Hilarious RVF posts
(08-16-2019, 11:03 AM)Jetset Wrote: I'll bite.

I'd be seriously reluctant to get to involved with any woman who, though legal to bang, was too young to legally drink with me.

What I wouldn't do is post on a men's forum trashing other men who did. "It's opportunistic, welcome to humanity"?

Yeah. If that's coming as a surprise, it's not the 18-year-old who is a child. By 18, she has her own agenda, too.

It's almost like women are people or something.

Disagree. The 19 year old I just saw was an amazing lay. She isn't going to hold my attention no matter what.
(08-15-2019, 10:15 PM)JolietJake Wrote: [quote pid='14130' dateline='1565886794']

Is this thread going in the direction that you were hoping for?

(09-01-2019, 01:48 PM)churros Wrote: An entire thread of puritanical finger-wagging, with an especially fine contribution by our friend Neubache. The rank hypocrisy of this thread existing on the same forum as the Colombia, Philipines, and Thailand threads is just staggering.


Well I guess that answers my question.
I talked to pussylicker/pussysniffer when I was in Estonia last year...on the phone. He was weird as fuck. And that is a lot to say, coming from some one like me. We were going to meet up. And I said Digitalnomad was going to be at the place I was going to. He got all uptight and was like oh no. I cannot meet him. I have been masturbating too much.

Now, the last two years, I put on like 40 pounds and my sex drive, mood and energy went to shit. I found out I had really low testosterone. That was partly why. Combined with lifestyle choices. So, I have to admit I had some ups and downs with my overall mood.

But that dude was weird. Other people met him and said he was fine though.

Jesus Christ.
""It has come to my attention that trolls are registering RVF handles on outside forums. I know this is now happening and will not use outside content to judge your standing on RVF (though this has been done in the past).""

From the old gray lady himself lol.
RVF has now blocked the use of VPNs. So much for the security of his members.
Any reason given? I just noticed it this morning. Haven't had much internet time lately (which is a good thing). Very annoying.
Quote:Someone, perhaps a previously banned member, is waging some kind of spam jihad against the forum. He has registered numerous accounts with the intention of posting excerpts from romance novels. They are using multiple different VPNs from different companies that provide many IP addresses. It's possible this is also some sort of Mossad operation, since I have banned their numerous pro-Jewish accounts.

The gray haired 40 year old incel thinks he is being targeted by a Mossad operation !!!!!
Little does he know it's a troll called pussylicker.. I think the guy is seriously becoming delusional, did you see that bird watching thread?
He know's it isn't Mossad. That's ridiculous.

It's simple, he's purging all people that won't follow his horseshit. Game aware people are much less likely to follow that stuff. So what does he do? Closes down the player's lounge and seeking arrangement threads.

Notice how many loser posters are sticking around not getting banned? It's all by design.

He's gonna come out with some religious product.

Got darwined is classic, will be borrowing that in the future haha.

Seriously glad I dont have to deal with the nig nog problem out here in VN. Viets have their short comings but nobody is getting stabbed or shot at by cultural enrichment here.
Official RVF Prayer Requests Thread


Ayatollah Roosh himself chimed in with a fatwa ("legal ruling or opinion by clerical judge") as to whether thread was reserved for Christians or were those of other faiths also allowed to post.
I decided to take a vacation from RVF. Lots of good info from years past. I hope it does not get erased.
(09-21-2019, 06:47 PM)blackfriar Wrote: I decided to take a vacation from RVF.  Lots of good info from years past.  I hope it does not get erased.

Now is probably the time to start archiving stuff that you want to keep. After this Roosh trip is over, I am guessing he will probably close the forum down.

In the very least, actual talk about getting bangs and travel (for that reason) are now dead. The forum doesn't serve any other purpose besides political discussion.
Maybe we should make a thread where we post the best threads on RVF for collation. I'm personally hoping the shitbag blows the whole thing up. I'm sick of that forum ruining destinations, but there's definitely awesome info on there.
Digitalnomad's Crusing The World thread was awesome. And true.
(09-22-2019, 05:03 AM)blackfriar Wrote: Digitalnomad's Crusing The World thread was awesome. And true.

+1 to that. I always thoroughly enjoyed reading that to give myself motivation to get booking more trips. That, and it was always well written and interesting for its own sake too.
I met him in Estonia. Dude was tearing it up 2017-18.
(09-21-2019, 06:47 PM)blackfriar Wrote: I decided to take a vacation from RVF.  Lots of good info from years past.  I hope it does not get erased.

I need to stop visiting RVF. I agree with what others have said it's only good for politics at the moment. Even then reading the blackpillers (like LDN) is obnoxiously annoying. If the sky is falling then why bother with life? It's no different than those climate change morons.

As I've mentioned before from my experience at two of Roosh's talks it doesn't seem like the OGs of the forum are on board with Roosh's new turn. Most of the people I met at the events found roosh through his youtube videos and don't post on his forum. He had to make his turn because you can only talk about dating before people either give up and turn into incels OR settle down after living the player life. 

I wouldn't worry too much about the other information being shut down. At least with the travel stuff part of the fun of traveling is being in a new scene. This site isn't bad anyways for travel information. There's still other self development sites with handy information as well.
(09-23-2019, 11:40 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: ... it's only good for politics at the moment....

You've got to be kidding me.

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