New users - email activation
Did anyone have any issues registering and not receiving the email confirmation?

I think there is an issue where some of the activation emails do not arrive, so I will just manually activate users. This implies that everyone that registered and didn't receive the email, should try to just log in now directly. Normally those accounts will be activated.

If there's any other issues, let me know!
Also, new users, be aware that your first posts will be approved by a mod before they appear. This is an anti-spam measure. So please be patient and don't worry when a post doesn't appear right away.
Yes, sir.  I could not get the email to arrive for me and it only worked after over a month of trying on my gmail account.  I figured it was some technical glitch but better late than never.
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Yes, mine didn't work yesterday and I tried the resend activation 2 or 3 times. I was about to send an e-mail just now to the address listed in the pinned thread and noticed I could reply to threads after all.
Yes new users, give it a day or so and just try to login directly if you didn't receive the activation email.
Up, still into play, so whoever made a new account, just sign in and start posting, account is already approved!
I am activated (I think - first post). Question about how this board works. I just got back from a weeklong visit to Mexico City and want to write up the experience (where I stayed, lays I got etc).

It seems like the RVF structure was:

Datasheet - live in a place 2-3 years and explain the culture
Trip Report - visit a place 2-3 and tell your observations
Post on a location thread/Datasheet - quick visit to a place

STW has a lot of threads with single questions about CDMX (is it good for a weekend visit, etc) but I am not sure where to put a quick write up.
If there isn't a mexico or mexico city thread already, then just start one up.

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