Shanghai !
Big Grin 
Been only 24hrs and loving it so far.
I'm in Shanghai for a week on business, and sadly have too few free nights to pull a ONS. So I'm using all the free time I have left to get that flag.

Guys please. What's your tips, takeaways, advice on this awesome area?

For the first night I checked one of the main bar-clubs area (name forgotten, oops. Where Hong Kong Plaza and club Muse 2 are). I was short on time so went directly to the club. It's a relief to see that I can literally get a pull without paying much (free entrance if you come before 11, beers are cheap).

At first I felt like an anthropologist discovering a completely different social culture...
No one dances before 11, there's a whole area of hostesses babes seated texting, waiting some rich kids to pick one at the finger-point, and share 20 or 50 Don Perignons. Showing off is really a big thing here...some don't mind spending 700€ to seat, others just go with gym pants and a white t-shirt with a big ADIDAS logo on front

But once the main DJ is on, all the 7-8s go to the dance floor, and show more moves than I've seen from the girls in Japan. I couldn't help joining them in the middle and getting the white-guy treatmentSmile

What I learned so far...
-You better like loud EDM. I'm really not a fan, but the hot girls bring the vibe dancing there (sadly while the babes are paid to stay seated next to the rich kids)
-Direct approaches and being the soul of the party are the best moves here 
-There's little to no competition. Chinese dudes have zero game and don't approach. Foreigners were just there for the party
-Save-screen your WeChat id page to share with the girl you wanna meet again if you don't have wifi router. Of course, I totally forgot that.

My first mistake was not resting after landing and going directly to that area. I was dead by 2am and took off without a pull. I'll try see how's Day game here tomorrow and only have 2 free nights available to make things happen
The area you are talking about is at the south of Xintiandi. Try to have a look at Hengshan road for another night.

Agree with your observations. China clubbing is, unfortunately, going this way now and most of the girls are hostess and customers are people coming to show off.
Getting the QR code of your Wechat ready is always a good thing and the way to go. Many girls might refuse to go back with you to your room but you will ask to see you the morning after.
If you are alone, don't be afraid to walk around with your drink and start cheering with the people, saying loud "Ganbei". Don't need to stay long with them but just enough for the people noticing that you are a cool guy and waiting for you to come to them for drinking.

Someone with a half decent game should do great in Shanghai for the reasons you said and also many Chinese guys will consider that having fun in the club is for the poor people who cannot afford a table while the girls rather go to the guys that like to have fun.

Always interesting for me to see people coming to China for the first time as I have stayed here for a long time and many things don't surprise me anymore.
I dont like loud EDM also.

Shanghai is so big I am positive you can find bars and clubs that play other music genres.

Seoul is similar, most places play the typical Asian/Europe style EDM, but can still find other places.
Shanghai is big but the interesting area is not very big. Basically you have little reason to go outside the ring of Metro Line 4 for clubs or bars. Probably there is bars and clubs outside of the ring but I won't be surprised if there is no good ones. And then going back from there will take you a lot of time.

Little places without loud music in Shanghai. Most of the pub and bar are basically for expats and the few chinese girls are either coming with a foreigner, gold diggers or semi-pros. You have also the music bars (with band playing).

Just thinking of it: Try your luck around Jiatong University (Line 10) for smaller and quieter bar in the worst case you can always go to Hengshan Road easily from there.
Thx Dash, I'm searching for salsa venues. Heard there's a trend of girls taking lessons just to find the right latino   

Awesome, thanks Tiger! Got 2 nights-days free for that so I'm putting Jiatong and Hengshan on one, and the last night at Muse 2 or better. I heard about a LeBaron that's looks good...
Also I'm actually staying next to an university called CEIBS, but seems their campus and around has no cool venue.
Latin spots are great. Most girls there are easy to talk to and dance with.
I don't really know about the Jiaotong Uni. area. I have been once for a beer with a student and it looked not bad.

I know there will be a Latin festival in May but cannot tell you when and where. Can look on for that.
CEIBS is far from the good places. Good luck there.
You can try to go to Century Park, not too far from CEIBS
Hows the English level?
Is Shanghai foreigner friendly? And what about the girls?
@Christoff: English level is awesome for China which means pretty average worldwide. You probably won't need to speak any chinese to do well with girls, receptions of hotels, big restaurants. Might be more difficult with taxis but with good logistic, it's manageable to never use taxis.

@Exultate: Not really sure what you mean by foreigner friendly but don't expect to be overcharged by taxis or at restaurants. For girls, like I wrote in the thread about China, you have value as a foreigner but don't expect them to throw themselves at you without a minimum effort (that's for the smaller Chinese cities)
the shelter Its a nice place to hear music. mostly electronic, but not the horrible commercial EDM.
(05-01-2017, 03:45 AM)Kaaal Wrote: Been only 24hrs and loving it so far.
I'm in Shanghai for a week on business, and sadly have too few free nights to pull a ONS. So I'm using all the free time I have left to get that flag.

Guys please. What's your tips, takeaways, advice on this awesome area?

Work combining with pleasure, always a challenge.
The one thing that you don't have is time. Also partying is not always a good idea if you have to work the next day. So you have to pipeline.

Once I had to go for my work to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

I made a couchsurfing profile and I put some messages on the message board "Hi there, I am X from X, I 'm X days here fore work, I would be great to meet a local for  a beer or two to learn more  about the culture, send me a PM"

A few girls messaged me and my date in Lithuania went really well.

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