Hilarious RVF posts
Did anybody go to San Diego?  I almost went but didn't want to pay money to hear a religious testimony.

"This is no big deal. Roosh is just streamlining the forum - the fundamental change was already made earlier this year. The only people who will be mad are those who were trying to circumvent Roosh's wishes in the first place.

Business as normal, gents."
(09-24-2019, 10:37 PM)Rhyme or Reason Wrote: "This is no big deal. Roosh is just streamlining the forum"

He's just putting speed holes in the forum. Makes it go faster.

Quote:Registration is only open on the first of the month. Outside of the 1st, it is not possible to register. As a result, Gold memberships have been temporarily discontinued.

Rhyme or Reason:
RVF (til about 2016) was unique in that guys ended up there organically. The community grew organically. The discussions happened organically. You can't replicate that sort of appeal deliberately.

To add on to what Rhyme and Reason said Roosh's forum is dead barring certain trolls. My guess is the gold memberships haven't been flying off the shelves the past few years. 

Just throwing this out there from a former member:
^^ He should have 86ed the Forum instead of precipitating a slow decline. I would add its pretty hard to make money off a faith product unless you have a physical church or a mega-church with a nation-wide reach.

Believe it or not, Roosh is somewhat well-known abroad by informed guys on the subject of women and travel. He had an awesome niche and he just killed it.

I guess this serves as a cautionary tale against psychedelics and their applications.
Ignore Canadian Flags on Sight Crew


Prediction: Roosh deletes the travel and game sections in January, archives the life section.
He might as well close it all down and just say he's moving on. Why widdle it down to nothing what a joke.
And we wonder why the left keeps winning at every last aspect of life. Men with dissenting opinions cant even get along with eachother.
I wouldnt be surprised if they paid roosh alot to torpedo the whole thing.
(09-25-2019, 01:19 AM)Disco_Volante Wrote: I wouldnt be surprised if they paid roosh alot to torpedo the whole thing.

He feels guilty for what happened to his sister and the lifestyle he has lived, all this change to religion is because of that.
(09-25-2019, 12:55 AM)samifon Wrote: Prediction: Roosh deletes the travel and game sections in January, archives the life section.

That was a good call lol

2nd wave of RVF refugees incoming. Prepare for the rep fest.
This is still up...for now.

Going to start archiving threads this week. I should have all the decent ones by the time ship starts sinking.]

Also, those hosting fees are probably hefty. Over 2 million posts. He probably can't afford it for much longer.
(09-23-2019, 11:40 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: I agree with what others have said it's only good for politics at the moment.

Are you pulling my leg?

It's an endless circlejerk of groupthink in the political threads. Politics over there is probably the one subject you want to avoid because if you deviate from the norm of the herd mentality even slightly, you're likely to be banned.
Holy crap that forum is dead now. Moseyed around 30 seconds and got depressed.

Roosh basically had a monopoly on a lifestyle niche. And he blew it up simply because he aged out of said lifestyle. Incredibly foolhardy.

It was time to update the old titles that members receive depending on how many posts they have. ... Here are the new ones, along with the number of posts you need to achieve that rank:

Catechumen - 50
Laity - 125
Deacon - 250
Celibate Monk - 500
Priest - 1,000
Hieromonk - 1,750
Archpriest - 2,750
Archimandrite - 4,000
Bishop - 6,500
Metropolitan - 10,000
Archbishop - 15,000

I humbly and reluctantly accept the title of Patriarch.


I've been referring to Roosh as "Ayatollah Roosh" up to now because I didn't know about these Orthodox titles. My bad. Henceforth I will be sure to refer to him as Patriarch Roosh.

And yes, RVF does seem pretty dead these days. Rottenapple wrote that STW is also dead because young guys aren't asking advice from older guys, like us older guys actually know what the fuck we're doing. Actually, I think a slightly dead forum is better than one with constant shit posting from guys like Archbishop Strangelight and Metropolitan Neubache who have nothing better to do than rant about Muslims all day. Better if people only post when they have something to say and spend the majority of their time living real life versus shit posting on internet forums.
If there was ever any question he wasn't off the deep end, this morning should put that to rest.
(09-27-2019, 10:09 AM)Hungariansmile Wrote: If there was ever any question he wasn't off the deep end, this morning should put that to rest.

Lol no lie. 

I ended up just deciding to abandon today. Bird rankings? Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Eagle? 

Sad. Sabotaging the very thing that made RvF great...

As for young guys not contributing to the forum... well I am a young guy myself (20-24), Problem is these guys are either like me and working like a dog in College, or partying in up in school and getting tail. I've done both, and I only really spent the majority of my time on the internet when I was in a dry spell honestly.

Regardless, I will be moving from my current spot soon and hopefully drop a Japan datasheet. Looking forward to it.
Pretty funny that now even some of the kool aid drinking , several thousand post cuck followers like Rislander are now openly telling the gray haired incel that his new forum rules are a disaster lol. Predictably the 40 year old incel didn't take very well to the deviation from forum groupthink :

Says patriarch Dryush the elder :

""" I didn't ask for suggestions on how to modify the forum, especially in this thread. If I do, you are free to contribute. You may also create your own forum with the structure you desire."""

Honk honk boyos
"Steve McQueen" dumped this atomic red(brown) pill right on Rooshes face lol :

"Roosh, drunk as l am right now l wanted to let you know that your experiences through life and the lessons derived from same gave me a chance to meet the woman who would change my life forever. I will be getting married in July of next year and that's thanks in large part to this site which told me to never give up on myself despite being an older guy and showed me the truth where it comes to women plus how to go into the dating game to meet / vet a girl to consider for marriage. Thank you for your insights, l really miss the roosh hour and l hope some day you come back to your brothers who love you and want the old roosh back. Now delete my account so all these religious bitches can go and do what they always do, pretend like they are your friend and tell you what you want to hear. This religious nonsense is bullshit, they are not your friends, what happened to your sister was not your fault."
^ That is quite a potent post.

They may as well call it the Leonard D Neubache forum at this point. Roosh is paying him, or he's a sock.
Rooshvforum has really gone to shit. Now that the travel and game sections are gone, there's not much left besides religious and borderline white supremacy type posting going on there. It's not interesting enough to browse anymore. It seems to lack any sort of direction now. The "Roosh" brand was pretty good as far as travel/pickup, but now that he destroyed that, I'm not sure what's left. It's not quite a neo-nazi forum and it's not quite a Christian forum. It feels a bit aimless over there.

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