Best cities for Tinder
Hey guys im looking to put a list together of all the best cities in the world for tinder.
but also list a city if its not great so if your wondering if its great it will be listed here too.

I define a city great for tinder by a few things:

1) high volume of women to match with e.g 100-300+ a day
2) with effort messaging can get multiple dates a week or even multiple dates a day. 

il start the list alphabetically:

Bangkok, Thailand - not the highest quality girls
Beirut - not great because you average swipeing is 20 girls a day. had few dates but not consistent 
Bogota (Colombia) - high volume of matches
Izmir (turkey) not good 30-40 swipes a day but struggle to get numbers.
Jakarta - many matches
Manila (Cebu 2nd), 2 biggest areas in Philippines.
Mexico City, was the best city in Mexico for Tinder.
Rio - great for tinder. consistent flow of matches everyday, multiple dates most days of the week.
Santo Domingo, by far the best in DR.
St Petersburg (Russia) - great for tinder. consistent volume of matches. regular dates most days.
Taiwan - lots of matches but bad date conversions
Bogota, Colombia - I was pretty happy with the girls I met and banged there. One of my girls there was a VERY cute Venezuelan who had green eyes, blonde hair and spoke fluent English. In Bogota I got more matches on Tinder than I had time to message. Tinder in Medellin is far worse.

I'd also like to mention that Taipei was the worst place for Tinder- I always get hundreds of matches there, but can never get any dates. Meeting girls at nightclubs is the way to go in Taiwan.
Mexico City, was the best city in Mexico for Tinder.
Bogota for Colomba.
Santo Domingo, by far the best in DR.
Manila (Cebu 2nd), 2 biggest areas in Philippinees.
Bangkok, Thailand

It seems like the bigger the city (in a good country), the better tinder is because there are a larger quantity of girls interested in the foreigner niche you bring. Just math. It's also why tourist cities are generally not great for Tinder, your foreigner niche has been filled many times over.
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I'd add Jakarta for the same reasons 20Nation discribed.
I forgot to mention Bangkok, which everybody else already mentioned. To be honest though, every girl I've banged in Bangkok from Tinder was a 6 or lower. Some of these girls were 6's, but happened to be pretty sexy and the sex was great. Great way to meet teens (18-19 year olds) over there. As with most cities, 7's and up mostly have to be met through friends or cold approach. I wouldn't go to Bangkok just to swipe all day on Tinder (I wouldn't recommend doing so in Bogota either, but honestly you can meet some quality girls that way if you must), but I'd say 95% of guys posting on forums are okay with banging 6's.

As for Taipei, I forgot that the one girl I've ever banged from Tinder in that city was actually an amateur porn star 7/10, 18 years old. I didn't know she was doing porn until a couple months later my boy sent me a video of her (don't ask me how or why he found it... I know some strange people). She was half Asian half white, grew up in the states and had rich parents sending her on vacation to TW to visit. She didn't know anybody and was looking to party. Legitimately one of the dumbest girls I've ever been with, but it was great going raw on her. I'm sure she's gotten paid to have hundreds of dicks inside of her by now. I was in the right place at the right time when I met her.

Tinder generally sucks and waste a lot of time, but it's not bad to use when you're taking a shit or waiting around in airports. I shit on Tinder a lot, but I've had some good times thanks to the app.
think most guys get that tinder is below 7's. mostly 5's and 6's. 6.5 if your lucky. 
if you want 7 or above consistently its either daygame and or nightgame.

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