daygame in canada
Hey guys looking of trying Canada next summer. never been there
be cool to hear from some guys who have boots on the ground experience of Canadian cities as im deciding which ones to go to. will be mostly daygame but sightseeing a bit. possibly tinder if the quality is good. but so far still not met a 7 from tinder lol.

at the moment. first thoughts:

Quebec city - small. sight see do 2 days
Montreal - high population heard many hot girls here. might do 3weeks
Ottawa - heard its government place small not good for daygame but will check out for 2days
Toronto - gets a bad rep, most expensive city in canada but heard has hot indian girls and high volume population. might do 2-3weeks. also check out niagara falls as its close by.

Mississauga and Hamilton are two places close by also but don't know wither there worth checking out. 

appreciate hearing from any guys whove been to these places in summer.

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