Lessons Learned About Creating Great Sales Websites
I'm ok with that. I don't need that type of validation. Not knocking you, just keeping it real.
But I guess I understand. I'm insulated enough and smart enough to know that if I'm going to drive mass amounts of traffic, there's serious steps to take to protect me, other than not post my websites on a forum (and you can see that I do, so I walk my talk)
Just happened to disagree with you there, but hey, the paranoid survive, no beef there ( I respect the hustle too).

I was actually a highly repped guy in RVF, but changed my name in this forum because I don't care for rep points or making myself be known (plus who cares about RVF anyway)
Christoff, I know you're hustling and I'm sure you have some valuable experience to share.

Travelfinder.me is an attractive looking website and I'm sure you've got a lot of valuable tips and experiences to share from. I'm fully confident that even a few thoughts off the top of your head would be quite valuable.

Why not share that here?

By the way, I know that I was quite harsh with you on your own thread and suspect that may be the reason for the aggression here. I'll admit that I have a certain amount of contempt for affiliate marketing and that was a major factor in the negativity I brought to your thread. I know that I could have expressed exactly the same thoughts there without being so blunt and confrontational, so I apologize for that.

If it's possible, can we perhaps put this ill-will behind us and instead use our energy to make this forum great?
Yeah that's fine. I don't hold grudges anyway

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