What is your purpose? (finding the source for motivation)
Abstract sort of question I suppose, but it's fair to say the most driven people have the strongest sense of purpose. 

What is yours?

From what I've seen in OTHERS the 2 most motivating forces are children and god. I don't have the former and i don't believe in the latter. 

I feel this create a motivation deficit for me. Seems difficult to conjure enough motivation to stay with projects long term. Thoughts? Solutions? (other than knocking a chick up or going old testament ala roosh)

Most guys I ask this either dont have one or give a nauseatingly unoriginal answer like "to reproduce".
Well I have been spending my 20s trying to finding my purpose and just went around full circle.

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It isn't basketball that I played.

I thought I wanted to be an athlete that competes at a worldwide level rather than at a national level.
Can't reveal exactly which one because there's some real crazies out there especially with the rather small community and massive backlash that could open a can of political worms if I wasn't careful.
It was a waste of time but I'm sure it would make great online dating pics.

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I also thought about getting into motorsports but it gets extremely expensive fast with replacement parts and I've turned down my friend to join him on track days.
Once again my car has a limited production run so I can't say which one because only a few hundred were made for the model year.

Then I was wondering what is the purpose of man?
I simply went back and discovered the fundamental aspects of mankind or nature in general irrespective of time and place

Reproduce - Pass on genes or mutual pleasure if you are a human or dolphin LOL
Acquire - Make money, hunt or gather

So in my spare time I like to cook whatever the fuck I like or go to nice restaurants.

I can't help but when I spot well-endowed girls anywhere or go to night venues I am finding and testing ways with as least risk as possible to convince them to engage in fornication with me sooner or later and so that's how I spend part of my time.

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Johnny Bravo one of the original OGs.

But I also need to sustain such a lifestyle so I go hard into money making.

That's my 2 cents.

(10-09-2019, 12:22 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: (other than knocking a chick up)
Quote:Most guys I ask this either dont have one or give a nauseatingly unoriginal answer like "to reproduce".

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This is a good question that I've thought about a lot. My biggest motivation is to leave a legacy behind. This can encompass any (or all) of the following:
--- Children/Family (this one is the most obvious), hopefully at least one son to keep the family name going lol
--- Business that can run without my direct supervision or involvement. Think something like Ford or Coca-Cola (or many other less widely known companies) where the founders are long dead but company still exists
--- Some other type of career or personal accomplishment (ie: Noble Prize, or something less well-renowned but that is nevertheless remembered). An example would be scientific publication. The lead authors of publications in top journals (like NEJM) from 100 years ago can still be found.

In short, after I die, I would want people to reflect on me and my contributions in a positive way. That is probably my main motivation.
(10-09-2019, 12:22 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: From what I've seen in OTHERS the 2 most motivating forces are children and god. I don't have the former and i don't believe in the latter. 

I don't have kids and I don't see myself having any.  I am agnostic and "God" may or may not exist in the way man thinks.

My purposes thus far are:

To serve as an unofficial ambassador to other races, peoples, ethnicities, and nationalities as a travel the world.
To make many individual, personal relationships to influence people for the better, or protect them from harm or evil.
To continuously acquire knowledge and wisdom thru study, travel, and experience.
To build upon my financial success by investing and living frugally.
To influence men in the ways of Red Pill so as to protect them from misandry and feminism.
To search for the elusive, foreign unicorn through whom I can possibly have a child or children but I don't see that happening.
To leave a positive, reverberating influence on the world after my death thru various acts of kindness or positivity.
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My purpose tends to change every couple of years. Right now it's to rebuild up my business, but more importantly, to climb certain mountains. My drive to climb certain mountains actually motivates everything I do. It's my motivation for working out, and making money (to cover the cost of travel). It's pretty intense motivation for me. I want to tick off this stuff while I'm still young and physically able. I find myself constantly reading and watching movies (mostly YouTube videos) related to climbing, and spending more time on related forums.

Before I was obsessive about climbing mountains, my purpose was to travel and bang lots of girls. That was all the fuel I needed to work hard on my business and make money. I still want to travel more and bang girls (although lately I'm more interested in finding a girlfriend), but it's not my main purpose in life at the moment. If I ever have kids, I'm sure my purpose will change to something like "provide for my family," but that's not in the cards right now.
Interesting thread idea. Even though I want children given reasonable conditions, having purposes not related to that seems healthy, like not putting all your eggs in one basket.

To add to the gist of what Contrarian Expat posted, I'd add, at least for myself, to have a healthy amount of fun.
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Usually kids provide purpose simply because you have no choice but to deal with screaming 2 year old at 5 AM. And fulfilment is not guaranteed, especially when bratty 15 year old decides that dad knows less about how the world works than her friends do.

It's not a bad thing to have kids, but it comes with no guarantees and I wouldn't do it just to gain purpose.

Personally, I've found purpose in my love for education. Doing work that reduces learning challenges for others is very satisfying and fulfilling for me. I'm glad to get out of bed each morning and continue my work.
Maximising the length of time, and quality of time, spent doing things I enjoy.

Not in a only hedonistic way, though I obviously do like chasing loose women and drinking beer. But I also very much enjoy exercise, travel, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. It took me until my mid 20s to realise I didn't need to follow the path society said I should - "make the most money possible! Get the best job title! Get a mortgage!" etc. It was only then that I focused on what actually really made me happy, instead of what I was told would make me happy. So I try to structure my life around that.

I'm not talking about entirely giving up on Western/middle class life and living a totally frugal lifestyle mind you, but just finding a balance. One of the best decisions I've ever made in my life was moving back from the US to Europe a few years ago. I'm European, but had moved to the US for my career. I took a huge salary decrease moving back to Europe, but my life is just so much more well rounded now. I went from 50-60 hour weeks and 10 days a year of leave to 40 hour weeks and 35 days of year a leave. And now live close to my family and childhood friends, instead of on a different continent. But I still earn enough to live a good life.

I've seen a lot of Americans get burnt out on the workworkwork lifestyle over there, and go full-in on location independence and living off peanuts in SEA or South America. But I think thats also an extreme, that they often burn out of that after a few years as well. More people should try moving to social democracies in Europe and working white collar jobs here a try first I think, its far more of a happy life/happiness medium.
The purpose of life is to live and to live consciously. Here are steps to consider.

Self-Mastery (internal and external)
Mastery of your Environment (external)
Mutually (Enlightened) Self-Interest (relational between the first two, to include others)

Having a framework or context can be helpful when working with your purpose. Historically many people use religion or something similar. Other examples of a framework may be codes, ethical like Confucianism, a martial context like Bushido, or perhaps Stoicism. Various eastern and western monastic traditions that combine a spiritual and martial path also have served to guide many in the past. Most of these deal with a group context although some systems have more varied degrees of individualistic emphasis.

An example of a more individualistic conceptual framework can be something like Internal-External on one axis, Conscious-Unconscious on a second axis and Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical on a third axis. A more simple three axis framework to begin may be something like Instinctual – Rational - Passionate. Where Passion is that creative, spiritual, motivational force, the Rational is the mental-cognitive force and the Instinctual are the instinctive forces. Whatever your framework you use, it should help you clarify, unfold and manifest your purpose.

The next question would be the how, where your purpose is guiding your goals and the fulfillment of, or failure to attain these goals is a feedback mechanism that can refine your purpose. It begins with applying the force of your attention in a plan of action to bring about a desired future.

If you do not know your purpose, do not worry, it just means that you do not know your purpose. Keep searching, do things that you think are meaningful. Spend more introspective time, whether it is simple reflection, meditation, or active thinking while you are doing some physical activity, etc. When you are on purpose, you will know it, it is not something that you doubt or question. Your purpose can and most probably will transform and evolve with more experiences and with deeper experiences.
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I say mastering of the mind soul and body should be goals. I mean peak level in every aspect.

However mastering of the soul requires knowledge of what motivates you, what you fear, what you need in life vs what you’ll let go of. So I guess this can’t be the answer
(10-09-2019, 12:22 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: From what I've seen in OTHERS the 2 most motivating forces are children and god. I don't have the former and i don't believe in the latter. 

I feel this create a motivation deficit for me. Seems difficult to conjure enough motivation to stay with projects long term. Thoughts? Solutions? (other than knocking a chick up or going old testament ala roosh)

Most guys I ask this either dont have one or give a nauseatingly unoriginal answer like "to reproduce".

It seems like the answer to your questions lays within the question? I assume you are saying that you can't focus on long-term work, investment, financial goals etc? Perhaps because you are busy pursuing short-term relationships that are ultimately unsatisfying because something (a child perhaps) is lacking? And while many other responsible, religious (moral) men who you know outwardly seem satisfied (but are lying probably) with their long-term joyless, sexless relationships i.e. families and religious lives, you don't think these lives would satisfy you because you don't want to spend the rest of your life as an unhappy slave? But you're afraid these so-called moral guys will be jealous and not support your "immoral" goal to have a child without becoming a joyless, sexless slave? You have my support. Just do it and don't worry Jesus forgives. The collective stupidity of others doesn't create a moral obligation in you, don't feel bullied by the so-called moral majority which pretends to be happy in unhappy lives and is trying to force you in to the same unhappy rut they are in. However, the collective stupidity of others does mean you have to be discrete. For example, you could go to another country which doesn't have a well-developed welfare/child support system to ass rape you, knock up someone there, contribute some small amount to her, in a personal relationship with you, her, and your kid (confirm with dna testing) on your terms, outside of the oppressive US child support system. I think you will find this an exciting project that will invigorate your interest in your other projects.
To win.
I like the idea of mastering the senses. Like developing a strong palette, a strong view/understanding of art and beauty, ears that can pick up on the subtle sounds in movies or operas etc and an understanding of music theory, and lets not forget smells and touch. I feel like spending a couple of years honing these things can make life so much more enjoyable.

This idea first originated from The witcher, batman and sherlock holmes. I know fiction but I always found it interesting how they could smell certain things, taste certain things, hear certain things and have a clear understanding of what it is. I personally like listening to certain songs and knowing just from ear what the producer probable thought and did to achieve such music. Or tasting a meal and being able to break down all the ingredients. May sound gay but even going outside and seeing the simple warm oranges of street lights contrast with the cool blues of the night.
To accomplish my dreams.

I am going to buy land on an island in a Baltic country and eventually build a small vacation/retirement home there. I had a single mother that lived on the island that was going to help me to do it. She got back with the baby daddy. Probably going to have another one of his kids again soon. But I am not giving up. I will have what I say that I will.
To defeat Lord Voldemord.

But seriously, read Man's Search for Meaning.
I never planned much of anything in my life. My background is too dysfunctional and my nature is too freedom oriented. There is a reason why jazz is by far my favorite music. It's spontaneous and open to many interpretations. I guess at this point my purpose is to live up to my screen name or at least not to sully it.

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