Horsens - the ultimate pussy paradise
Hi to everyone, I'm another Rooshv refugee, I'm glad did you accept me in this awesome community!

However, some premises are necessary to clarify my background, my tastes and lifestyle, in order to understand if my experience can be reproduced by each of you.
I’m French, classic Latino look (Italian parents), travelled all over the world but always liked white girls.
I love Scandinavian girls. For me, the most beautiful women in the world, an absolute dogma. This is the reason why I moved here, first to Copenhagen and then to Gothenburg. I could write about the first two but they would be nothing compared to what I'm about to write.
Moreover, I visited and hunted in almost all of Scandinavia, especially Denmark and Sweden not making me miss towns like Falkenberg (Fuckenberg).
I must say, in Denmark and Sweden there are a lot of beautiful girls, it is well known, in the capitals and big cities it is enough to go out in the evening, one place is worth the other and it would even be useless to make lists of places that however often change name etc.
I do not dwell in reviewing the superfluous then. In three years I made some good ones, working occasionally as a cook assistant to support my finances.
Getting in a relationship too, when the feelings prevailed. For short periods of time, with these unstable crazy bitches there isn’t too much to do with them. Believe me, I could talk about fucking one night stand - where and how, about the thousand difficulties when you go blank and you go home in the evening with nothing, tired and cold. Usual and banal things for me, compared to what I'm going to tell you.
Let's start then.
I was engaged to Rikke, a Danish 24-year-old (I am 35) until five months ago.
We decided to live together, to know our parents also (she was introduced to my parents, and vice versa). A mistake that I hope you understand friends, “hunting” was now a routine and I wanted to do something new and constructive.
Fuck, it was time to do something different after hundreds of girls fucked without a face I could truly remember.
One day Rikke tells me: let's go to my beautiful town of origin to meet my family. Good.
She’s tall, redhead and ice eyes, model type.
A girl like that for sure deserves a relationship attempt. We reached her small town of origin, Horsens, in just three hours of driving from Copenhagen.
When we arrived, a beautiful spring welcomed us in a beautiful town. I was her family guest, in a really delicious location. Therefore, it didn’t weigh on me at all.
But the crazy bitch... Well we all heard about the Danish women madness... What does she do?
She leaves me at home with her parents two hours after arriving to get some stuffs, and after 3 hours she finally tells me, trying to justify her absence, she had the luck to meet her first boyfriend from 10 years ago, with instant love at first sight and our relationship was shattered in an instant!
The most embarrassing thing is that both her parents and me are ignored!
She disappears completely not caring about anyone!
A grotesque and paradoxical situation, from which I couldn’t do much more than dismiss myself by removing the disturbance!
Quite in shock not even knowing how to get back to Copenhagen since it’s her car ... I rent a room in a hotel!
With the masochistic hope of meeting her around in the next two days and talking to her in person and smashing the guy's face!
Staying in a hotel, I pay almost nothing (for Denmark standards); ridiculous prices compared to the capital, more blondes around and a purer breed than the mixed Copenhagen, the eyes of all of them on me, they seem to have never seen a brown guy around (Latino look).
With the moral on the ground I take a shower... And with the hope of catching her around I go out for a beer. From that evening everything changed and I visited Horsens 9 times!
The doors of heaven opened to me...
I go for a beer in a bar, heartbroken. Inside only women, all young and beautiful, the most beautiful Scandinavians I've ever seen. Embarrassed at how they looked at me, perhaps at my broken mood, I felt absolutely prey and I was even afraid of them.
A small quarrel between "groups", in the end a tall and blonde who seems the hottest of all of them, asks me questions in a Danish for me understandable and to put me at ease she shifts to English but for a little... She takes my hair and almost tries to rape me, making out really hard, the staff laughs at the bar. Frightened and still under "sedative", I reject her and the staff reassures me, talking to me laughing and joking about the customs of Danish girls and in particular of that small town...
Her friends laugh at me, so I changed bar (I was too ashamed of what happened).
It doesn’t happen the same thing again, but the environment is strangely the same, I see two girls kissing and always strangely very few men, almost 8 girls for each man in the bar, the best ratio I ever saw in my whole life. I start to drink, fuck the women, drink to forget tonight.
But I also like girls, and when the alcohol starts to hit...
Well, it’s super easy to make out, I even get a blowjob in the toilet from an authentic 8.5/10 (and I’m not that generous with marks), and after that she leaves me and goes to her friends to toast about that (or at least I believe).
Fuck, this city is the ultimate pussy paradise…
So even if I was drunk, I thought: you understood Rikke... If she’s from this place, I'm a fool thinking about a future together!
A guy offers me a drink, so I tell him: “Do you know that you are one of the few guys I see here?”
Small off topic, Danish guys in bars are very open, with the problem of not recognizing you as a friend after drinking.
Jesper was different (this is his name), I later went back to the hotel thanks to his help ...
After explaining to me that that city with its small campus was a renowned pussy paradise with real horny slutty fucking bitches!
In few words, because anybody sees them and nobody judges them: there are the girls, very few men, and some old like the parents of my ex who stand under the will of their slutty daughters!
But what we can do about that, these girls like the cock and a lot too! Nympholand, fuck!
And with Jesper we went to the disco, we made an after party bringing four chicks to his house, I can’t write what we did there or I’ll be banned, but trust me, an unforgettable night!
And on the way to my hotel, he brought me another one (he was showing me the way because I was quite drunk, he picked up her random on the street), so I fucked her in my hotel...
The next day destroyed, I invite Jesper for dinner.
And I discover that the few guys here are very open-minded, very friendly!
They tolerate and fuck these damn sperm addicted bitches! So, this is how he and his friends call these girls, sperm addicted!
Well, if in Copenhagen you fuck and the ONS is probable... Here is daily bread and a must!
You can drink for two evenings in a row, I drank various beers and cocktails, it’s dirty cheap and I'm in the best company with a good friend... And a wingman makes you enjoy the situation!
I made with dozens of girls, touching, blowjobs, fuck with embarrassment of choice...
Maybe the happiest days of my life, and that’s obvious that I go back to Horsens when I want to consume my cock until it turns blue.
Some indications about the visited places:
Crazy Daisy, it looks like from a sci-fi movie for quality and quantity of the girls!
A crazy pussy paradise, I never seen anything like that before, and I was not fasting!
I was coming from a long term relationship!
As for the small bars and smaller clubs, well one is worth the other, they’re all the same...
And you know what I mean Wink
Although Scandinavia is expensive, prices are well below average, it is worth a lot and from Copenhagen you can get there by public transport, well connected, just go to the central station and take the first train. Or land at a closer airport if you can.
 A small recommendation: if you care about it ... Do not spoil this place I love you friends!
In the following travels, I had a Thai and an Indian wingman, both former co-worker, and both did great!
Because there are no foreigners, and your exotic factor is over the roof!
I saw Rikke again while I was drunk and I was with Jesper and a group of 4 girls who moved with us to drink from one bar to another... All hugging each other and kissing...
You know the movie The Doors when the elevator door opens and Morrison bursts out laughing at the girl while Nico from the Velvet Underground makes him a blowjob???
Fucking great!!!
Great post bro. When I was in Poland I found that poznan is a city just like the one that you just described.

Does anyone have their own experiences in pusy paradises just like the mentioned above??
I got half way through your post and now I’ve booked a flight, I’ll met you there.
The city is really small.. I dont doubt your experience, but I dont know if anybody else can replicate it. Waiting for another report before I would go there. That said, aarlborg in Denmark was pretty cool for nightlife.
This looks familiar. Was it posted at RVF before?
(10-20-2019, 01:34 AM)WombRaider Wrote: This looks familiar. Was it posted at RVF before?

Yes, on 22 September 2019:

Not exactly sure why nobody posted any replies on that thread, other than RvF's new rules, or Google's cache being out-of-date.

Crazy Daisy, one of the places OP mentions, is permanently closed, according to its FB page: It seems it closed in 2014. Also, the last Foursquare review, also from 2014, suggests it's "Full of Erasmus" (foreign students) -

So OP's report may be at least five years old.
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Yeah --- I was intrigued by this datasheet when I saw it on RVF, but then similar to 262 saw that Crazy Daisy had been closed for years.

It seemed slightly bizarre in the way it was written, hard to tell if the OP was legit or trolling (the obscure false-pussy-paradise-hype troll).

JeromePierre, can you give us some more details like what year this took place in?
Having found myself salivating after reading the original post - easily available, fine white pussy has that effect - I pointed my Tinder Gold to Horsens.

Holy moly - in about 150-170 woman that I saw, very few were bangable - most were in their mid-to-late 30's, and whilst I like that age group, the women in that part of the world really do not seem to age well. This seems to be a reservoir of post-wall victims. Maybe Tinder was showing me the low-level goods first?
Anyway, after a couple of hours of swiping, I gave up and re-pointed back to the Asian city I am currently.

(PS - no offence meant to the original poster - just mentioning my experience.)

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