if you wanna join roosh v forum you can only join 1st of the month
if you wanna join roosh v forum you can only join/register on the 1st of every month

which Is today as I write this.

Reaxxion is the answer to his question

your not spose to mention anything regarding casual sex only wife hunting. wonder why that is?
I might get in trouble for saying this but I don't get why people followed that guy.When I first found out about him years ago my impression was that he looked and sounded like a fraud.There has been nothing about him that has been able to convince me otherwise.
Do we need another RVF thread?
Doing stupid things like only allowing people to join one day a month makes people jump through hoops. It builds loyalty. This is why he was able to build up a following over the years without being the best.

And no, we don't need another Roosh thread.
The place is dead now. Travel and Game section archived without new posts allowed. Promoting his marriage bullshit.
I'll start taking advice from Roosh about marriage and kids when he gets married and has kids. What a tool!
Dictator Roosh lol. Crazy how blue pilled they all got.
I think the mods should make a rule here about keeping RVF discussion to the existing threads, otherwise it's just a waste...
Please close this thread.

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