Gaming women who know little English
How do you guys open in places where the women know little English and you don't know the language?  I'm in a Russian speaking country and haven't been opening much other than online game because the English is so low.  Any ideas?
No guarantees but asking East Asian, non-Chinese women if they speak Chinese as the next step if they can't speak English.

Surely Japanese women can read Kanji which is adapted from Chinese.

Idea Dodgy
If you have a verbally intensive game approach, it will mean altering your style significantly.

There are phone applications now that listen to and translate what both of you say, but that is going to throw your rhythm off to a degree.

Better to go into a mostly non-verbal environment like a club and run dance floor game. I once made out with a Russian girl for an hour in a club in Tianjin without saying a word to her. Only realized later that she actually spoke decent English. Did the same with a Chinese girl in a club in Beijing. She spoke no English and only later realized that I could speak Chinese. I met up with her later after a brief series of text messages to clarify location (something that even a non-Chinese speaker could have pulled off with translation software) and although we met for dinner, she was immediately DTF. Banged her about an hour later. I think the main attraction point was my dance game in the club and I could have still banged her if I didn't speak Chinese.
Depending on the culture you can just caveman them.
Yes, going full caveman is a good idea in Toronto, for example.
I think this depends largely on where you are. In Colombia, most of the girls I slept with spoke no English. I was able to speak basic Spanish which got me by pretty well. In Asia I've been with lots of girls that spoke no English, but they also have a fetish for white guys, so even if I was fluent in their local languages I'd have gotten them guts.
in context: "I'm going to rearrange them guts"
Unfortunately the country I'm in is a conservative one, much more than Colombia. I was able to get away with a little Spanish in Colombia and do decent as there were more English speakers< I knew at least a little Spanish, and the women were more open it seems. I'll try dance floor game as I do well with that in the US but I've heard the clubs here are mostly p4p.
(09-03-2019, 01:22 AM)mike Wrote: in context: "I'm going to rearrange them guts"

Suits apparently isnt well endowed enough to get that reference lol
Im fascinated by this subject actually because I get a shit ton of ioi's from young chicks who can't speak a word.
As well, the English speaking quotient in places Ive lived has been tiny.

Obviously the long term game is to learn the language but.. in the inter-rim I don't like getting blue balls.
Also, having a chick is the best way to learn the language that Ive seen.
I don't know about nightgame but for daygame I look the women up and down making strong eye contact and say "sexy". its universal shel know what you want. some women are into it some are not. but it cuts the friend zone in half. worked for me in Russian speaking countries.

but after the opener id use "google translator" to talk for 2mins before getting her WhatsApp. and also use translator on the date.

ive approach chatted up and seduced women from Russian and brazil who speak 0 English.

the opener is 100% pre-verbal. non verbal anyway.

#1 the way you look at her + pause = sexual tension.

people with who don't speak any of each others language hook up all the time everyday. don't let it limit you.
Years back in NYC I met a Taiwanese girl who spoke practically no English. I remember one time we were walking outside, she was trying to say something, but I could not understand a single word she said. Pretty hilarious. Very good sex with her. I think I initially opened her at a bar with something vulgar like "I'm going to eat your ass," and was amazed it worked. Turns out she just didn't understand what I said. Non-verbals are key in these situations.

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