, having mediocre logistics to each of the 3 regions, but not good ones for any of them. This is a constant dilemma for anybody who lives in LA and prefers a diversity of nightlife versus just going out in one place all the time.

If you're just visiting, my personal recommendation would be to stay in Santa Monica (if you prefer beach over nightlife) or Hollywood (if you prefer nightlife over beach).

Although there is nightlife outside of those circles on this map, specifically in Koreatown and Silver Lake, the majority of the nightlife is concentrated within one of the circles. Thus, my data sheet will focus on those 3 areas. The Silver Lake scene is pretty hipster, but girls can be pretty down and competition isn't high. I just don't go there often enough to do a write-up.


Things to Do:
There is plenty of stuff to do outdoors here. Weather is perfect almost year-round and you have plenty of options. I'll highlight a few specific things that I tend to show to first-time visitors.

- Venice Beach: It's popular and cliche, but definitely worth visiting. Hard to describe it, but it is truly a unique place. I would strongly recommend visiting the Venice canals... they're a bit tricky to find, but once you find them, take a walk for 15 minutes and check it out. I also love renting a cruiser bike and riding down the bike path for miles. There's always tourists and cute girls out. Just don't eat any of the food on the boardwalk.

- Malibu/PCH: Highly recommend renting a car and cruising west down PCH out to Zuma Beach or Point Mugu. Its the classic California drive, and every time I do it, it reminds me why I live out here. You can stop at one of a dozen beaches, or take one of the many hikes in the mountains. Or both.

- The Getty: This museum is in the hills above the Westside, and has a solid collection of art and beautiful views of the city. You can knock out two birds with one stone. Great place to spend a few hours in the afternoon, and especially good if you're with a chick. The Griffith Observatory isn't as nice, but it is open until much later which is an advantage.

- Manhattan/Hermosa Beach: These two beaches are a 45 minute drive from most of LA. I would say this is the closest you come to the traditional "beach culture" you think of when you picture Southern California. Lots of tanned blonde girls skateboarding, surfing, and playing beach volleyball. There's some really good food, and especially in the summer, it's a fun place to go. If you're looking for daydrinking bars, Hermosa and Manhattan both have you covered.

- Hollywood Bowl: They have concerts throughout the year but the schedule is densest in the summer. If you have time, make your way up to a show there, especially if its an artist who you know. Just don't drive (parking is really, really bad) and grab a sweater, it gets surprisingly cold up there when you're sitting outdoors. The stadium is an LA classic, and you're allowed to bring as much of your own alcohol as you want.

I didn't mention any of the typical tourist things in Hollywood such as the Walk of Stars, simply because it isn't a lot of fun and I would not expect a lot of guys to want to do this. That area isn't great in the daytime.

A full write-up on food in LA could be its own separate data sheet. There is a lot of amazing food here. The other LA Thread has a lot of good places mentioned that are still around, and Yelp is your friend. Still, I will highlight a few specific places that I recommend. These are basically all well-known city staples.

- $: El Chato Taco Truck (late-night Mexican), In-n-out (the classic), Bay Cities Deli (Italian sandwiches), Tsujita or Daikokuya (ramen), Urth Cafe (coffee/sandwiches, any location)
- $$: Brent's (deli sandwiches), Langer's (deli sandwiches, as you can tell I like these), Sugarfish or Kazunori (sushi), Roscoe's (chicken/waffles), Bludso's (BBQ), Pizzeria Mozza (pizza), Malibu Seafood (fried fish)
- $$$: Lawry's (prime rib), Mastro's Ocean Club (Malibu steaks/seafood), Nobu (sushi, bit overpriced but the scene alone is worth it), Catch (similar to Nobu, very sceney place), Osteria Mozza (italian), Craig's (American), Urasawa (sushi, expensive as fuck $$$$ but best sushi in LA)


General Points on Nightlife:

Each of the three regions with nightlife - Hollywood, The Westside, and DTLA - have unique benefits and drawbacks, and can almost be thought of as separate cities. Still, the below points will help set a framework for approaching the night scene in all 3 areas.

- If you've been around this part of the net, you've probably heard that LA is a notoriously difficult city to pull the same night. This is pretty much true. I've found it easier to pull in any other city I've lived in or visit regularly (including Austin, Las Vegas, and even San Francisco). The upside is that the nightlife scene is very diverse, to where most anybody can find a scene that fits their style best, and certain neighborhoods are much easier for pulling than others. Broadly, I would say Hollywood > DTLA > Santa Monica if you're thinking about ONS.

- Women can be flakey, sometimes especially so, but I've found that to be the case anywhere. I readily admit LA is a difficult city to pull, but I also think sometimes it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think that every bar is filled with "300lb women with 7 kids", you'll start to imagine that to be the case. In reality, there are many attractive women at bars, and some of them are absolutely DTF.

- Although the night scene is diverse and has a lot of choices, there are not a lot of traditional clubs here, meaning a place that fits >500 people and has multiple floors/rooms. There are only a few, and for the most part they are mediocre. If you want clubbing, its best to go to Las Vegas or San Diego. The night scene here is categorized primarily by bars, as well as a good number of lounges. The high-end scene has a lot of "clubs" that are really lounges... small places that fit ~200 people, have tables with bottle service, and a tiny dance floor (if any).

By far the best time to show up to almost any night venue is between 10 and 1045pm. I will call out exceptions for specific venues below but this is a good rule of thumb. Before that time it will usually be dead, and by midnight, most places turn into sausage fests with enormous lines. I don't always follow this rule myself, but every single fucking time I pregame with friends until 1130 before rolling out, I know I'll be going home alone or aggressively sending out booty call texts until 3am.

- The infamous drinking cutoff is 2am, and many bars start to turn the lights on as early as 130. I've noticed that the best time to pull home is between 1245 and 130am, and you should have ideally gotten in with a girl by midnight. It's of course possible to pull at last call or even gutter game on the streets after close but this is not a high-likelihood proposition.

- Uber has changed nightlife dramatically and basically nobody who lives in the city ever drives or takes cabs at night. Driving to the bars is actually a disadvantage - girls will think that you're strange for doing so, and obviously there's the DUI risk and logistics of trying to park. Uber prices are reasonable here at night, even the longer trips within the map will be $20-30.

- Although nightlife is concentrated within certain neighborhoods, there aren't a lot of areas with multiple bars within walking distance of each other. The only places where you can really "bar hop" would be Main Street in Santa Monica or West Hollywood (the gay area), as well as perhaps DTLA near 6th Street and Flower. This is unlike most cities that I visit often, like Austin or NYC, where there are two dozen spots within a block in specific areas. Here, many of the best nightlife spots are isolated where you can't really walk to another spot nearby. This can be both a negative and a positive.

- Drugs are ubiquitous in nightlife. Weed is legal (though technically illegal to smoke in public, nobody will cite you) and having a pre-roll or a vape pen can be really helpful. At last call if I haven’t pulled I often just stand outside the bar and smoke a J or vape, makes for easy conversation. Blow is also really popular, particularly in Hwood and Samo, and there is definitely a correlation between level of attractiveness of a chick and her willingness to do blow. Doesn’t hurt to have some close by if that’s your thing.

- Don't focus too much on ratios. Ratios in and of themselves don't mean much here. Some bars have great ratios and are impossible to pull, while I've pulled many times at spots with 5+ guys per girl.

Hollywood (regular):
Hollywood has the best diversity of nightlife in the city, with a variety of bars, lounges, and a few clubs. After many years of going out here, I think the best way to look at this area is to look at the high-end places separately, and initially look at the "regular" spots (can also call it mid/low-end). These are not shady dive bars. These are places that a regular guy could actually get into without needing to have 5 hotties in tow, knowing the bouncer, or having to buy bottle service or pay a $200+ cover (though there can absolutely be lines). For a guy coming in to visit, I would recommend sticking with these.

- Probably the most diverse nightlife scene in the city; even when excluding the high-end spots, there is a lot of choices depending what you're into.
- Much easier to pull than in the high-end Hollywood scene or in Samo. Girls at these bars tend to be more down to go home with a guy.
- Dress code is varied but there's nothing wrong with dressing nicer, whereas in Santa Monica you will look strange for doing so.

- Lots of really shady spots that you don't want to end up at. If you don't know where you're going on Hollywood Blvd and just walk into the first bar/club you see, you probably won't have a good time.
- Not always attractive girls. Can sometimes be a conglomerate of hipster 6s, even at the better venues.
- Especially at the clubs, a good number of people drive in from the suburbs, and then they're all jumping in the car together to head back to Santa Clarita/OrangeCo/etc. Can make things difficult.

There are plenty of options here, but as mentioned before, its good to be selective. This is a good list to start. By no means is this list exhaustive.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's - This spot has been around for a long time but continues to pop off. My favorite bar in the city and a pretty easy spot to pull. It's a hipster 70s theme, a variety of all types of girls come here. It is pretty small, but there are several rooms as well as an outside area to smoke/mingle. Dance floor gets rowdy and fun. Good choice for weekdays since its relatively crowded but usually without a line. Downside on weekends is there's a huge line anytime after 9, so come early. If you're into bottle service, they usually have pretty good deals and it'll make logistics way easier.

No Vacancy - Run by the same people who own Davey Wayne's, the setup is very similar except think of it as the classier version. People dress up nicer, and the vibe is more low-key. Pretty good place to bring a date on a weeknight, on weekends they have a burlesque show. Come early (~10pm) to be assured of getting in, can also make a reservation on the website if I recall. There's a bit of face control and the bouncers can look intimidating, but if you're dressed nice and act respectful they'll probably let you in.

The Den - Casual bar right on Sunset Strip. It has gone up and down over the years, from 2015-2017 it was basically impossible to walk in here and not hook up, and then it slowed down for a while. Past 6 months its come roaring back and is a goldmine right now. If you want to roll with a group and get drunk on $9 vodka-sodas, this is the best spot to do that in Hwood. People get absolutely wasted here. I went with an RVF guy from out of town recently and had a great time. Younger crowd, peaks from midnight to 130. Sometimes a pretty bad line, though you can negotiate with bouncer if you really don't want to wait.

EP&LP - Rooftop bar, good views and a lot of cuties, very typical LA. On weekends usually a huge line after 10. Weekdays, including Sundays, usually have a good crowd and much easier entry. I would recommend coming here on a weekday over a weekend. No real face control anymore.

Harlowe - Turn up bar in Hollywood with a DJ who plays mostly hip-hop. It has pretty good quality for a bar, lots of white and Persian girls, and a younger crowd. I've noticed some people from the high-end Hollywood scene come here when they just want to party and not give a fuck about being "seen". Keep in mind that after midnight it becomes a complete sausage fest where you can barely move around, so best to get tight with a girl before that or bounce elsewhere. Best spots to open are on the sides at the bar or in the outside area.

The Abbey - This is a gay bar right in the middle of West Hollywood. It is easily one of the most popular spots in the entire city, so because of that, I'd say its about 50/50 gay/straight on a weekend night. If you're comfortable in places like this, you should go, especially if with a group. It's absolutely enormous, the drinks are strong as shit (one drink at Abbey = two drinks elsewhere, trust me on this), and there are lots of girls around with little competition.

Hudson - Pretty small spot with good drinks and conveniently located next to a few other places. The best time to go is early in the night between 9 and 1030, when there will be a lot of people having drinks before going to the high-end venues nearby. Can be a good date spot on the weekend. Worth popping in if in the area. You can usually tell if its worth staying within 30 seconds.

Laurel Hardware - Across the street from Hudson, similar vibe but significantly hotter (and much more difficult) girls. Its a tough spot to maneuver around solo, but not a bad place for a date or to do a few warm-ups before hitting the main place.

Sound Nightclub - House club and my personal favorite club in Hollywood. Its bigger than it looks at first glance, brings in pretty good headliners, and usually draws a fun crowd. Lots of pretty girls, ranging from raver types to IG baddies. I usually go to the back bar or the outside smoking area to chat up.

Academy (old Create) – Another EDM club. Used to be very popular, but recently their headliners have sucked and the crowd has gone to shit (very Asian, meaning the Vietnamese baby-girl type, not the Chinese int’l student type). Upside is that is big with a lot of room to roam, and the outside smoking area can be great for chatting up. Don't go out of your way to come here but if they have a good headliner, it can work. They have day parties now too, though I've never been

Avalon - This is the last of the big clubs, open till 4am or later. Its a strange place... you'll see a ton of 50+ year old Asian dudes rolling on molly on the dance floor the whole night. Technically its 19+ but I rarely see younger people here. Wouldn't recommend going here unless its 2am and you really want to keep partying. Easier spot to find drugs than attractive girls.

Hollywood (high-end):
This scene is basically its own world and remains difficult to crack even for locals, so it will be especially so for a guy coming in from out of town. I still wanted to cover it for the people that are moving to or are from LA. If you are just visiting, do not bother with these places unless you have 2 of the following: connections, money to spend, and tight game.

- Hottest girls in the city. You'll walk into some of these places and see only 8s and above. Will be pretty striking on a first visit. Chicks with 1m+ IG followers are a dime a dozen here.

- Variety of venues that can be pretty fun. If you have money you want to blow on nightlife, this is the place to spend it. You'll have big artists like G-Eazy, Drake, Cardi B perform for a crowd of 200 people and then party with you after.
- If you take the time and build a social circle here, it can pay dividends. You'll have easier entry, and be plugged into everything going on in the city. Mansion parties, day parties, etc. I can't say I've ever fully plugged into it, but I have friends within and it has its benefits.
- Not really a "pro", but you'll see minor and major celebs partying here. One time I was at a table next to Swaggy P cheating on Iggy Azalea haha, and I've gotten to talk to a few pro atheles, actors, etc.
- This scene has an allure that can draw you in. I've many times when I've sworn off Hwood for a year at a time, but I always end up coming back for another round.

- Extremely difficult to get in to most of these places cold. You either need to have a tight promoter connection (even then, its no guarantee), or be ready to spend $1,000+ for a table. Trying to spot the bouncer $50 will get you laughed off of the street. Having hot girls can help, but you can still get denied or have to pay a good amount of $.
- Many of the hotties are paid to be there, and have no interest in meeting you unless you want to play the Seeking Arrangement game. Girls here know their value. A lot of the hottest girls at these spots are like wallpaper. They look pretty, but they may as well just be decoration.
- People can generally be ice cold to an outsider. I've found that good game can break bitch shields, but its harder here than most places. I've had many times where I've opened a girl and she pretended that she didn't hear me when she obviously did. It happens haha.

Lots of different choices, and there is a ton of turnover. Spots that are hot today could be quiet in three months or have a totally different crowd (see: Poppy).

Sunset at Edition - This spot just opened at the end of 2019 at the brand new Edition Hotel, and is probably the hottest club in the city right now. Each time I've come by even at 1030, the line is 300+ deep and filled with hotties. Will update when I actually get inside haha but felt it was worth mentioning.

Raspoutine - Recently opened French/Russian hybrid club, beautiful interior and stacked with beautiful women, lots of foreign girls, generally a bit more elegant rather than ratchet. Tough as hell door, only got in through a friend. More table-centric than I like. Would recommend suiting up, it'll fit well here.

Warwick - One of the toughest doors in the city and has been for a few years. Stacked with hotties inside, lots of blondes and Persian chicks. Lounge setup with a ton of tables, but it is pretty big which is an advantage and makes it possible to roam. Young crowd, pretty casual dress. Wednesday nights are absolutely lit here. If you have an in, go.

Nightingale - This is the old Greystone Manor. It's been up and down over the years but had a great 2019 and is one of the more fun Hwood clubs. It is pretty big, best place to talk to girls are the bars on the sides of the club. Girls here are sluttier than at other spots.

Le Jardin - Chic outdoors spot, used to be the backyard of Lure. I used to go here a lot but haven't been in a few years, so can't comment on how its changed. Last I went, the crowd is more mixed than a lot of these places, more Latinas and black girls on weekends. Know a promoter to make it easier.

Poppy - Was a really popular place for a bit and now the crowd has turned ratchet as hell. Still a tough door from what I know. This is one place where I managed to get in by talking to a few girls at the entrance and joining their promoter group and only paying $20 "cover" (Note: if you're ever asked to pay $20, just pay it, its the equivalent of a handshake at these places). It isn't a bad way to try to get in, worst case you get rejected. It gets pretty wild in here.

The Highlight Room- Rooftop bar in Hollywood, they have an awesome day party on Sat/Sun that brings in the hotties, and at night it turns into a lounge/club. Tricky to get in at night, much easier during the day.

Bootsy Bellows - Very small place, used to be more popular but still has a line out the door on Tuesdays and weekends. I resent this place. Its basically impossible to talk to people except at tables, and even then its difficult. Don't recommend it unless you have a fun group with a table.

1OAK - Pretty big club that only plays hip-hop, has been around for a few years now and the quality has gone downhill. I saw some pretty beat chicks last time I went by, was pretty shocking to see. its also popular with big groups of girls that come in from 50 miles away and won't leave each other. So yeah, probably not worth it. Door is much weaker now, they'll probably let you in for a cover charge if you come early (though your time is better spent elsewhere).

The Westside (Samo/Venice):
I lived in this area for some time so I became really familiar with it over the years. Nowadays I live much further away, though I still regularly come out to see friends. If you're visiting and want to be near the beach, stay out here

- If you're into white girls, you'll be in heaven. Lots of blonde white girls all over the place here, with a sprinkle of tourists in the summer.
- Pretty cheap. Besides a handful of spots, nowhere really charges cover, and drinks are $8-10 most everywhere. Its easy to have a night out for not too much.
- The hottest girls are still really hard, but I've found that there are a good number of young cute girls here that don't really know their value. These are usually the type of girls that I've pulled.
- Not much of face control (ie: everybody gets in, even if you're rolling with 5 dudes), but the talent and ratio is usually pretty decent.

- The Westside is a pretty insular place, with many people having the same social circle since high school, and only meeting people connected to that circle. These groups are extremely difficult to break into as a random.
- Competition is pretty high. Lots of tall, good-looking white dudes who fit the typical "Santa Monica" stereotype that girls go for. While a lot of these guys don't really approach, they often don't have to, girls come to them. One of my good buddies fits that mold and pulls almost every night.
- Having money and good style will not really help you here with most girls - girls here usually have family money, and don't really give a fuck about style. Its almost like an extension of college.
- People absolutely still fuck the same night, but I've noticed there is less of an ONS culture than in other places. The vast majority of girls go home with the same group they came with. Sad!
- It is very quiet here on weekdays, most people here work 9-5 jobs and just go out on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to go out here on a weeknight, go to Bungalow.

On the westside, many places have multiple lives. They get hot for a few months, then cool down, and then suddenly a year later get hot again. It's very strange, and can make a datasheet complicated. Anyway, the info below is pretty up to date.

Bungalow - This is the most popular bar in Santa Monica and has been so for years. Everybody in LA has been here at least once. It draws a decent crowd on basically every evening of the week, and also on Sat/Sun afternoons. The advantage is that its pretty big, and there are a variety of girls here. Disadvantage is that its a lot of big groups, no dance floor, and generally tricky to crack. For what its worth, I have been here probably 20 times and have never pulled, and I know very few people that have. It is "possible" though. Good on weeknights.

Elephante - Restaurant rooftop bar, one of the newer places. Filled with really attractive girls. Best time to go is from an hour before sunset (whenever that is) to an hour after sunset. The catch is that you need a reservation and they are very strict on that.

The Victorian/Basement - 3-story bar on main street, has been around forever and consistently draws a crowd, perhaps less attractive girls than Bungalow but far more approachable. The outdoor patio is money for making moves, and the place is spacious. The upstairs was turned into a gay bar last summer, though some of the most attractive women are there. A line can start around 11 though it moves fast.

The Lincoln - Bar in Venice, a bit isolated in a really random area, but it is a hot spot right now and my favorite spot west of the 405. Line can be pretty big anytime after 1030 on weekends. Inside its more of a lounge feel with an outside tarp-covered area. Easy to farm numbers, girls are pretty cool and absolutely pullable.

Townhouse - Divey place in the heart of Venice Beach, cheap drinks and giant basement dance floor, what more do you need? The downside is that quality is lower than almost anywhere on the westside and it really has that divey feel. You can meet girls near the couches upstairs or around the dance floor bar.

The Room - This place is the epitome of the multiple lives thing on the westside. For a long time it was a small lounge in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly overnight it became scorching hot with a line of 300 people to get into a place that probably fits 150. Inside it is pretty ratchet, basically all one small dance floor. Girls get down here and there are some legit cuties. But, if you show up late, the line will be hours long. Absolutely dead on weekdays (including Thursday).

James Beach - The antithesis of The Room. Used to be the most popular place in Venice, I remember going here and seeing nothing but 8s and up. Now, it is completely dead. I stopped by on a Friday at 11 recently and there may have been 20 people inside. Do not recommend.

41Ocean - Probably the closest you get to a "club" in Santa Monica. It used to be a members-only venue, but they realized their location was great and that they can charge people $500 for a table, so they opened it up. After 1030, door can be intimidating, and they likely won't let in big groups of dudes. They also have a bit of a problem with the bathrooms - for a place that lets in ~500 drunk people, they have 1 bathroom. Despite how much I dislike going here, I can't deny that there are HOT chicks here that are easier to pull than their counterparts in Hwood.

Buffalo Club - Its had better days a few years ago, but still pretty good on the right night. They'll charge cover to get in, and its not a great layout for making moves. There are cuties though, and a lot of girls who are down for drugs if that's your thing. Multiple people doing key bumps in the bathroom and even on the dance floor haha.

31ten and Circle Bar - Both are located on Main Street and the similarity is they both draw a ratchet crowd with an occasional cutie who looks lost. Last time I went to 31ten, there was a huge fight on the dance floor that involved bottles being thrown. Don't recommend these unless you're on Main Street bar hopping and don't want to uber anywhere.

Downtown LA:
I'm not a big fan of going out here, though I've warmed up to some places. All in all I'm still less familiar with DTLA than with Hwood or Samo, so my venue list may not be complete.

- More diversity of women. If you like Latinas and black girls, this is the best place to meet classy and cool ones.
- "Game" is easier here than in other parts of LA... girls are less arrogant and respond well to good style and verbal/physical escalation rather than just purely looks. Less cockblocking than what you see in Santa Monica. True blowouts are pretty rare.
- A few areas where there are multiple bars within walking distance. This is very different than Hollywood where besides Weho, there aren't many areas like that.

- Not a particularly pleasant area to go out in. I've personally gotten used to the homeless problem but it is REALLY bad here, with tons of aggressive junkies ready to verbally assault you or your girl.

- It depends on the venue, but overall, the quality is probably worse here than in the other 2 regions. You'll see some serious grenades and fatties at times, while not seeing a lot of truly hot girls.
- Ratios aren't great, and while I said earlier that in and of itself that doesn't mean much, you will see some BAD game being thrown to where by 1am, girls are just sick of talking to any dude. I've had many a night where a girl seems down but can tell she's just had the sexual energy sucked out of her.
- Some bars charge cover and try to act like the high-end Hwood places, while having far less hotties. It's pretty funny to see. Just avoid those.

As with mid/low-end Hwood, there are a lot of choices here. This list will help get started.

Seven Grand - My favorite bar in DTLA. Big upstairs spot that usually has hot girls of all types. Can get crowded late but is money early on. Bartenders are really cool and whip up some awesome drinks. Best on weekends but Weds/Thurs is a reasonable crowd.

Clifton's - This is a classic cafeteria diner that has at least 4 bars inside, all with different themes. Its a massive 3 story venue. Can be a fun experience to go here. Line can be bad late in evening but usually fine before 11. Wide variety of girls since I think their capacity is well over 1,000 people, so you'll see anything from fatties to hotties. Food isn't great, I'd go elsewhere unless you want to pay $25 for a lunch you had in middle school.

Exchange LA - Used to be my favorite club in the city, 3-story venue that brings in big name EDM artists with an awesome sound system and plenty of run to roam. It can still draw a good crowd for specific DJs, though for the most part you'll see Latinas rolling in groups with 5 dudes protecting. Not particularly easy to pull.

The Standard - Old rooftop bar, pretty big, but they charge $20 cover and the line can be insane on weekends. Quality is OK. Weekend afternoons are great but weekend evenings aren't. If there's a long line, don't bother, it'll take over an hour.

Library Bar - Right next to the far more "exclusive and fancy" Standard, but they get a pretty good crowd. You can pull here. If a couch is available in the back when you come in, grab it, when it gets crowded having that couch will pay dividends.

The Edison - Enormous underground bar that caters to an older crowd, most people are in their 30s and 40s. They have shows on weekends. Pretty cool girls. I believe you're required to be in a collared shirt and dress shoes, and they are pretty strict on this.

The Broken Shaker - Another rooftop bar, I've only been during the day and it was awesome. As far as I know, at night they have the same issue as the other rooftops (cover + long line), but will try to make it one day soon.

Varnish - Do NOT go here to try to swoop chicks. But, if you're going on a date or grabbing a drink with a friend, this place is dope. Speakeasy in the back of a restaurant. Solid drinks and a cool vibe.

If you have questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to comment or PM.
Have this bookmarked for when i venture out west. Preciate it
Nice post bro!
Nice! This will come in handy one day.

We need more of these on the forum.
Great sheet! Exactly the kinda threads the forum needs.
Liked the post OP because you put the effort in and it seems legit, plus I have seen others posts from you on this forum I have liked. Gotta say though man, we end up with a good amount of California girls in Manhattan's party districts. I'll be out and about approaching at clubs and some nights, every other girl is either from LA or San Francisco. What gets me about LA girls is that I feel, moreso than other women, that they are stuck in a high school mindset even well into their 30s. The entire city's culture seems to be keepin up with the joneses but you don't even see it to that level in NYC, this despite NY being far wealthier and much more important of a city than LA.

I honestly could not tolerate growing up anywhere in So Cal outside of San Diego.

That being said, I hear LA does have a lot of sexy Middle Eastern women so it might not be worth completely discounting. Either that or I catch them west coast hoes flying out east and give em some Empire St dick Wink

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